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Just thought I'd add the first part of the script from the episode "Just watch the fireworks" from season three
because I think its one of the best episodes every writen and is one of my faves. Look out for lebih of the script coming soon!

One pokok Hill
Season 3
Episode 15
"Just watch the fireworks"

When someone unleashes the students' time capsule upon pokok bukit High,
Lucas and Mouth must confront a person from their past. Brooke has to deal
with the revelation that secrets aren't the only things she exposed in the time
capsule. Dan learns to forgive Keith. Haley is forced to reconcile the man Nathan
was before with the man he has become, and Peyton's Breast Cancer Benefit
konsert at Tric features performances sejak Haley, Jack's Mannequin and the
return of Fall Out Boy.

LUCAS: (v.o) Previously on One pokok Hill.

[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CLASSROOM – DAY]

(Whitey opens the blinds as he speaks to the class.)

WHITEY: In nineteen fifty-five, students at pokok bukit High school,-

(Brooke, Nathan, Lucas, Peyton and Jake are listening to Whitey.)

WHITEY: -created a time capsule which was to be opened in fifty years.

(Nathan’s looking at Whitey, bored. Cut to Peyton with her old, curly, hair – looking interested.)

WHITEY: Within the seterusnya week, each of anda will video tape your thoughts.



(Mouth has rigged up his laptop to the A/V system and is playing Brooke’s recording.)

BROOKE: (on the screen) Ten years, I’ll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.

(Mouth watches her and smiles.)

BROOKE: (grins) anda all probably call him senator McFadden.



(Mouth and Peyton are standing on a balcony, talking.)

PEYTON: I bet you’re gonna have it all, someday.

MOUTH: (nods) Yeah, I’m thinking of running for senator.

(Peyton frowns at him.)



(Nathan and Haley are sitting seterusnya to the fireplace, talking.)

HALEY: When I look back on the tour, I’m not, like, proud of it coz I know that anda weren’t proud of me.

NATHAN: (dumbfounded) Is that what anda think?


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CORRIDOR – DAY]

(Mouth and Jimmy Edwards round the corner of the corridor to the gym. Mouth is holding a microphone and
they are both smiling.)

MOUTH: Luke! (holds out the mic) Do anda mind if we get a few words before your first game?

JIMMY EDWARDS: Yeah, we’re sports announcers. (points to his bahagian, atas which shows the logo ‘’)



(Mouth and Jimmy Edwards are sitting on the bench in suits.)

MOUTH: (into the mic) Jimmy Edwards – my partner and friend.



(Karen smiles at Keith.)

KAREN: … Marry me.

(They kiss.)



(Dan opens Keith’s safety deposit box and finds his own ledger of illegal dealings which should have burned
down with his dealership. He flips through it to make sure it’s actually his.)



(Ellie has confronted Lucas as he is cleaning up.)

ELLIE: I have cancer.



(Peyton is lying on her stomach on her bed. She’s clearly upset. Ellie is lying beside her.)

PEYTON: I want anda to be here when the album comes out.

ELLIE: (touching Peyton’s head) I will be here, Peyton.



(Peyton is standing in the hallway nervously. She’s holding the CDs.)

PEYTON: (uncertainly) Ellie?!

(She walks into the room and sees Ellie’s hand hanging off her bed. She’s not moving.)

(Peyton cries hard as she realises Ellie’s dead.)






(Pan left to Nathan who is sitting alone in a room in front of a black backdrop. He is looking straight at the camera.)

NATHAN: (sighs) So, anda want me to tell anda something about myself? (shakes his head slightly and shrugs)
I don’t have anything to say. And, even if I did,… you’d be wrong to believe me. (pause) Trust is a lie. Nobody ever
knows anyone.

(A locker door slams off-screen.)


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CORRIDOR – DAY]

(A whole group of students are walking around the corridor, looking up in confusion at the monitors hanging off the ceiling.)

NATHAN: (o.s) (on the monitor) anda know, people think that if you-

(The shot pans up to one of the monitors where Nathan’s recording is playing for everyone to see.)

NATHAN: -love somebody hard enough, then everything’s just gonna work out.

(Cut to Haley who is looking up at the monitor, hurt.)

NATHAN: (o.s) (on the monitor) People are wrong.

(Cut back to the screen.)

NATHAN: (on the monitor) Fifty years from now, I hope anda got what anda wanted, Haley.

(Cut back to Haley who raises her eyebrows.)

NATHAN: (on the monitor) But getting married to anda was the worst mistake of my life(!) (glares)

(The shot pans back down to Haley. She turns around, looking for her husband.)

NATHAN: (on the monitor) Here’s a little advice:

(The shot focuses on Nathan who’s standing at the other end of the corridor seterusnya to the lockers. He’s standing with a
few of the bola keranjang players and looking at her nervously.)

NATHAN: (on the monitor) Never get married.

(Haley looks at him, open-mouthed.)

NATHAN: (on the monitor) In the end, you’ll only be miserable.

(Haley’s had enough. Wordlessly, she walks away. Nathan doesn’t alih to stop her. He just sighs sadly.)


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – COMPUTER LAB – DAY]

(The capsule is playing on all of the computer monitors too. Tim’s recording is playing.)

TIM: (on the screen) Pretty much dated all the hot girls.

(Students are just milling around and watching it.)

TIM: (on the screen) Freshmen, seniors. (nods) Yeah, it’s good times. Currently, I’m, uh,… (nods) dating Brooke Davis.


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CORRIDOR – DAY]

(Brooke is looking at the monitor, mouth open in shock.)

TIM: (on the monitor) Let’s see, what else? Um,…-

(Camera zooms out to tunjuk Peyton standing with Brooke; looking at her.)

TIM: (o.s) (on the monitor) -there’s this new girl, Anna who’s into me.

(The playback continues as Rachel comes up behind Brooke and stops to gloat.)

RACHEL: Hmmm, and to think; I was this close to cutting school today.

(Everybody is standing around, laughing at the monitors. Brooke has her arms crossed and is glaring at the monitor.)

RACHEL: Tim Smith, huh? Score(!) (walks away)

(Brooke Looks sideways at Rachel as she passes. Tim’s recording continues to play.)


[EXT. pokok bukit HIGH – PILLAR – DAY]

(Close-up of the pillar with a plaque that reads: ‘Tree bukit High School TIME CAPSULE. Sealed: April 2005, Open: 2055’.)

(Principle Turner and Whitey march down the cement.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: You’re sure it’s the time capsule from last year?

WHITEY: Damn sure.

(They stop at the pillar.)

WHITEY: Somebody uncorked it early.

(Principle Turner looks at the plaque closely.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: I don’t know, Coach. Looks fine here.

(Whitey touches the side of the pillar where Peyton’s Friends With Benefit poster is hanging. He pulls it off to tunjuk a
huge hole in the side. Whitey glares at the principle.)


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CORRIDOR – DAY]

(Principle Turner and Whitey rush through the crowd thronging the corridor. Lucas’ recording is now playing.)

LUCAS: (o.s) (on the monitor) Just getting along… is kinda new to us. (pause) But I guess that’s how brothers are.

(They both stride to the A/V room and principle Turner reaches for his keys.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: Just shut down the feed.

(Principle Turner tries to open the door but can’t. The A/V room’s key has been broken off in the lock.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: Once we remove the door because whoever did this broke the key off in the damn lock!

WHITEY: I’ll call the locksmith. Maybe anda better call out the SWAT team.

(He frowns and turns to the monitor.)

WHITEY: This could turn ugly.

LUCAS: (on the monitor) But that doesn’t change the fact that I need to get closer to my father. (pause) Because
if I can get closer to him,-

(Cut to Lucas who is looking up at the monitor and shaking his head.)

(Cut back to the monitor.)

LUCAS: (on the monitor) -maybe I can find a way to beat him. (pause) Once and for all.

(Nathan is also looking at the monitors mutely.)

LUCAS: (on the monitor) And set the people that I Cinta free(!)

(Nathan looks at the monitor with shielded irritation.)

LUCAS: (on the monitor) I just hope I have the strength to tear him down for good.

(Nathan shakes his head before looking over his shoulder. Lucas is standing sejak the lockers, a hand to his mouth. Lucas
looks at his brother but can’t find the words. Nathan turns and walks away. Lucas makes to follow him.)

(Lucas stops when Brooke comes onto the screen.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) Let’s see, in ten years, I’ll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.

(People pat Mouth on the back.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) anda guys probably call him senator McFadden. We just call him Mouth.

(Mouth looks over his shoulder at Brooke. She’s smiling while looking at the monitor, proud of herself for that.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) So, if you’re watching this in twenty fifty-five,-

(Peyton laughs and Brooke waves at him.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) -there really needs to be some (the camera zooms in fast on her) sort of record of my
body at it’s peak!

(Brooke gapes as she realises what’s coming next.)

BROOKE: Oh no, wait(!) (looks at Peyton) We have to turn this off right now!

(Brooke, on screen, shrugs and lifts her top.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) What the hell.

(There’s cheering as she takes her bahagian, atas off, leaving her in only her bra.)

(Pan to Principle Turner and Whitey.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: (scandalised) Cut the damn power!

(Whitey rushes off-screen.)

(Brooke looks back, panicked.)

BROOKE: Can somebody do something?!

(She turns and searches for something as the students make appreciative noises.)

BROOKE: Somebody has to do something. Excuse me! (shoves a student) Move!

(Peyton and Lucas look at the screen, drawn to it but not knowing what to do.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) Now,…-

(Cut to the monitor where Brooke is sitting there in a merah jambu bra.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) -if anda guys are angkasa aliens, anda probably have three of these,
(takes hold of the front of her bra) but, I (Lucas looks around) haven’t gotten any complaints so far.

(A girl looks at Lucas, gaping. Whitey rushes to the power closet.)

BROOKE: No, no, no, there’s nothing to see here, people.

(Whitey opens the door.)

(Brooke grabs a chair and advances on the monitors, intent on destroying them to keep hold of her dignity.
She holds the chair up.)

(Whitey grabs the lever.)

(Cut to the screen as Brooke unhooks her bra.)

(Whitey pulls the lever down and the power goes out.)

(Brooke is still holding the chair. She disappears from the screen.)

(The crowd groan, Whitey puts a hand to his mouth and Brooke lowers the chair. She sighs in relief.
Just then, the power cuts to autopilot and comes back on. The crowd cheer and Brooke gasps as she looks
at the screen as it continues to play.)

(Lucas, completely embarrassed for Brooke, puts a hand to his eyes.)

(Cut back to the screen where Brooke’s hooked her bra back together.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) Actually, if you’re aliens-

(Brooke, humiliated, turns away, into Peyton’s shoulder. Peyton mouths ‘oh my god’.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) -you probably have eight sets of eyes which would mean I’d have sixteen boobs which
would mean my Pakaian dalam bill would go through the roof(!)

(Principle Turner pushes through the crowd as they are still making a ruckus. He stops at Whitey.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: I’m cancelling classes and sending everyone home. (pause) In the mean time, find out who did this!

(Whitey nods.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) Regular, futuristic kids.

(Whitey takes his topi, cap off and rubs his head.)

BROOKE: (on the monitor) I hope anda enjoyed your retro-


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CLASSROOM – DAY]

(Close-up of the TV screen as Jimmy Edwards’ recording plays.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) So, anda wanna know what things were like fifty years ago?
Well, the truth is… there’s not a single person in this place worth remembering-

(Cut to some kids watching it.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) -in fifty years.

(Pan across the kids who are not looking too pleased.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) So don’t believe any of the other crap you’re hearing. Everyone at
pokok bukit High is a liar.

(Shot pans down to a girl.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) Like I’m sure Russla Hodney, anda know, the All-American wrestler,
who everybody thinks is this nice, respectable guy; (pan to a guy shaking his head) I bet he forgot to
mention the fact that he’s the king of slipping girls the date-rape drug.

(Pan across to lebih of the kids.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) Or, Miss Perfect, 4.0, Katie Rattison, (pan up to a girl watching the screen)
Yeah, three gang bang abortion.

(All the kids turn their heads as one and look at Jimmy Edwards who is sitting at the back of the class, reserved.
He doesn’t make eye contact.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) See, people here are fake.

(Jimmy Edwards looks down, ashamed and depressed.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) So they stick to their cliques to hide it.

(He can’t make eye contact atau lift his head.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) I mean, the stoners are medicated, the honour student are afraid and the
jocks, (shot slowly zooms in on him) well,…-

(Cut back to the screen where Jimmy Edwards is still talking.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) -they’re jocks, man.


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CORRIDOR – DAY]

(Lucas is still in the hallway with a lot of the other students, watching Jimmy Edwards’ recording.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the monitor) They’ll peak at seventeen and their cheerleader girlfriends will be fat-

(Brooke and Peyton look at the screen. Brooke is still humiliated sejak her sebelumnya display.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the monitor) -and lonely-


[INT. pokok bukit HIGH – CLASSROOM – DAY]

(Jimmy Edwards is still sitting in his chair, listening but not looking.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) sejak twenty-one.

(The shot cuts to a long-shot of the TV screen so that the back of the students watching can be seen too, as well as
Jimmy himself.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) Losers!

(There’s a pause as Rawak students turn to look at him again.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) Everyone here is a loser!

(Jimmy Edwards is still sitting there.)

JIMMY EDWARDS: (on the screen) And the truth is, (pause) everyday I have to come to this school,…
is one less hari I have to come back.

(Jimmy Edwards lowers his head lebih and more.)

(Principle Turner’s voice booms over the tannoy.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: (through the speaker) Attention, students. Classes are cancelled for the day.

(His voice drowns out what Jimmy Edwards says next.)

PRINCIPLE TURNER: (through the speaker) Please exit the school in a timely and (Jimmy Edwards rushes to get up)
orderly fashion.

(Jimmy Edwards rushes to the door, moving through the crowd as he does so. His recording is still playing. All of the
students glare at him. They shake their head and exit too.)


[EXT. pokok bukit HIGH – CEMENT QUAD – DAY]

(Students are milling around outside. Mouth stops at Lucas. Jimmy Edwards rushes past them, ignoring them completely.)

LUCAS: (to Jimmy) Hey, Jim!

(Jimmy Edwards stops and turns to them reluctantly. They walk to him.)

LUCAS: Everything OK?

JIMMY EDWARDS: anda don’t talk to me for a tahun and now anda wanna be Friends again?

MOUTH: We just wanna talk.

JIMMY EDWARDS: Well, forget it. anda just heard everything I have to say.

(He turns away sourly and continues walking away.)

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