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 1984 Party Held In Michael's Honor
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~Jade's POV~
I saw him.
His face, full of fear and bewilderment. I saw him try to peice the puzzle together in his mind of what he just saw.
"M-Michael..." My mouth was dry. The air in the room suddenly turned cold and congested.

Slowly, he backed up, and I saw it coming before it even happened.
A figure passed behind him. Then he fell.
The crack echoed through the house.
"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" I screamed at the spirits. I ran to him, but I couldn't. It was like pushing against glass. I couldn't move. I shreiked.

Will power can get anda anywhere. When I got to his side finally, I picked him...
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Go On Girl!

Hey Pretty Baby With The
High Heels On
You Give Me Fever
Like I've Never, Ever Known
You're Just A Product Of
I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress
I Feel Your Fever
From Miles Around
I'll Pick anda Up In My Car
And We'll Paint The Town
Just Ciuman Me Baby
And Tell Me Twice
That You're The One For Me

The Way anda Make Me Feel
(The Way anda Make Me Feel)
You Really Turn Me On
(You Really Turn Me On)
You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
(You Knock Me Off Of
My Feet)
My Lonely Days Are Gone
(My Lonely Days Are Gone)

I Like The Feelin' You're
Givin' Me
Just Hold Me Baby And I'm
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