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 1995 "MTV" Video Muzik Awards
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This Michael Jackson foto contains barrow, troli taman, rumput cart, sorong, rumput troli, and kereta sorong.

Korie waited around, pacing and wondering what to say to Sarah. He's never had to lie to keep it a secret before. Sarah didn't show, so he decided to see how Ashley was doing.
He walked to her cell to only see two guards sejak the door. They stopped him before he even opened the door.
"Halt. What are anda doing?" One of the guards asked.
"I'm...I'm here to see my baby sister and my nephew." He said.
The guards looked at each other and one of them went into the cell.
In The Cell
Ashley and Michael were playing with Bryan, until they heard a guard come into the cell.
"Aikaterina, there's someone who wants...
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 the dapur
the kitchen
As they began to eat no one berkata a word. After a long michael uncomfortable slience Michael decided to start a conversation. "So how long do anda plan to stay excatly?" , "Well maybe for a couple of weeks." Mrs. Zimmerman replied. "im sure you'll Cinta it here." Michael replied. Ali gave michael an evil look. Michael just looked at her. "Your welcome to stay as long as anda want." Michael berkata without thinking. Ali slammed her fork down on the meja, jadual causing michael and everyone else to jump. "Michael may i please talk to anda in private...excuse us." Ali berkata coldly as she stood up and began to...
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The seterusnya Few Weeks
Michael and Ashley have tried to spend as much time together as possible. Not one hari has gone sejak that they didn't spend time with each other...until one dreadful hari came...when her sister went a tad bit crazy.
The seterusnya Day
Ashley just woke up and gotten changed, ready for anything her own sister was gonna throw at her. She wanted to spend the hari with Michael, but since her sister was like his father, she couldn't anger her this day. The guards came and got her and Michael saw her being dragged away. He sighed.
'I hope she'll be alright...' he thought.
He waited around her room...
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 The dress that Rebecca had in mind when she was dreaming of her wedding when she was little
The dress that Rebecca had in mind when she was dreaming of her wedding when she was little
6 months later
Rebecca and Michael were 2 months away from being married. And during that time, Rebecca and Crystal were finding dresses for the wedding. They looked through the dresses, trying to find one that would work for Rebecca. "Hey, how about this one?" Crystal asked. Crystal showed Rebecca one of the dresses. It flowed like she wanted it. "It's really pretty. I'll go try it on." Rebecca said. Rebecca took the dress and went into the dressing room to change into it. After a few minutes, she came back out in the dress. "What do anda think, Crystal?" She asked. Crystal turned and her jaw...
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Eddie: All anda gotta do is sing. Michael Jackson who can sing. And is a good looking guy. But he ain’t the most masculine fellow in the world. That’s Michael’s hook, his sensitivity. Women be saying, “Michael’s just so sensitive.” They eat that **** up. Mike know too, he be usin’ women in concerts. I seen Mike onstage in the audience, “Is it alright if I come down and sing this song to you?” Then if anda don’t scream [enough during the show], Mike’ll get real sensitive and cry on yo’ ass.

anda hear that record “She’s Out Of My Life”? Michael goes, (starts singing) “So I’ve learned that Cinta is not posession and I’ve learned that Cinta won’t wait and I’ve learned that Cinta needs expression but I learned too (voice cracks) late.” (breaks into sobs)

Tito, get some a tissue. Jermaine, stop teasing.
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Michael, I don't know for sure what anda know about me, if anything at all, atau where anda are now, but I still hope you've made it to heaven, atau will soon, because anda really do deserve it. If anda do know anything abou me, anda probably know that I never used to like anda until your untimely death, that is. I'm sure anda don't particularly like that about me, but I hope anda don't hate me for it. I wish lebih than anything that I could take back the last 13 years of my life & forget all about them, because they hold no meaning for me anymore. Everything about my life befre anda came into it has...
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