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posted by whiteclaw
"This is it, our first ration!!!" cried Sweetie Belle. They searched the area for traps and mines, punks would often set up these so they could get rid of any theives trying to steal they`re rations. "Are anda sure this is a real one this time?" asked Appleloom. "It has to be, let`s hope for good luck." she berkata with hope.

They opened the black and blue box, hoping it wouldn`t activate a trap. "THERE THEY ARE!!! KILL `EM, FOR THE CAVE!!!" Scootaloo grabbed the box and ran, BOOM!!! a smoke mine went off choking Scootaloo. She fell to the ground, still cluching the box in between her hooves. "Give us the box and we`ll kill anda quickly." berkata the thug. Sweetie Belle grabbed her Tommy gun, "AH-AH, that won`t happen, anda see I`m hunting, and if anda kill me atau anyone else like us, a squadron of choppers will arrest anda for blasphemy understood?" snapped the thug.

She looked at her friend lying helpless on the ground, not letting go of the precious ration. She sighed, "I take orders from nopony, understood" without warning she pulled the trigger. The masacre was nice and long, she enjoyed every damn saat of it. When her clip fell out, she let out a breath of relief. "THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!! laughed the young pegasus. Applebloom shook her head in disapointement, "What a waste of precious ammo." she berkata in disgust.

"Bitch, ya know that was epic!!!" Scootaloo gawked. They opened the box and found snacks and water bottles inside. It was just enough, they perpecahan, berpecah them between each other. "So what the hell did he mean sejak 'The Cave' Applebloom" her orange friend asked. She shrugged, "Best if y`all and I figure it out." she answered with a full mouth. They nodded, "We should hurry, before that squadron gets here." Sweetie Belle said. This was just the start, of the most horrible game.

To be continued...
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1. Whenever anda see apples anda immediately think of Applejack.
2. Instead of saying "yes" anda say "Eeyup".
3. Whenever anda get mad at someone anda tell them one of three things.
A. I'm gonna tolerate and Cinta the SHIT outta you.
B. You're going to Cinta ME!!!
C. BANISHED to the moon!
4. Instead of saying "Oh my god!" anda say "Oh my Celestia!"
5. anda have MLP peminat characters.
6. anda tell people to call anda sejak the name of one of the ponies.
7. Hear the word Pie and anda go "LIKE PINKIE PIE?!"
8. If anda see ANYTHING that says "20%" anda burst into laughter.
9. If anda see the word rainbow, anda immediately feel...
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