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posted by KikiKool1983
Michael took out a ring and placed it on my finger.
" Oh Michael! It's so beautiful."
He smiled. " So, will anda marry me?"

I looked at the ring. It was a 250 carat emas ring with diamond crusted all around it. " Fancy" was engraved on the ring. It was so magical. I looked into his eyes and berkata " Yes."

Michael looked up at me. " Say what now?"

I nodded rapidly. " Yes Michael! Yes!"

Everyone cheered except Joe. " What?!?! Michael can't be marrying that girl!" Joe screamed.

Michael frowned. " Joseph, I Cinta Fancy. She is my life. And if anda can't except that, then you're not invited to the wedding!

I felt a tear gently slide down my face. Everyone was feeling sorry for me. " See, now anda have Fancy crying!" LaToya scolded. Fancy, Janet and LaToya went to the wedding gaun kedai to kedai for gowns and dresses.

Do anda agree with Fancy's decision. If so/not, komen below!!! I'd Cinta to hear your comments!
One Week Later
I was at work, talking with Megan. She was shocked to hear me say that Michael and I were dating. It was like she couldn't believe it.
"No way. anda and Michael Jackson? A couple? So that's one truth they told everyone." Megan said.
"Wait...who told everyone?" I asked, a bit curious.
"The press. They figured anda two were dating."
I was a bit confused. 'How did they find out?' I thought.
Megan showed me the baru-baru ini tabloid and I saw a picture of me and Michael having our picnic date. My eyes went wide a bit and I gasped. I read over what they wrote and shook my head.
"Have anda read what...
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After Michael and I finished playing in the park, at the same time trying to cheer each other up, he walked me home. When we got to the door, he turned to me and pulled me into a hug, having his hand going up and down my back. I hugged him back, putting my head on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Rebecca. Like I berkata earlier, we'll try again once your wound is healed and those staples for the stitching are out." He said, rubbing my head.
"I'm afraid if and when we try again, my mom's gonna kick me out. She's a stickler for something like this." I said.
Michael pulled away and lifted my head with one...
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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel spent the rest of December happily at Neverland. She had stayed up with the others on New Year's Eve and seen fireworks for the first time but once January started, Rosabel started to worry. She knew that Joseph was going to take her back to London but she didn't know when. She wasn't even sure if Michael knew. Rosabel had been debating with herself whether to put up a fight when Joseph came atau just to go quietly. She never reached a final conclusion in her arguments, so she guessed she'd know what to do when the time comes.

A couple of weeks passed before Rosabel started noticing that...
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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel took Michael's wet hand and dragged him over to the pool where everyone else was waiting.
"Michael, we heard your scream from here." Janet said, laughing.
"Guys, help me." Rosabel said, as she tried to tug Michael towards the pool.
Simone and Janet ran to help drag Michael.
"No, wait, please!" Michael protested. "Not the pool again! Anything but the pool!"
"On the count of three, okay?" Simone said. "One..."
"Really anda guys." Michael said.
"Don't do this!"
The girls all pushed Michael in and laughed as they watched him splash around.
"Great." He said, getting out. "Just fantastic....
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posted by michael58
We all know that Michael Jackson was known as much for his humanitarian work as he was for his amazing musical talent. Now, MJFC is highlighting Michael's philanthropic efforts with a new section called Stories of Michael's Love.

In this new section, anda will find examples and first hand accounts of Michael's generosity and love. And, we want to hear from you! If anda have been blessed sejak one of Michael's many acts of kindness, atau anda know someone who was; atau if anda just happen to come across a story anda think we should include here, please let us know. anda can send your stories to Love@mjfanclub.net and be sure to put Stories of Cinta in the subject line of your email. And don't forget to include your source!

The MJFC Team
It was a chilly afternoon. I was sitting down on the cold sidewalk alone in front of my house. The wind blew my brown hair in my face, which made me constatntly push it away. The cold breeze would hit my skin making me shiver a little bit. I should've listened to my Mom when she told me to take a jaket with me, but, as usual, I didn't. I took a yellow chalk stick out of the box in front of me. It was half-used. I got on my knees and wrote my name on the concrete, "G-E-N-E-S-I-S" I would say to myself as I wrote my name. When I dotted my "I" with a hati, tengah-tengah the chalk broke into pieces. "Aww come...
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posted by MJangellover
If anda Call Out Loud
Will It Get Inside
Through The hati, tengah-tengah Of Your Surrender
To Your Alibis
And anda Can Say The Words
Like anda Understand
But The Power's In Believing
So Give Yourself A Chance
'Cause anda Can
Climb The Highest Mountain
Swim The Deepest Sea, Hee
All anda Need Is The Will To Want It
And Uhh, Little Self-Esteem
So Keep The Faith
Don't Let Nobody Turn anda 'Round
You Gotta Know When It's Good To Go
To Get Your Dreams Up Off The Ground
Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea
Because It's Just
A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
Believe In Yourself
No Matter What It's Gon' Take
You Can Be A Winner
But You...
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