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 Billie Jean
Billie Jean
In late November 2001, the CBS Televisyen network aired a two-hour special in honor of Michael Jackson's thirtieth tahun as a solo entertainer (his first solo single, "Got to Be There", was recorded in 1971). The tunjuk was edited from footage of two separate concerts Michael had orchestrated in New York City's Madison Square Garden on September 7 and September 10 of 2001. The shows sold out in five hours. Ticket prices were pop's most expensive ever; the best seats cost $5,000 and included a makan malam, majlis makan malam with Michael Jackson and a signed poster. Jackson reportedly earned $7.5 million for each of the...
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 Cover of the "Will anda Be There" CD single.
Cover of the "Will You Be There" CD single.
Michael Jackson first revealed Will anda Be There to the world when it featured as the eleventh song on his 1991 album release 'Dangerous'. Penned solely sejak Michael at the height of his career, this initial 7 minit and 40 saat version of the song became an instant favourite of peminat-peminat the world over.

The first time I heard Will anda Be There, I was captivated sejak the intensity of emotion conveyed sejak Michael in both his voice and lyrics. I can still remember sitting at eight years old, engrossed in Penulisan out the lyrics over and over again in an attempt to decipher Michael's true intent behind...
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