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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
It had been a week since the night louie and Niall got into a fight.They had made up and were Friends again but I didn't speak to Louie.I didn't want to because I was disappointed he'd do that to me.I didn't want him to know about my self harm,I hadn't even told him about what happened to my parents.
He was clueless about me,all he knew was that I was that pretty girl with a smile.
I laid in my California king katil that Louie had bought me for my back.Its was very comfy,but at the moment i wanted to burn it.
A foto of me and Louis stood on my nightstand.
I admit I was hati, tengah-tengah broken,and couldn't comprehend why he did me that way.I thought I was in love,how I let myself fall like that?And worse of it was,his name and foto was everywhere.
I let the tears fall from my eyes,I threw the picture away
And slammed the drawer.
I pulled the covers over me and cried into my pillow.
I heard some one come in my room.Robby looked at me worried with his big brown Chocolate eyes.He held Tony the teddy in his arms.He reached up and put it besides me.
"here."he whispered.
(N/A Her brothers will be important in the seterusnya few chapters,Btw I know anda forgot what he looks like.4 yrs old,brown eyes,curly hair,half white half black some latino relation)
I smiled half heartedly and hugged the old ragged bear.I knew he was really worried about me because he never let anyone touch Tony.
He hopped up on the katil beside me and hugged me tight.
"I luv you,Amby."
"I Cinta anda to."I whispered putting my arm around him.
Liams POV:
I was getting really worried about Louie(Like seriously worried).He wasn't pasted out on the sofa, kerusi panjang like a drunk,but he was losing it.He constantly wanted to hang out and be sejak us.It went from okay to just creepy.
Maybe it was anxiety from not seeing Amber,he was a hot mess.I couldnt even sleep alone at night,he'd always come in my room.One morning he called me Amber and was cuddled on my chest.
When Anna came over that night,he hid in his room(My room,which he turned to be ours).He probably didnt want to see zayn and her flirting and doing couple stuff.
I went upstairs to see him with a cup of water.I felt bad for him.
"Mate,are anda okay?"I knocked then entering the room.
Why did I just knock to go in my room?
He was curled up in his/our/my/the katil hugging his knees with the blanket covering half of him.His eyes were red from probably crying.He sniffed and sat up.
I sat seterusnya to him on the edge of the bed.I gave him the glass and he took a sip.
"Yea,I'm alright."he lied through his teeth.
I sighed and looked at him.
"You lie alot."
"I know,"he nodded.
"I'm worried about you.The boys are worried about you."
"Yea,but I can't do anything because I messed up.Thats I ever do."
"No you-"
He interrupted me,
"Yes,I did and she hates me."
"Amber doesn't hate anda she's just upset.The truth is she misses you."
"I hardly doubt that."
I took a breath in,then pulled him off the bed.He stumbled as he walked,I dragged him in the bathroom.
"What are anda doing??"he asked.
I pushed him in the pancuran, pancuran mandian and ran the straight cold water.
His eyes opened wide fom the chilly water,he ekked.
"Wake the fuck up!She loves you!Quit being worthless and try to get her back!"I sprayed him with the hose.
"Liamm!"he yelled.
I angryily sprayed him in the face.
"Go get her!"
"I ca-"I sprayed him the face again.
"What!!!"I screamed then putting the water on full heat.
"Oh god no!"he yelled.
I sprayed him,and he yelled in pain.
"Are anda going?"I yelled.
I turned it to cold water again,knowing it would be freezing from the temperature change.
"Yes!Im fucking going!"he yelled angerily.
I turned off,and he stared at me.
"Good."I chuckled.
He cracked a smile and tried to hug me.
"Come on buddy."he smiled.
I pushed him away avoiding his soaking wet hug.
"I'm good."
"aww,bring it in."he berkata with his arms wide open.
I started to run but he quickly closed the door and instantly turned the hose on and sprayed me.
"Oh my god!"I yelled.
The water was freezing and felt like a million needles were piercing my skin.
"Its fucking cold isn't it!"he yelled.
"What the hell us wrong with our water system!!!"I yelled finnally opening the door and running out.

Harry's POV:
We heard yells and screams from Liam.
Louie broke Liam.He drove him off the edge because Liam never yells.
Anna and Zayn were crawled up the corner of the sofa, kerusi panjang cuddling.Zayns smile made me feel All sappy inside.
And the way he bit his lip...I just wanted to...
I snapped back to reality.
What the fuck was I thinking?
"Why anda staring at me?"he asked from across the room.

Louie's POV:
Liam kicked me out the house and locked it.He threw a pair of jeans a black t-shirt with me.
Great,no underwear.
I picked up the clothes and got into my car.I took off my clothes right down to the underwear.
Wet Underwear,no underwear?
I pulled them off (N/A I know anda thought about "it")and pulled my jeans on.I shaked my head as a failed attempt to dry my hair.I pulled the baju on over my head.(N/A abs :D okay I'll stop interrupting the story)I turned the car on and started to drive.
I clicked on the radio to hear a soft Cinta song sejak john mayer that kind of related to our situation.I turned it up and sang along.
"When I look into your eyes,It's like watching the night sky,Or a beautiful sunrise,There's so much they hold,And just like them old stars,I see that you've come so far,To be right where anda are,How old is your soul?I won't give up on us,Even if the skies get rough,I'm giving anda all my love,I'm still looking up."I sang along.
How was I going to make this up to Amber?
I broke her hati, tengah-tengah and when she turned her back on me,she broke mine.It was my fault,and she should blame me.
It was about 9:30 pm when I arrived out side her apartment.
I was slightly drizzling and the wind was blowing so I rushed to the door.I knocked twice and waited a moment.
Mrs.Rose opened the door,and looked at me with shame.
"Can I speak to her?"
"Its shame,that some people in this world have the audacity after breaking anothers heart."she ignored me.
David stepped out and looked at me.
"Why are anda here?"he asked me.
"I need to talk to her..."
"You want to,you don't need to."he corrected me.
For being 13,he was pretty tough.
Mrs.rose stepped back in the apartment closing the screen door behind her.
"I don't know who anda think anda are,but she's my sister.And you'll always come saat after us cause we know pain.I bet anda don't even know what happen to her parents atau about her scars."he looked at me in disgust."But I do,I was there for her when she couldn't sleep.I was there to wipe her tears.I was there because she allowed me to be."I he spoke a bit louder.
"David,Please.I know I messed up-"
"Don't even."He hissed."Ill give anda 15 minit with her ,15 minit are up and your not gone.I calling the police,but just know we are first in her life."
I smiled slightly and shook his hand.
I went inside and when I was outside her door,I took a deep breath in.I turned the knob and went inside.
She was on her katil sleeping.I went ands at sejak her bedside.
She looked so cute sleeping.I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.Her eyes fluttered open,but when she seen it was me she frown and pulled the blanket over her head.
"Look for the girl with the broken smile,Ask her if she wants to stay awhile,And she will be loved,And she will be loved"I sung our song softly.She moaned and turned on her side.
"Yea,the blankets going to hide you."I chuckled then pulling the blanket back down to expose her pretty face.
"Go away.Im mad at you."she mumbled then closing her eyes again.I caught her when she was to tired to argue.
"I know,and I feel like a jerk."
"you are a jerk."she whispered.

Ambers POV:
"I'm sorry,I should have respected you.You deserve better."he said.
I didn't bother looking at him,I just rolled my eyes.
"Liam told me anda missed me."
"Damn it,Liam.It was suppose to be a secert."I whined.
I bit my lip and buried my face in my pillow.
"I Cinta you."he berkata running his fingers through his hair.
Even when I was pissed I still felt Rama-rama in my stomach when he told me he loved me.I took a breath in,and I flipped on to my back looking up at him.How could I stay mad at him?
"I mean it too,I not saying just out of habit.Amber,I really Cinta you,and I don't want to lose you."
I sat up and wiped my eyes.
I put on the slightest smile.I leaned in and kissed him softly.
"I Cinta anda to,I'm just confused."
"I know,I did anda wrong and I feel like a total ass.And Liam wants me out of his room."
I smiled and giggled.
He kissed me on the lips a bit lebih deeply as he wrapped his arms around me.I linked my hands together and let them hang from his neck.I sweetly kissed him again with a smile.
He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small box.I pulled back and looked at him,his eyes drilling into me.He opened the box and represented a ring.My mouth dropped.
"Amber,will you...."

-writers note-
So I have decide on my new book. people are so helpful on voting.*sarcasm*
I'm going with Life with out Liam.
I have named it *drumroll* "It's To Cold Outside For Bidadari To Fly."
:) YAY! I already wrote the first chapter.
Yes they will be in chapters,writing it on Wattpad so it'll take lebih time :P
I made a cover for it.*google picture then add my name*
Yea,well until the seterusnya post.
Keep your fucks close and your fucks closer.(Yea,I know language,but this is me not giving a fuck)
Pipe the fuck down!
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posted by klg83199
the seterusnya hari in school in last class

Emily is the bahagian, atas girl at the school and the richest

Emily-hey anyone in this matrh class who has a boyfriend atau girlfriend come to the Filem tonight at six and we will all go my treat

kenzie thinking damit no boyfriend ill ask lois to pretend be my boyfriend for the night

imani thinking well harry isnt my boyfriend but he will work ill ask him
imani and kenzie - hell ya

emily - like anda two bitches have boyfriends

kenzie - we do and youll be very jealous of the tonight emily
emily - what ever

at utama

kenzie goes up to louis's room
mackenzie - hei lois will you...
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Zayn Malik
the sun
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posted by harry_ginny33
Note: This chapter is gonna be so exciting and filled with events so I hope anda guys will like it..I am sorry for any mistakes but I hope anda will enjoy it anyway..Its gonna be big ;) xx
After Lucy took the biggest decision of her entire life, She went back utama and she was so determined that she didn't even regret it for one second.
What her dad did was the last straw, She was tired of how he never supported her atau encouraged her to achieve her dreams, She wanted to prove him wrong.

But still a part of her felt that it might not be a good idea, I mean it might cause her a huge problem with...
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posted by Mikaela-Styles
(A/N MadisonFontenot, ZoeyMalik28, and GabriellaAdams anda will be in the seterusnya one I swear. Sorey it took so long I just started back to school. I wrote this on my nook!)

Katie's Pov:
I was in a cab stuck in traffic when my phone started ringing.
"Hello?" I answer the phone.
"Hey Katie" It was Liam.
"Oh hei Liam! Happy Birthday!"
"Thanks for the birthday wish"
"So whats up?" I ask.
" and the lads wanted to know of anda would like to stay with us while you're in London. I mean if your grandmas ok with it" I could hear the other boys laughing in the background.
"I would Cinta to stay with...
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posted by 1Dluver12
Julli’s POV
“ OMG , Adi, they’re ONE DIRECTION!! What should we do?” I asked as I tried not to freak out to much, so far, I was failing.
“act cool, remember they don’t like fan’s that freak out, and OMG THEY ARE ACTUALLY HERE!!! Okay, stay cool” she berkata as she squeezed my hand. We both watched them as they ordered. They hadn’t noticed we were staring. Ech boy looked so gorgeous, but I had my eye on Harry. I looked over at Adi, but she had her eye’s on both Zayn and Niall. They took their orders and stood there waiting. After there Makanan came, they took a kerusi, tempat duduk in a booth next...
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posted by Huge_Styles_fan
I think everyone feels happy when they see Harry Styles' beautiful smile but I mean like, one minit your depressed then when anda see Harrys smile anda are jumping for joy he has the smile of a hot angel! His smile is magicical it can turn trillions of upset girls into screaming girls just to get a glipse of his wonderful smile! Everyday I go awwwwww! Becuase I'm looking at his smile and its as adorable as him himself! I do it everyday on the phone to my BFF and becuase I'm like awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Right in the middle of her talking and she goes ewwwwwwwwww! And I'm like come on he's hot! How can anda not daydream about him at school right in the middle of a huge test! I mean come on everyones done it once of twice right? Maybe even 100! P.S komen below if anda have been caught angan-angan about one direction in the middle of a huge test!
Credits: BilLi BuNni
One Direction
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