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"One pokok Hill: Four Years, Six Months, Two Days (#5.1)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: [after saying bye to the guys, and to Lucas] I gotta go utama now, and anyway, anda should be writing.
[everyone laughs]

James Lucas Scott: [staring at Nathan whose hungover on the couch] I think anda drink too much.
Nathan Scott: I think you're right.

James Lucas Scott: It's money from a shoe mama!

"One pokok Hill: Hundred (#5.12)" (2008)
James Scott: I'm fine. Grandpa Dan saved me.

Lily Roe Scott: That's what anda have to call me.
James Scott: I do not.
Lily Roe Scott: anda do so. Say it. Aunt Lily.

"One pokok Hill: Racing Like a Pro (#5.2)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: [About the Soapbox Derby] Will Uncle Mouth be helping me?
Skills: No, Uncle Mouth got a J.O.B.
James Lucas Scott: That spells Job.
Skills: Man it was aot easier when anda were three.

"One pokok Hill: What Do anda Go utama To? (#5.14)" (2008)
Quentin: [rapping] Ho Ho... There he is. I berkata its J. Luke Scott, the boy is hot, wherever he goes, homey that's the spot...
James Lucas Scott: His name is Q, he's better than you, if the spot is hot, then he's there too...
Quentin: Haha, my man!
Nathan Scott: Ch... yea... I'm the dad, I'm not so bad... I...
[Jamie and Quentin stare at Nathan]

"One pokok Hill: One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (#6.2)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: And they thought the *last* nanny was crazy.
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 FOTM for June - Celine
FOTM for June - Celine
Before we get started, I just want to say congrats to anda Celine, anda most definitely deserve this! Thanks for being such an awesome OTH fan!

1.) Introduce yourself, tell us a little about you?

My name is Celine. I'm turning 17 in a few weeks. Born & raised in Belgium. And totally obsessed with One pokok Hill! XD

2.) When did anda first start watching OTH? Did anda instantly like it, atau did it take a while to get hooked?

About 3-4 years lalu ( I still remember it was a Saturday LOL )
I was bored so I decided to watch TV. I went through all the channels, but nothing seemed interesting to me. Then...
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First of all,i know all of anda are sick of the whole leyton vs. Brucas thing. so i'm sorry for this,but i want to share my opinion with all of you.

putting all the verey obvice aside, anda know they have no couple chemistrey, they look like brother & sister, and all the other well known reasons.

the ultimate reason why i can't accept them as is that lucas was crazy about brooke from the beging of season 2 throught the middel of season 4, all he ever wanted was brooke, even she broke up with him he wanted her and he went after her. he always berkata that he she's his distney the person he wanted...
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