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1. Odor-able Kitty (January 6th, 1945) (Chuck Jones)
2. Scent-imental Over You (March 8th, 1947) (Chuck Jones)
3. Odor Of The Day (October 2nd, 1948) (Arthur Davis)
4. For Scent-imental Reasons (November 12th, 1949) (Chuck Jones)
5. Scent-imental Romeo (March 24th, 1951) (Chuck Jones)
6. Little Beau Pepe (March 29th, 1952) (Chuck Jones)
7. Wild Over You (July 11th, 1953) (Chuck Jones)
8. Dog Pounded (January 2, 1954) (Friz Freleng)
9. The Cat's Bah (March 20th, 1954) (Chuck Jones)
10. Past Perfumance (May 21st, 1955) (Chuck Jones)
11. Two Scent's Worth (October 15th, 1955) (Chuck Jones)
12. Heaven Scent...
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posted by froggygirl11
Hey, Pepe Le Pew fans! Guess what?! There will be a Pepe Le Pew movie (gasp) BUT it won't be out until 2013-2014 (aw...) How can anyone wait for a movie to be out for that long?! Especially one about our beloved Pepe Le Pew!!! But it seems that people DON'T want a Pepe Le Pew movie. Why? Many people say that the plot will be extremely boring just because Pepe is always following his dear Penelope non-stop in his episodes. So? He's still funny, right? However, the plot isn't the only thing that's bothering people. Many peminat-peminat are glad there will be a movie about their kegemaran Looney, but they...
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