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Alright! So, now I'll cover a little of Tamaki and Haruhi.
Tamaki starts to get feelings of desire to Ciuman Haruhi and he doesn't understand why. (Duh! lol) He worries about it so much that he makes himself physically ill. This causing a lot of alarm to the household help since Tamaki has never been sick before.
The club members all decide to go and see him, which makes him really happy. (It's pretty funny in fact because the boys decide to help him change his PJ's into clean ones and they kind of forget that Haruhi is in the room so she sees Tamaki in his underwear, which horrifies him! lol)...
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If you're Membaca this I know it's because your a peminat of the OHSHC. Maybe you've read the Manga, if that's the case you'll know all this. If anda haven't read the Manga then this will be very informative to you.
In the Manga the story goes so much farther. I'll give the best details :)
Kaoru realizes that he, Hikaru, and Tamaki are all in Cinta with Haruhi. Haruhi was hanging out with Kasanoda (the dude with the red hair that knows Haruhi is a girl) and Hikaru gets really jealous. He tells Kaoru that he doesn't understand why it makes him so mad to see Haruhi with another guy. Kaoru smartly tells...
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 Sakamoto-sensei and Suzumura-sensei
Sakamoto-sensei and Suzumura-sensei
I don't know if anyone's heard (probably so) but, anda heard me right: Maaya Sakamoto, Haruhi's Japanese voice actor, and Kenichi Suzumura (Hikaru) are married!
Check the last line of Sakamoto-sensei's intro paragraph on wiki:
Though I'm a die-hard Tamaki/Haruhi shipper and the ending of the Manga made me squee like a crazed fangirl >.<, (which I am...) Hikaru's feelings for her were admittedly very sweet. <3
So, it's great to see that us peminat-peminat have a tama/haru ending and a hika/haru ending over our horizon! ^_^
However, this marriage doesn't only give us the ouran satisfaction, but...
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I looked around me the redrose sky was sure beautiful tonight just like the perfect rose garden I was in! I may have had to stay up all night doing those host club bill's but it all worked out I thought.I looked around me the garden was so calm and peaceful that annoying Tamaki isn't here to disturb me my mind cried out! But he can be rather funny in his own way!Bang my hati, tengah-tengah thumped, my whole brain swirled, blackness covered my vision.I was up later than this before and they never closed the jalan lights down before."Kyoya" a faint voice cried...but it must have been loud because whoever...
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 Tamaki Suoh leaving the Ouran Host Club.
Tamaki Suoh leaving the Ouran Host Club.
Come near and stand sejak me, baby.
Close enough to reach out and pull anda still closer,
All that is swelling within me,
Must be a language I've never spoken Till there was you,
I fumbled try but I stumbled,
Over all my hati, tengah-tengah wants to say now, Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way anda alih me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made anda can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I dont have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots. Come near and talk to me baby,
How did anda know anda were,
The dream of this dreamer,
Oh god how I thank...
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apparently Haruhi can't read
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