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Pepsi Soalan

Are anda holding "Pepsi Power Votes"? :)

If anda Cinta Pepsi then anda very well could be drinking a Pepsi right now that has the potential to change the lives of many!

Please check under anda topi, cap atau inside your multi-pacs and look for the code!

Don't just throw it away, please :) e-mel the code to pepsipowervotes@aol.com! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter ShawnajoyRose

In June we will be up for voting and this can help us create some gorgeous art with heirloom fruits and also grow seed crops to help feed families! anda can help sejak simply emailing us your codes :D Please help us! Thank anda very much :D
 Are anda holding "Pepsi Power Votes"? :)
 Shawnajoyrose posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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