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Michael didn't respond, he looked down feeling embrassed."Answer me, do anda like this girl?" Joesph demanded.A moment later Michael quietly said"Yes". "Michael, we're going to talk lebih about this! Come on, let's go!" Joesph berkata grabbing Michael's hand and walking out the park.The four boys looked at Mariah and Mariah looked at them.Mariah heard the answer Michael gave."Michael likes me?" Mariah said."Oh yeah!" The four boys said.The four boys saw her blush."You like our brother back?" The four boys asked."Yeah, he's sweet and adorable! I have a crush on him" Mariah replied shyly."Ok" The...
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Arthur's note:

Hi guys; sorry this chapter is shorter than normal. I never really realized how hard it is to write about a newborn baby because they don't really do much. The seterusnya chapter will probably be just a short because the baby will only be a-year-old; but I promise after that the chapters will be much longer! It took me a long time to write this chapter because today I came out to the majority of my family members as transsexual and most of them are confused because I'm still attracted to men; instead of women. Needless to say I've had to do a lot of explaining lately! I hope all of...
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Soon after Michael's death, the news outlets had been notified. Almost every channel had "Superstar Michael Jackson Shot and Killed." , "Michael Jackson dead at 36" and "Michael Jackson Murdered sejak Jeleous Fan" scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Alicia still sat in the waiting room too weak to even move. She couldnt believe that her best friend was dead. Alicia's eyes filled with tears as she stood there staring at the tv in the waiting room. Just then a nurse came in. "Ma'm dont anda want to go home?" , "No...im waiting for my Friends wife....she's taking me home." Alicia sniffled,...
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He worked at the local bookstore 2 blocks from his house. A simple job, not very exciting, but it put Makanan on the meja, jadual an paid the bills and that's all that mattered to Michael. As he entered the store he was greeted sejak a co worker named Erica. Erica was a high school student who worked part time at the store. She was fairly tall with blond hair and dark blue eyes. She was very friendly and personable, always had a smile on her face. Though they weren't terribly close, Michael and Erica enjoyed each other's company and often talked during their break.

"Good morning Michael!" Erica smiled cheerfully....
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