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I felt Gabe’s fist collide with my face, and I struggled to get away, though I could do nothing about it. Gabe glugged down the last of his bir and smiled at my bloody nose and bruised…well, everything. “Please stop.” I begged, but Gabe only hit me again in response to my plea. I shuddered backward; I wanted to do something, anything, but if anda were eight years old too and were trying to get away from a jerk that was three times your size, anda had no choice.
My mother would have stopped this if she could, but this always took place when she was at work and couldn’t stop it. Gabe...
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what do anda know! this is my first article! Hope anda like it. It's about how I think percy proposed to annabeth so read on!

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these characters. all rights go to RR

percy's point of view

I was in a complete state of panic. What had I gotten myself into?this is worse than getting turned into a lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba I thought as i leapt off the bus and burst into the restaurant.

"you're late. again." berkata a voice behind me.I turned and as usual, my hati, tengah-tengah skipped a beat.

"Annabeth, I am so, extremely sorry"
"sorry doesn't cut it,seaweed brain!"
"Annabeth, please let me explain..."
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Summary :- Apollo's car keys are stolen and his car isn't running. So the sun is stuck; it isn't moving. Will Percy and his Friends be able to retrieve the keys before whole of the Eastern Hemisphere becomes part of the Sahara Desert? Read to find out! After BOTL. Very mild Percabeth and and Silena x Beckendorf.

I woke up to some knocking on my door. It was dark, which was weird - I thought I'd slept for quite long already. The knocking turned into banging, so I threw off the covers and went to get the door. It was Annabeth. She looked worried, which is never a good sign.

"Annabeth? What are...
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ok so what makes big 3 kids so powerful (besides the fact that there parents are the most powerful) is that they get powers. now what i mean buy that is that the kids of the other gods have skills like Aries kids have the skill of close range weaponry kids of Athena are very clever and kids of Apollo have the skill of archery. now what makes these things skills is that not all people have them but they can. now when we look at kids of the big 3 we see things like controlling the water,making lightning come out of spears,and raising the dead all of these things are powers not skills. in the world of Percy Jackson there is nothing stopping a mortal from having a skill that all kids of a non big 3 god has. but they cant have the powers of big 3 kids and that is what makes them great and powerful.