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If anda were a mythical ceature what one would u be.

1:what would ur ceatures name be. 8:girl/boy.
2:what colour is it.
3:dose it have colour deatails.
4:what features dose it have.
5:what are its abiletys.
6:is it legend atau not.
7:its way of life and can it talk.
8:is there a legend about it.
My one is a dragon that I've made up and I am very
atached to its called Chaos Dragon.Its colour is mainly white with multiy coloured spots it has
the abilety to change forms and higth.Its both genders cause there is only one in the world at a time legend says its so rare that if anda see one anda are lucky for the rest of your life however
if anda manage to meat one its bound to be the time of your life.its features change all the time and yep it can talk in sighn,english and dragonish.ik its long sorry.

 dragongirlkatie posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Mythical creatures Jawapan

dragonsmemory said:
Mine is called a "standard," atau mountain dragon. These are the largest of dragons. They are rather horse-like in appearance.
They are usually solid-color dragons, with few to no distinct markings. Often, they will be some color mixed with a shade of gray.
They are the most common dragon in the Americas, and saat most common worldwide.
The head is unadorned. They typically have square snouts. Their eyes are rather large for a dragon of that size. The male has spikes along his spine from the back if his head to the start of his tail. Females are slightly lebih serpentine.
They use their claws to excavate caves in the mountains and are accomplished architects.
They live in small family groups consisting of both parents and all immature offspring. They do not mate for life however. If there are any immature offspring with the parents when they split, the young go with the parent of the same gender.
Mountain Naga are very fluent in Dragon. They are not so in human languages and must be taught. However, they can use their minds to make one understand.
Mountain Naga are one of the primary causes of livestock death in the American West. However, no one wants to admit it, so it's all hushed up.
They are very proficient in magic of all types and canshape-shift with the use of amulets.
Meeting one is a very dangerous experience, as they'll eat anything. Some have been known to eat cars. During a famine, they'll eat plants as well. They look at everything as food.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
They eat metal pretty cool!
dragongirlkatie posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Well I am called dragongirl
dragongirlkatie posted hampir setahun yang lalu
I'm not dragonsmemory for nothing, anda know
dragonsmemory posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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