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Anikan seemed to want to fly faster as we soured through the sky's. I wanted to fall asleep on his back, it was so peaceful and quiet where no one hated me. I layed my head on his soft fur. My red hair whipped around in the wind hitting my face from time to time. As I closed my eyes slightly Anikan shook his head moving my head off.

"What?" I asked already knowing I wouldn't get an answer. I whinnied telling me that I couldn't sleep now. Only in the protection of another demigod when I couldn't go into another trance.

When Anikan landed softly on the rumput sejak the stables I noticed Aubrey leaning...
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ok now a lot of anda are saying "what the hell? what the fuck dose this shit have to do with percy jackson?" well the answer to that is i got bored and wanted to annoy some people on the internet. part one goth: ok now when most people think of goth they think of a hot chick with blue arnab and nice eye liner and stuff anda know something like thalia. well anda are wrong, that is punk my Friends THIS is goth, a creepy chick with bat wings and black robes and over the bahagian, atas make up and some will get there tungs slit to be like a snake and stuff like that.

part 2 Emo is not goth: Emo kids dont look goth at all!! they just like to slit there wrists in the bathtub

part 3 whatever: so ya whatever Thalia is punk and crap and la la la
“SHE’S WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!” yelled Nico.

“I berkata she’s a daughter of Kronos.”



“SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!”

“KRONOS anda FREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh ok sorry, took me a long time to get that through my head.”

“Now that I’ve told anda my story, will anda please leave?” berkata Katie.

“Not just yet.” Was I supposed to take Jesslin? Katie wouldn’t want us to. She berkata if she ever gave away Jesslin, she would die. Katie also berkata death was her greatest fear. But if Jesslin was put in the wrong hands, with her kind of power, something...
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My name is Addison Zander. I was born in Portland, Oregon on October 1st, 1996. That was also the hari my mother left me, the hari I was born. My father never really told me who my mom was, he always stayed away from that subject. My dad was a painter, his job. My Dad was my best friend. My dad was awsome. He let me paint our car, he painted my house neon green, and he always berkata that our life would be nothing without color. He saw the world as a world of life. He was also a smoker.

I always told him to stop, and i told him the risks of smoking. He always berkata not to worry. I had believed him,...
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then what are we waiting for?i asked.nothing!!she replied.we both jumped out of the pool and i told my mom what had happened.she looked flushed.why would any mother treat a 9 tahun old girl like that?she asked.dont know i replied.she gave the girls mom a horrified look.lets go she berkata the way whats your name i asked the girl.paige she said.paige what?i asked.cloony she replied.whoa like the actor george cloony?yeah she berkata hes my i replied my grand-dads the titan lord who i killed i said.your a child of the big 3?she asked.yep.posideons my THAT explains the breathing under-water.yep.we were about to iris-message chiron when paiges mom jumped out at us.but she wasnt paiges mom she was a furie.what have anda done to my mother?paige screamed.i should have expected it my real mother would let me have fun! sudenly paige turned to stone.PAIGE!!!!i screamed.i slashed my sword and it cut right through the furie.
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This peminat fiction i am going to write is base on Greek Mythology,the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The names were in the Percy Jackson series and in the Greek Mythology also some names i just created. And i will also give anda some of my ideas in Greek Mythology. But it is mostly based on the Percy Jackson series

Main Point of View:
The P.O.V. of the story is: how Alexis had all the power of all the gods?

if anda have read the Percy Jackson Series and also if anda have studied Greek Mythology then anda will understand my story.

The things about the Greek Mythology...
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Just so anda all know this is a sequel to the story I wrote called Addison Zander a new demigod. The main Character in this book though is Jesslyn (the daughter of Kronos) and she is 14 now.

I laughed as Aubrey slid down the steps. Each stair made her make a different sound on each bump.

"Aubrey!! Watch where anda step girl!!" I laughed as I slid down the railing of the steps to her. She patted her cropped brown hair.

"I'm fine!" She berkata after I pulled her up. Her camp half blood t-shirt was much too big for her and her jeans much too long.

"Come on! We have archery next!" I berkata after we began...
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I am giving anda a pre-warning this is the last chapter.

When we finally got back to camp we looked like a mess from Hades. Sapphire with no makeup on, tattered shorts and a broken shoe, me in ratted jeans and a ripped camp shirt, and Nico with messed up hair and on e shoe missing. Then there was Jesslyn sweet little Jesslyn, with her strawberi red hair tied into to ponytails with yellow ribbon and a yellow dress with white sandals and a brown teddy menanggung, bear in her hand. I held her in my arms with her small hands around my neck. The saat we entered Camp half blood we were greeted sejak a swarm of...
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I wasn't sure if it was the right idea , anda know infront of my arch enemy Ares and interrupting a pretty serious conversation! "Well, Perseus Jackson what brings anda here?" Ares mumbled. " What everyone else in the cafe is doing, having a hari out with their family," I berkata kind of hiding. " The same thing everyone else is doing huuh?" Ares smirked. I looked at the other guy who was tucked way in the corner of the room. I then recognised him, he was the one from the Hermes kabin who I did training with on my first week at camp! It was Mitchel Locksley. He kind of looked scared as if I had a...
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there i was at the pool with my mom. i took of my baju and merpati in (crazy fan:omg shirtless!!!!)at the bottom of the pool i saw a little girl about 9 atau 10.she was breathing!i couldnt belive my(cute)green eyes!the girl looked someone had seen her doing something she shouldnt be doing.this girl(anya20001 here:im describing myself)had long brown hair and navy blue eyes and a small cut on her cheek.dont worry i told her its o.k.she looked @ me like i was crazy.are anda a naid?i asked her n-no she said.demigod?i asked y-yeah she too i said.she nodded.ever been to camp half-blood?i...
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