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Hopeful tracklist for a future MLP soundtrack. Thoughts?

1.Morning In Ponyville
2.Art of The Dress Part 2 (The part where the others are telling Rarity what they want their dress to look like)
3.You Got To Share, anda Got To Care
4.Can I Do It On My Own
5.A Changeling Can Change
6.So Many Wonders
7.Piggy Dance
8.Celestia's Ballad
9.Make This istana, castle a Home
10.We'll Make Our Mark
11.The rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts
12.The Magic Inside (extended version)
13.Equestria, the Land I Love
14.Hush Now, Quiet Now

Maybe not in that exact order but those are just several of the songs I would like to see in a future soundtrack. The first couple are the ones I'd like to see as the first couple tracks on a soundtrack and the last couple songs are songs I'd like to see around the end of the soundtrack.
I just remembered I left out "Life In Equestria." That can be the 15th track after Hush Now which I also forgot to mention I'm hoping is the version with Fluttershy starting off it and Sweetie Belle then belting out her version.
beekee404 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
 beekee404 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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My Little kuda, kuda kecil Friendship is Magic Jawapan

rainbowdhbrony1 said:
OK, a future soundtrack of My Little kuda, kuda kecil could be for the 2017 movie for seterusnya tahun why don't we have pop stars and metal artist sing the same songs with the same lyrics but heavy and light in some songs ! Like Morning in Ponyville- sejak Lady Gaga, Art of the dress part one and 2 sejak Coldplay , anda got to share, anda got to care- sejak Rhianna, Can I do it on my own- sejak Justin Timberlake, A Changeling can change- sejak Metallica, So many Wonders-by Katy Perry, Piggy Dance- sejak Britney Spears, Celestia's ballad- Adele, Make this istana, castle a home- sejak Sia,
We'll make our Mark sejak Fifth Harmony, The rappin' History of the wonderbolts- sejak The Beastie Boys, The magic Inside - sejak Nickleback ,
Equestria, the land I love- sejak Coldplay, Hush now , Quiet now sejak Megadeth , The Smile Song sejak Disturbed, Stop the bats sejak Metallica.

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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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