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This Mindless Behavior seni peminat contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Ok so there is a new character her name is Bre it was the girl violet didn't know and her tarikh to the dance was Brian so it's two new characters

Violets pov
Am I Ciuman roc royal omg ok let me calm down be for I make him nervous
( End of pov)
Roc: ( Ciuman back with tounge and lowering his hands to my but
Violet: ( stops Ciuman and backs away) omg um I um
Roc: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I don't no wat came over me but your a really good kisser
Violet: thank u but it was my -
Nicki: hei wassup can borrow this for a sec (referring to me violet) thanks

She dragged me to the bathroom . Were all my friends...
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 Siblings outfits
Siblings outfits
Recap-So anda guys have gotten to know half of the Characters including Bonnie Nd Clyde a.k.a Gigi Nd Craig

???:*knocking on duh door*
Craig:i'll get it*walking downstairs*

???:*keeps knocking*
Craig:damn i'm coming hol duh fuck up*looks through peep hole*tf???*answering door*
???:hey baby*chewing gum loud*
Craig:tf?? who is you
???:my name is*popping gum*Coco
Craig:okay who duh hell nd why is anda here dough
???:damn daddy i like it rough
Craig:bitchh i don't know you
???:you will now babydaddy
Craig:thats it*screams*Tootie,Goo Goo&Aaliyah come getcha friend before she rape me >.<
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