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posted by Seanthehedgehog
We return to the car chase from the sebelumnya part of this episode.

Ferrari Pony: *Going over 90 miles an hour*
Julia: *Chasing the kuda, kuda kecil in his Ferrari*
Dispatch: Suspect's vehicle is a 2011 Ferrari 458, westbound on the highway.
Police Ponies: *Entering the highway, half a mile behind Julia in two Caprices, and a M4*
Julia: It's gonna take a while for backup to arrive.
Tim: Draft him.
Julia: Come again?
Tim: Draft him. Get behind him, and draft him.
Julia: Right, gotcha. *Gets behind the Ferrari, and starts to draft off of it* We're catching up.
Ferrari Pony: *Spots Julia getting closer to him* Oh no anda don't. *Gets into the right lane*
Julia: *Slowing down* I can't get into the right lane, it's too crowded.
Tim: He's not going anywhere fast either.
Ferrari Pony: *Stuck behind a tanker, then gets back into the left lane* This trucker better not try to block me off.
Trucker Pony: *Turns into the left lane*
Ferrari Pony: *Gets his car stuck between the truck's trailer, and the barrier* Dammit! *Stops his car, and jumps out. He runs across the highway*
Ponies: *Stopping their cars to prevent their selves from hitting the Ferrari Pony*
Tim: Pull over, and let's go after him.
Julia: *Pulls over the police car*

The Ferrari kuda, kuda kecil ran towards the gun kedai set up seterusnya to the highway.

Gun kedai Pony: *In his store, restocking a shelf with shotguns*
Ferrari Pony: *Runs in* You! *Closes the door behind him* Give me a shot gun, and a semi automatic pistol, pronto.
Gun kedai Pony: anda got a license to carry loaded guns?
Ferrari Pony: *Grabs the Gun kedai Pony, and pushes him onto the floor. He goes over the counter, and grabs a shotgun* I assume this is loaded.
Gun kedai Pony: *Stays on the ground* You're not going to get away with this once the cops arrive.
Ferrari Pony: Speak for yourself. *Taking shot Pistol shells, and takes a semi automatic pistol*
Tim & Julia: *Arriving at the gun shop*
Gun kedai Pony: Look out officers, he's got two guns!
Tim: Stay calm!
Julia: Listen, drop the guns, come out with your hooves up, and no shots have to be fired.
Ferrari Pony: *Fires two shots from the shot gun*

The bullets went through the closed door.

Tim: If anda api, kebakaran one lebih bullet at me, atau my partner, we will return fire!
Ferrari Pony: Why don't anda come on in, and try to arrest me?!
Gun kedai Pony: *Kicks the gun out of the pony's hoof* Come on in!
Tim & Julia: *Run into the store*
Tim: Don't move.
Ferrari Pony: *Stays still*
Tim: *Takes the pistol away from the Ferrari pony, and arrests him* Why don't anda take him back to the highway?
Julia: *Walks back to the highway with the Ferrari pony*
Tim: anda okay?
Gun kedai Pony: *Gets up* I felt the adrenaline rushing when I kicked that gun out of his hooves.
Tim: Thanks for your help.
Gun kedai Pony: No problem. Why do we have ponies like that in this world?
Tim: Why do anda own a gun shop?
Gun kedai Pony: So ponies can go hunting. I don't intend for any of my customers to kill each other.
Tim: Do anda hunt?
Gun kedai Pony: Yes sir.
Tim: So do I. One day, we oughta go together to shoot some deer.
Gun kedai Pony: Sounds good. Come sejak anytime officer.
Tim: Will do. *Leaves the gun shop, and heads back towards his police car*

2 B Continued
this is very well done.
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