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Here's my awesome interview with Cat! She's amazing and totally deserved to win Naley FOTM! So congrats hun! You're amazing! And I Cinta all of your answers!
Btw, sorry this was a little late =]


1) Okay, lets start out with an easy one. Out of all the shows anda watch, is Naley your kegemaran couple?

Yea, for sure. <33 But I have two kegemaran couples, Naley and Brucas. I can’t really choose between them, they are my first kegemaran couple. xP I have other couples that I Cinta from other shows, but nothing compares to Brucanaley. <33 LOL, I totally ship this couple. xD

2) What is it about Naley that makes anda Cinta them so much?
God, it’s so hard for me to explain it. The Cinta they have it’s so strong and is something rare, because how many couples get marry at sixteen and actually have success with it? Nathan and Haley had as many obstacles and problems as the others couples had (if not more) and they managed to get through all of them. Like Lucas berkata “They do something that it’s very rare, they give their hearts to each other, unconditionally.” I just Cinta them. <33

3) When did anda first fall in Cinta with them?

Before starting watch the show. xD Lol, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I was watching a peminat made video of James and Lily from HP. It was with Naley, who actually have a lot in common with James/Lily. And that video let me very curious about the couple, so curious that I started searching YouTube for scenes, especially the heartbeat kiss, that caught my attention. =P The lebih I looked the lebih curious I was getting. And I had already seen some Brucas video too, and loved them. So I started to watch OTH, and I don’t regret it at all. ;)

4) Who do anda like better, Nathan atau Haley? Why?
Nathan, hands down. <33 I also Cinta Haley of course, but Nathan and Brooke are my kegemaran characters.
I just Cinta his personality, the way he always defends the ones he loves, his sarcasm and how he always says what he wants, even though he might regret later. I Cinta how he puts “walls” around him, but let the close people to him see the really him. He’s not perfect and he makes a lot of mistakes, but he actually learns with them. And he is the best husband ever, gotta Cinta Nathan Scott. ;D

5) Which do anda like better, Naley in high school (seasons 1-4) atau Naley in their adult years (seasons 5-6)?
I Cinta both, but I miss the high school years SO MUCH. I miss those years for everybody really. They didn’t had all these responsibilities and they spent lebih time together.. Those days were great. =]

6) If anda could write a Naley scene for the seterusnya episode in season 6, what would it be like?
Hm.. Haley could use the bracelet, because I’m really missing that. ^^ Then Nathan could see it, and ask why she is suddenly using it. She could say that she misses the way they were, with no preoccupations, no worries, no routines.. Then they would have a really HOT sex scene (OBVIOUSLY I would write this, no soalan XD) to remember how those times were, and sejak the end of the episode Nathan would say one of those amazing speeches that he does and end with “Don’t say I never gave anda anything” because we don’t hear that since the end of season 3 too. <3

7) What is your kegemaran Naley kiss?
Ouch, this is REALLY hard for me. I absolutely Cinta the first Ciuman and the first proposal kiss. <33

8) If there was one thing anda could erase from Naley's past, what would it be?
The Nanny Carrie comeback in this season. Her storyline in season 5 was not good for Naley, but it was entertaining. But in season 6.. I think it was way too surreal. And we didn’t even get to see the good parts, like Nathan consoling Haley and Jamie! So yea, I would erase that, for being totally pointless and too 007.

9) What is the one thing that other peminat-peminat of OTH say about Naley that really ticks anda off?
So many things.. lol. But I’ve learned to deal with them, because as a Brucas peminat I don’t actually read nice things everyday. xD
I guess the thing that really pisses me off, is when people call them boring and how they underrate them SO much! They are one of the main couples, but they are very often forgotten because of the whole Brucas vs. Leyton triangle. Sometimes people don’t even ask about Naley, they just want to know on which side anda are: Brucas atau Leyton. Which is stupid, because Naley is the only couple who has been together since the very beginning. =)

10) What are your bahagian, atas 5 Naley quotes?
Okay, this is really hard. =P I guess I have to go with this five, in no specific order. =)

1. “When I fell on the floor tonight, I was so scared. I’m still terrified. Then I saw anda and I promised myself that if I could just get up and walk over to anda and tell anda how much I need you… And how much I want you. And nothing else matters.“
2. “I‘m not normal. What I’m feeling is definitely not normal and to be honest with anda Haley, I don’t ever want to be normal. Not with you. I’m serious.“
“I know anda are.“
“Okay, so I’ll say it again. I could Cinta anda forever.“
“Nathan, so could I but…“
“So then why can’t forever start today?“
3. “You know, my pride says, yeah, that’s it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she’s clearly threatened sejak a sexual relationship. But my heart… My hati, tengah-tengah says, forget about your pride, anda idiot. anda Cinta this girl. And even if you’re going to catch pneumonia, your keldai is going to stand out here in the rain till anda convince her to forgive you.“
4. “Someday, this pantai might wash away… The oceans may dry… The sun could dim, but on that day, I’ll still be loving you. Always and forever.“
5. “The roots are still there. It just takes time. Don’t say I never gave anda anything.“

11) How excited are anda about the Naley scene in the 6x20 promo?! And what do anda think/hope is going to happen?
What Naley peminat isn’t? =D I’m SUPER excited,
I can’t even describe it how much in words! =D This is how I think this it’s going to happen: I can imagine Nathan and Haley “teasing” each other all hari on the Leyton wedding. Maybe the wedding brings them back memories atau something. LOL xD And because of Peyton’s pregnancy, Lucas and Peyton leave the reception earlier, so that Peyton can rest... Then Nathan and Haley stay behind with some people, to help cleaning Tric.. And it happens! YAY Naley hotness! xD <33

12) What's your kegemaran Naley moment from each season?
Again.. This is SO hard.. =S
Season 1 - The first kiss. It’s one of the best scenes ever.
Season 2 - The proposal and the answering machine scene. So cute. <33
Season 3 - When they made up at the end of 3.09 and the rain Ciuman at 3.13. Amazing moments! ^^
Season 4 - When Nathan gives that speech on television, after finding out that he was going to be a father, when he is asking her to alih one of her fingers at 4.10 and the heartbeat scene. SO emotional and beautifully heartbreaking. <33
Season 5 - I Cinta all the flashback scenes in 5.05 with little Jamie and the Ciuman after that. <33 And the scene in 5.13 when they got back together again. Finally some Naley happiness! =D
Season 6 - Their 7th anniversary, I was missing scenes like that, just the two of them, no worries and no Jamie. =] lol. And I guess one of the greatest scenes is still to come, that bathroom promo definitely belongs to this list. ;D

13) What is your least kegemaran Naley moment from each season?
Season 1 - I guess I have to say Haley freaking out so much after finding out that Nathan came after her just to upset Lucas.. I understand that she could be upset, but it was clearly that is wasn’t like that for a LONG time!
Season 2 - Haley being late to the prom to be with Chris.. That REALLY pissed me off! And when Nathan visited her at the tour, telling her that he could be there for her and she didn’t say she wanted him.. And she wasn’t wearing her ring.. =(
Season 3 - Nathan accusing her of trying to have a baby to get him back.. That was really jackass of him. Lol, it was the only time where I didn’t like Nathan. xP
Season 4 - I really don’t have a least kegemaran scene in this season. Haley probably should have told Nathan earlier about her pregnancy, even though I loved how it turned out without her telling him immediately.. I think I probably have to choose Nathan loosing the scholarship because of the point shaving thing, although it’s not a Naley moment. =/
Season 5 - Haley asking for a divorce, after Jamie almost dying.. Talk about bad timing!
Season 6 - Again I don’t have one.. lol. I guess my least kegemaran moments are the ones where Jamie stays too much in the middle and mencuri Naley some time alone. =P

14) Okay, here's a tough one: What is your ONE kegemaran Naley scene?
God, Emily this is SO hard! x( I think it’s a tie between the first Ciuman and the first proposal, I really Cinta those moments. Maybe the proposal a little bit more. <33

15) What is your opinion about Jamie?
I think the kid is adorable and he couldn’t be lebih Naley. LOL ^^
I just don’t like the fact that he steals way much too screen time. Mark needs to realize that the peminat-peminat don’t turn on their TVs to watch a tunjuk about a five tahun old kid.

16) Do anda think Naley are good role Model for teens?
I think they are AMAZING role models. <3 Teens should look up to them. They don’t have to exactly to follow their examples though. LOL
It’s not easy to get married and have a baby at such a young age. It only worked out for them because they are Nathan and Haley. I don’t see a lot of girls capable of handling school, work, a baby and be actually good in all of that, like Haley was.

17) Are anda happy Naley got pregnant in season 4, while they were still in high school, atau would anda have liked for them to wait until they were out of high school?
I was happy at season 4, because of the amazing storylines. I really loved them. <33
But if it was right now, I would probably want them to wait.. Because Jamie does take them a lot of time.. =/

18) Hypothetical scenario: Mark has decided to do a 'fast-forwards' episode, 10 years into the future. Naley is now in their 30s and Jamie is in his teens. Where do anda see them in this episode? What are their careers? What is their family life like? What is their Cinta like?
Wow. xD They’re old! LMAO. ;)
Their Cinta is even stronger than now, that only gets better with time. <33 I think they would have at least another child, other boy, to keep the Scott brother’s tradition – Keith and Dan, Nathan and Lucas and then Jamie and his brother. After that boy probably a little girl.
And they would be pretty famous; Haley could be working on her 2nd/3rd CD and Nathan on the NBA. I’m imagining them on Oprah right now. xD

19) What character (besides Nathan atau Haley) do anda think had the biggest effect on their relationship? (good atau bad)
Good: Lucas, he was always there for Haley and Nathan when they were angry with each other for some reason, trying to call their senses. =) And he helped them a lot on the College years. <3
Bad: I think Carrie was bad, because she actually put their family in danger. But it was Dan who affected them more, always trying to break them up. I Cinta Dan though. xD

20) Okay, final question: Do anda consider them Epic? Why atau why not?
Yea, of course. =] They are one of the most epic couple ever. <33
An epic romance is a Cinta that remains strong, even if life is not easy. The people in the relationship fight for it, to make it work. They don’t just give up when something wrong happens. Naley has been through so much and still managed to stay married and together, against all the odds and the people who didn’t believe that it would last. They are constantly working on being together and not giving up. “Prepare to be surprise.” And they did it. <33

A Message From Cat:
Thanks for voting on me guys, it’s really an honor trust me. =]
And thank anda SO much for this Emily, I loved every single question. <33

Cinta anda all! =D <3
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