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posted by eka-chan
There was a time in pokok bukit when Peyton Sawyer seemed to be there only as the main Cinta interest for the Scott Brothers, Lucas and Nathan. She was portrayed to be morose and discontented but who possesses an artistic vision. Her relationship with Nathan was a failure and she sought comfort through the passionate connection she felt for Lucas but the attraction didn't last and in the end the feelings she had for him weren't sustained. Unfortunately for her, when she thought she didn't feel strongly for Lucas anymore, she did and ended up hurting her best friend Brooke who was dating Lucas...
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 Always gonna be there, is it, eh?
Always gonna be there, is it, eh?
This artikel will serve as an informative guide that will testify to many LP non-shippers’ complaints and reasons why we discard Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer’s relationship and view it as ill-conceived and impractical. It could also be berkata that this artikel will discern and rue against LP’s relationship flaws like my last one link. After much Debat on my part, I finally decided to post it in this spot and neither in Jeyton nor Brucas spot. anda can see that this spot supports the NH-BL-JP trifecta and so does this guide. With regards to Season 6, I’ve been very accepting with the...
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posted by mollyx365
I'm not the greatest writer. Just like Brooke isn't the most eloquent speaker. But whatever.

1. Jeyton
2. Brucas
3. Naley
1. Naley
2. Jeyton
3. Brucas

So first of all Jeyton belongs together. Jake made Peyton happy and Peyton loved him and Jenny. Jenny loves Peyton even though she was just a little girl when they met. Jake&Jenny should come back for season 6 and make Peyton happy again. Peyton is usually miserable when it comes to something with Lucas. And if she's not, it's on the way. Jeyton is true Cinta and my 2nd fave couple <33

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as viewed sejak the couple's non-supporters

Season 1 ++
Lucas "loves" Peyton because he keeps notes about her inside this box he shares with his best friend Haley. He wants to talk to her. He wants to make out with her. They did eventually. It was hot. Anyway, at first, he feels like he knows her and she feels like he doesn’t know her. They Cinta the same Muzik and brood respectively in the opposite corners of school and it’s only a matter of time before they collide and fall madly in Cinta with each other. They did; Peyton almost runs him over; there are many...
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 Cinta Lost and Gained
Love Lost and Gained
[I'm in a hiatus for quite some time now. link is cross-posted from the Jeyton spot. I decided to post this here because it's Anti-LP and contains some BL spotlight as well. Enjoy reading!]


If there was anything accurate to describe the situation of Jeyton's break-up in season3, then I wouldn't come up with anything because quite frankly, I have no idea what happened when I rewatched it at least four times for the last two years. And then somehow I realized that it's not what I see in tangible sense that could make me further understood what just happened between Jake and Peyton when they...
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Brooke:”We are going to be a power couple! He is going to be a famous novelist, and I’m going to have a fabulous fashion line.”
Lucas:”But we are still going to have time to have a big family
Brooke:”Two boys, and a girl”
Lucas:”And I’ll coach little league”
Brooke:”Uu! And I’ll bake treats for the team, atau buy them.”
Lucas:”And we will spend our summer in our pantai house.”
Brooke:”And winter in the southern France”
Lucas: “It won’t matter where we are, as long as we are together”

Brooke: “Isn’t that the thing couples talk about?”
Lucas: “So, what...
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