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There's some art work for this fic here: .

Check that shizzle out! It is amazing Praise her please! :D

Now on with the fic...

"How many lebih times do I have to tell you, Naomi? Leave this on!" Emily calls from the kitchen.

"And how many lebih times do I have to tell anda it's shit?" Naomi calls back from the living room, legs propped up on the table, flicking the channel over.

"I like it, Naoms." Emily appears at the door, leaning on the frame, pouting at the peroxide blonde. "Please, for me?"

"Oh, fuck sake." Naomi mutters, she knows she's going to cave. "Fine! But...
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“I’ve loved anda from the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve. It took me three years to pluck up the courage to speak to you. And I was so scared of the way I felt. anda know, loving a girl. I learned how to become a sarcastic jalang, perempuan jalang to make it feel normal. I screwed guys to make it go away, but it didn’t work.
When we got together, it scared the shit out of me, because anda were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed anda away. I made anda think things were your fault. But. Really I was just terrified of the pain.
I screwed that girl Sophia, to kind of spite anda for having that...
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A/N: Wow, aren't anda lot just lovely? Thankyou so much to those of anda that reviewed the first chapter. I was not prepared for how much it made me smile! anda shame me, because I'm rubbish at reviewing.

I have an overview in my head of where this story will go. For those of anda wondering what's going on, it won't be a big mystery that will stretch throughout the story. My intention was just to slowly reveal lebih details about Naomi, her motivations and her intentions over the first few chapters. That's just the way my head is telling me it must be written. So don't expect any Dickensian lawyers...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Fic: Ten Songs for Naomi and Emily
Title: Ten Songs for Naomi and Emily
Pairing: Naomi and Emily
Rating: R because of language, in keeping with the fashion of the show. But there's no dirty sex atau anything like that.
Summary: This songfic drabble challenge thing I found and decided to do for Naomi and Emily. Each unrelated drabble relates to the song it's about and there are ten of them. They have to be written within the length of the song.
Disclaimer: I don't own Skins atau any of the songs used in this.

1. The War- Bidadari & Airwaves

Every hari was a war, is a war. As long as Naomi still battles...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Dr Cook (Naomily Phenomenon) interviewd Lily Loveless recently and here is a sneak pratonton of the full interview that will be featured in the book.

Dr. Ann-Marie Cook: You’re on record as being quite a film buff. What do anda Cinta about movies?
Lily Loveless: Probably the escapism and that it’s a completely different sort of world where you’re not in your own world anymore. When I watch a film I’m just in there and nothing’s going on around me, it’s only the film. I think it’s just the escapism and anda can create whatever world anda want in a film. I can’t really explain it, it...
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posted by lovelesslover
my work, but i own no rights to skins. Please r&r.

End of middle school. I still remembered that night. The taste of her lips against mine. The feel of her pressing up against me. The way her tongue flickered nervously into my mouth. But most of all, how could I forget never wanting to stop? I just wanted all of her. Her red hair, her petite breasts, her still developing curves, her ceri, cherry chapped lips…

But like always, my dream soon ends in the honest, pain filled way. It may be no excuse for the way I live my life, but she's the reason behind it all. The one who burned me, so...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
THE WRITER IS beautifully8broken.


Summary: Naomi is a rebel without cause; she doesn't follow rules atau boundaries. After pushing her mother one step too far she is shipped off to boarding school in Scotland. How will she cope with the new rules, and better yet, her new redhead roommate?

Comments: Just so anda are aware, the school Naomi is sent to is an 11-18 age school, Naomi and Emily are both 16 to begin, and 17 shortly into the story.

Rating: T for the language, and possibly M later on.


Chapter one

Mile after mile...
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Feel it

So this is what anda get when Emily (me) finishes work at 1, has nothing to do for the rest of the hari apart from drink teh ( which I think ive drunk too much off cause I feel ill) and doesn't have a girlfriend to keep her entertained because she started work AT 1….so instead of being lazy I thought id use my spare time being productive, atau hoping to be productive, when really this is a load of shit and ive wasted my time when I could have watched misfits….or something else.

Anyhoo, not saying this is going to turn into a full length story with my...
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this is not my work!!!!!!!!

Summary: A (teeny tiny) bit AU. Starts after the Fitch family moved into Naomi's house. Nope, Naomi didn't cheat (there's enough fics about that already), Emily moved out from their house and she is happy, shacking up and all loved up with Naomi. I thought the idea of the whole Fitch family moving in with Naomi and Emily would be hilarious.

Disclaimer: All characters referred to in this work, including the settings are the properties of E4.. This material was written for pure fun and pleasure and no profit is earned from it.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
Emily: [crying] What do anda do, if someone anda Cinta let's anda down? When he fucks anda over?
Thomas: anda must try stop loving them.

Katie: [fighting over Emily] She's my sister, you're just a slut!
Naomi: Oh, It takes one to know one, doesn't it?
Katie: Oh, go fuck yourself!
Naomi: anda just needed to blab about JJ. anda just loved doing it, didn't you, Katie?
Katie: She deserved it!
Emily: What did I deserve, Katie?

Emily: Katie, I can't stand this. I'm a person, I'm not you.
Katie: I know.
Emily: anda have to understand Katie, I Cinta anda and I'll never really leave you, but I can't fix this. I like girls,...
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AfterEllen telah diposkan some interesting spoilers about two characters in Skins Emily and Naomi, last series we had Maxxie now we have Emily what do anda guys think of the storyline? if anda have a opinion leave a komen below! I’m looking ke hadapan to the storyline and glad this time the giving lebih depth to the issue of sexual orientation, the last 2 series Maxxie didn’t really get to have that other then a brief pairing with Tony and James.

Thanks to mollying.

spoiler below!!

Here’s what Skins creator Jamie Brittain told us: Naomi isn’t gay — Emily is, but she’s in denial. Emily comes...
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A/N: I haven't written any fiction in quite a few years, but after being inspired sejak some of the stories on here, I thought I would give it a go.

I have recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, which means that at any time I might just...SQUIRREL!

Okay, sorry about that. I'm not joking about the ADD though, so I am making no promises about how often I will be updating. Hope anda enjoy.

Chapter One


I leaned back against the door of my car and took in the large building in front of me. 'Fitch Fitness Centre' was emblazoned in red, foot high letters. Underneath was the tagline:...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Welcome to Skins Reviews, episode two!
So, Emily this time. lebih like Naomily, probably :)
Ok, don’t know even where to start.
This episode, was for sure, much better than the first, an about one thing I’m sure: either anda Cinta it, atau anda hate it. anda don’t go on indifference to it.
Against the first episode, where anda end like ‘oh, hum, ok, whatever, what’s the seterusnya one actually?’, in this one, atau anda get totally upset and mad to Naomi’s acts, atau maybe anda beg for them to end up together (possibly, anda can also be happy, in case you’re not a Naomily fan). But guarantee, this episode...
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posted by KatiiCullen94

Title: TBD
Characters: Naomi and Emily
Word Count: 2139
Rating: TBD
Summary: It's Naomi's 12th birthday in the sometime in the spring of the early 1800s! And she meets someone who will forever change her life.
Warnings: Errr none for now.
Disclaimer: I obvs don't own Ems atau Naomsss K?
Author's Note: Jut LOLZ IDEK

Naomi glared across to the other side of the nursery. There it sat her mortal enemy, silent, unmoving, just a few feet away. It’s long sleeves dangling down from the arms of the chair it’s skirt draped over the kerusi, tempat duduk and cascading to the floor pooling around the...
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The word rolled around and around inside my brain.


That was how Emily had described her boyfriend of eight months.


Winning £10 on the lottery is 'nice'. Tropical ikan are 'nice'. Grannies are 'nice'. Well not mine, she's a demented bint, but most people's grannies are 'nice'. And Emily's boyfriend is 'nice'. Not just nice, of course. Her actual words were 'really nice'. But no matter how 'really, really nice' he is, it still doesn't suggest firework city whenever she's with him, does it?

Yes, my last visit to the gym had definitely gone better than expected. I had already known,...
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"Naomily Phenomenon" book
Posted on 7/29/2010 sejak Skins Fansite

I just found out this text in the LilyandKatfans website.

"How started everything?" "Who had the idea to create Emily Fitch and Naomi Campbell?" "Did they think that Naomily was going to have many peminat-peminat around the world?"… Surely, these soalan went through your mind at some point. But, now, a person wants to find the jawapan to those questions.
Dr Ann-Marie Cook, has been one of those people who were surprised with this Naomily Phenomenon, and she has decided to look for the jawapan and write a book about it.

With the name "Naomily...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Why I Cinta Naomily....well, it is pretty obvious, they're pretty amazing together. The way they act
when they're around each other and the way they're completely different together make me Cinta them even more.
From the start of episode one I knew something was between them two, no-one looks at someone like Emily did in that sports hall...
they literally amaze me, not just the characters but the actress' themselves, they portray Emily and Naomi in such a way it leaves me in awe.
From their characteristics down to their problems, they helped me deal with my sexuality,
not that I wasn't in such denial...
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