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This Park Shin Hye kertas dinding contains konsert, pemain gitar, and guitarist. There might also be tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, and chalkboard.

baru-baru ini reports have revealed that actress Park Shin Hye quickly returned utama from her schedules in Hong Kong after news of a family member’s death reached her.

According to Chinese and Hong Kong local media, Park Shin Hye’s grandfather passed away during her one of her scheduled event in Hong Kong on June 13th. That very night, the actress took the seterusnya flight utama back to Korea.

Park Shin Hye’s agency told TV Report, “Park Shin Hye’s grandfather passed away on the morning of June 13th and Park Shin Hye is now at the mortuary with her family.”
She was at a peminat meeting in Hong Kong when she received the news and rushed to finish her schedule to be present at the funeral of her beloved grandfather.

[+ 8798, – 78] Rest in Peace. Cheer up Park Shin Hye.
[+ 6087, – 82] Rest in peace.
[+ 5233, – 86] Cheer up unnie ㅠㅠ rest in peace.
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Park shin hye is chosen as the new brand ambassador the make-up label "Mamonde"

Because of her natural beauty,exceptional talent, and innocent image, Park shin hye has been chosen sejak the brand "Mamonde"said, "Being representatives sejak someone like Park shin hye, an actress who shows the liveliness and active lifestyle of a young woman, we're firmly moving ke hadapan with our young and innocent image."

They also expressed that with Park Shin Hye leading their company's brand image, "Mamonde" will be able to widen its reach and attract lebih women to try their products.

Meanwhile, the actress is currently preparing for her upcoming historical film "The Tailors".
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