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Tenten- No I don't like you.
She berkata it in a shy voice.

Neji- See that Lee. She doesn't like me.
Lee- Well see about that.

Neji smirked.

Tenten blushed.

Tenten's Mind- Oh dear. Neji- kun did that to me.
No way. This is so... ugh...

Neji- I have to go home.
Lee- Alright. Bye, Neji!
Guy- See anda tommrrow!
Tenten- Y-Yeah.

Neji went away.

Tenten- ( sigh)
Lee- Tell me Tenten.
Tenten- What?

Lee- anda like Neji.
Tenten- No I don't!! Now stop thinking I like him!! Huh!

Tenten- Wait. Guy sensei. When is the dance thing going to be?

Guy- Thursday!
Tenten- That's like 2 days. No way. I have to go shopping....
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I like the song and how it syncs up with the video. I think it's kinda cool..