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First of all I am a peminat of this spot because I am a peminat of the musical "Sweeny Todd" and there for a peminat of Nellie Lovett. However I am NOT a peminat of her actions. As anda can hear in the song "My Friends" she's had a crush on Sweeny from the start. Why else would she keep his razors for him, when she could have sold them? and she tells him Lucy, his wife, is dead, so that he can "move on" to HER. When they first meet, she is the CEO of her own pie shop, and it is SHE who first implies to Sweeny that they CAN if if they WANT to use Signor Adolfo Pirelli in meat pies, which is a smart business...
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posted by Bellatrix_bb
I found this and it is awesome read review please!
Mrs. Lovett Improves Her Pies

Sweeney was a barber
In Fleet jalan near the Strand
Cocksure was his nature
And Cockney was his brand.

Lovett was his neighbour,
A cook from Cubitt Town,
Sharing half a cellar,
They both sought high renown.

Sweeney Todd loved Lovett,
But loved her money more;
Planned a treat, did Lovett
For Sweeney, her amore.

Hair-cuts were a penny
And pies brought half a bob
Meat was too expensive,
But Sweeney'd do the job.

Lovett berkata to Sweeney,
'Why don't anda cut their throats?
Drop them in our cellar,
We'll even sell their coats.'

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