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chapter one - I get attacked sejak a demon dog

look I didn't want to be a demi-god. its a dangerous thing. if your Membaca this for fun, read on. but if your Membaca this because anda think anda might be one, my Nasihat is stop Membaca now. if anda see yourself in these pages the monsters will smell anda once anda realize who anda are. so let me start from the beginning on how it is.

my name is holly Bullock. I'm seven years old and a troubled kid. I go to Carthage middle school in Carthage, NY. am I troubled kid? yeah I guess I am. I have dyslexia and ADHD and its hard to do normal stuff. my teacher wants me in a school for mental kids and I think that's just down right rude but I get use to it. I'm In first grade and we were going on a hike with Mrs. Dodds and Mr. doulcen and we were with partners. my partner was jennah Harris and we wondered away from the group's. grover is our best friend and he tagged along. ' hey! where are anda going?" " sorry grover anda shouldn't come you'll get hurt...' " and anda have the weird crutches too." jennah cut me off. " I have to come with" 'why' we both berkata at the same time. 'cause I'm your partner too!" 'oh right I'm so sorry grover I didn't....' (grrrrrr). 'Grover?" "we need to leave now!" '" why?!"' " because there's a giant dog as in hell hound behind holly!" " isn't that a Greek legend and what's a hell hound...oh that's a h-hell hound!" " run!" yelled jennah.
as where running the hound jumps on me." owwww!" " holly!" and as grover berkata that the hell hound cut me with its claws. " well that worked out as planned!" wait Mrs Dodds berkata that. then Mrs Dodds wasn't herself she was a fiery! as I was unconscious I herd yelling and then nothing either they passed out atau they killed the monster." jennah help me pull holly to the river...' " wait why the river?! my best friend is hurt and anda want to take her to the river?!" " just do it.' 'fine'.
okay so as anda see if anda see yourself in these first few paragraphs anda need to stop Membaca now. anyways as they pulled me to the river I started to regain consciousness." w-where are we?" I crocked. " at the river. we had to get away from the teachers." " why?" " so I can send a Iris-message." " a Iris message? what is that?" asked jennah. 'you'll see. oh iris goddess of rainbows please accepted my offering!.... camp half blood long island new York..... Chiron!" ' grover what is it! 'we need anda to come pick us up!" ' wait us? do anda have holly and jennah with you?" 'yes, and we got attracted sejak a hell hound and a kindly one!" ' is any of anda hurt? cause I'm going to leave to get anda right away if someone's hurt." " yeah about hurt... I hurt my leg and holly got cut sejak the hell hound." " okay j-just stay put and I'm coming to get you. Grover use your crutches till I get there." as Chiron berkata it he disconnected the Iris message. I'm a half blood as grover explained to us and I was so confused I didn't care at all that the gods are real atau that they exist.

chapter two - the horse man doesn't come to the rescue'

Grover was limping around nervously while jennah and I kept asking soalan to Grover till he yelled " shut it!" Grover must have been annoyed because he was trembling till we saw a iris message. as grover answered it I felt dizzy and I yelled " Grover!" he looked at me like he was upset and about to cry. I was just about to say I was dizzy till a blond dud and a girl showed up. grover turned to the Iris message and Chiron berkata " I tried to tell anda I can't make it. so I sent these two half bloods to get anda they ran away from their homes trying to find camp half blood but they had no luck. they'll tell anda the rest I have to go now, grover. I'll see anda at camp." and like that he disconnected the message.
'w-who a-are t-they!?" I berkata trying to breath better than I was. the blond dud berkata " I am Luke and this is Thalia." 'hi' berkata Thalia. jennah fell to the ground and berkata in a whisper to Grover " I think there the people the Chiron dud was talking about." 'okay come with us. the person your talking to , Chiron did send us but we were following a goat till it led us to anda three. grover anda must be the protector and-" " w-wait p-protector?" 'yeah he's a syrter. who hurt anda um Holly?" as I sat there speechless grover told them the story and berkata well whispered to grover " I'm dizzy.' he looked at me concerned and helped me up and as he did Thalia pulled stuff from her bag and yelled " stixs! Luke anda Lost the necture didn't you!" 'yes, I'm sorry the bot wasn't sturdey.' " never mind grover we should start heading for camp." " yeah about that I um hurt...' he didn't have time to finish when the teacher came running toward us yelling " there anda are we've been looking for anda three for two hours!" ' sorry we didn't mean to wander off...' I got cut off when jennah vomited. " gross!" I yelled and then Thalia shaped her fingers and jennah looked better and our teacher ran off yelling for help. ' we need to leave now rather hurt atau not we need to leave!" " I can't run !" and showed Luke my cuts across my chest.' okay I'll carry anda then okay?" I nodded and grover led the way.
it was about makan malam, majlis makan malam time when jennah said" I'm Hungery" ' me too' i berkata half asleep. " Luke let's find a hospital...' " no!" I said. " they'll think we don't have a family witch anda don't and they'll put us in the orfanage!" " good point, I mean they will think that. Grover are we almost their?" no but I found somewhere to eat, look. 'what does ops mean?" " I don't know but I know its a place where half bloods work." " cool.' as we crossed the jalan to the side walk Luke set me down and I tripped and Luke caught me saying " how old are anda and jennah? " seven" we both said. 'that's
pretty young for two half-bloods." I was rude and didn't say anything nor did jennah as we all entered the restaurant. the waitress set us at a meja, jadual for six people even though there where five of us. after we where done eating we asked directions to the nearest bus to long island', we followed the directions till we found the bus station. we all snook aboard till a little girl came following us. when we got on she asked " are anda like me? can anda see monsters too?' let ,me say she scared Luke till Thalia berkata 'yes we can anda can come with us to a special camp for people like us. where called... demigods.' " okay, I'm annabeth." " I'm Thalia. how old are you?" " eight". and that was the last we heard her speak till we got to camp.

chapter three -we get to camp half blood with almost every one.

" look there I see the entrance to camp!" we herd Grover say as we were being chased sejak a Cyclops that's what Luke says. the monster grabs a pokok and throughs it at Grover. " Grover! Luke help him!" " anda guys Go on I'll hold them off" 'no Thalia they'll kill you!" " go Luke!" and like that she tryed to keep them back. then the cyclops grabs her and throws her back. she landed with a thud." Thalia" we all yelled and like that she died. lightning from above turned her in to a pine pokok with a protective board's. then we found out that her dad must have been Zeus. I passed out from pain, fear, and upset ness. I herd people running to our aid and Chiron yelling orders and then the seterusnya thing I herd was nothing.
I woke with Luke at the end of my katil holding my hand. when he saw me wake up he yelled for Chiron to come, I tryed to sit up but got dizzy. " WO take it easy Holly" as Luke berkata that he helped me sit up and I saw Grover getting up on normal crutches and coming toward me. " where are we?" " where in the infurmery." as he berkata that I saw Chiron running no not running galloping to me with crutches in his hand. " your not human!" I screamed. " no I'm a centaur." " um Chiron I think your freaking her out...' " hush Luke. here holly take these they'll help anda around for now." I nodded thank anda and Luke helped me try them. " since anda can alih I'll give anda a tour of camp and...." " what, what's wrong?" " well, i guess we found out who your godly parent is. your mother is Athena goddess of battle strategy and wisdom."
after Chiron moved me in to the Athena kabin I got a tour which was boring. when we were done Chiron left me with Luke till I heard screaming. Luke and I ran well not really ran but went to the sound it was in the girls bathroom." Luke we have to go in there to find out....' " okay let's go!" as we went in I saw a girl with annabeth who was screaming till the girl push annabeth' s head toward the toilet . I got really upset and yelled, snapped my fingers an lightning came down hitting the girl and she screamed till I snapped my fingers again till the water from the toilet hit her in the face. " anda idiot !why did anda do that!" she yelled while Luke was drying annabeth 's hair and then rinsing it in the shower. Chiron came in asking what happened till he saw Luke, washing annabeth 's hair and me crying my face off. he trotted over whipping the tears off my face and asked " what happened in here?" I tryed to explain but Luke said, " that girl was dunking annabeth 's head into the toilet and holly yelled at her to stop and she didn't so she snapped her fingers and lightning came down hitting that girl then the girl started yelling and holly snapped her fingers and toilet water hit the girl in the face. it was amazing!" " how did i know how to do that?" I tryed to say sorry but I knew I was in trouble so I left trying not to cry again and went to the pantai Chiron showed me.

chapter four - everyone's Makanan burns

I was at the pantai till I heard a kerang, conch horn blow. that's funny I never heard a kerang, conch horn before. the seterusnya thing I knew was Luke, Grover, and annabeth came running toward me except Grover he's still on crutches. once they got to me Luke helped me back onto my crutches and berkata out of breath " its time for makan malam, majlis makan malam Chiron wanted us to get you." " okay" as me and Grover stayed behind Luke and annabeth I asked grover " where do we eat?" 'you'll see." once we got to the pavilion where we eat at, the Athena meja, jadual called for me and annabeth even though there is only two campers at that meja, jadual we went over and sat. they told us to take our plate up and put some Makanan in the api, kebakaran the gods Cinta the smell. I had help from annabeth she took my plate and once we got up there she handed it to me and as I dumped some Makanan into the api, kebakaran I berkata " to Athena" in a whisper voice cause I was still scared of all the people looking at me. once makan malam, majlis makan malam was done the director of camp who is Mr .d berkata that their is capture the flag tonight at 8:00 pm.
we all got placed on the blue team and jennah berkata she wanted to be boarder patrol and they aloud her to do that job. Luke's and my job was to get the flag since I'm all better they told us to and they wanted to see how good we are at fighting.
Chiron yelled to get everyone's attention and he berkata " blue team is Athena and red team is Ares. I will serve as refery and battle field medic. teams to your position's and set your flag where it can be seen! ready set go!" as he berkata go the teams started to run and fight. " come on Luke!" " I'll keep them off anda as long as I can! go for the flag!" as I was running towards the flag till clarrise came to me and berkata " this is for what anda did to me in the bathroom this morning!" she came running toward me with a spear that my kabin mates told me was electric, so I did one thing only snapped my fingers and water hit her in the face then I cut her sear in half.
as she was screaming I went for the flag Luke right behind me. when I got the flag I dashed to get to our side so we can win but as we did Luke fell. he screamed in pain and said" go! I'll be fine!" I left him there just as I made it back to our side everyone started to cheer but I dropped the flag and ran to Luke's aid. " what hurts!" I screamed as every one came to see " my leg it hurts like someone stabbed it" the I noticed a broken electric spear sejak his foot and I yelled " where's clarrise! she did this to him! where is she!" know one spoke I thought they were surprised to see a seven tahun old yell like that but clarrise came in front of me and she stabbed me with her broken spear head on my side.

chapter five- I end up in trouble with Chiron.

I woke up in the infirmary room with Luke in a katil too and then Chiron came up to me like he was angry." holly Bullock I am very disappointed with you. anda broke someone's spear and tryed to drown them!" I couldn't hear that well till a figure shimmered and then Chiron bowed I couldn't alih that well so I didn't bow. then I realised it was Athena my mom she came to me and berkata " how do anda feel Holly?" I couldn't say anything till annabeth came in and berkata " is holly and Luke ... oh gods, Athena I didn't mean.." " its okay I see that anda care about these two demi-gods. Chiron anda shouldn't yell at an injured child when they just wake up and obviously can't speak especially when they get stabbed sejak a electric spear!" " Athena I'm sorry I didn't know that offended you." I tryed to speak but I just couldn't it was to hard to for some reason. " don't try to speak for a few hours okay?" I gave her a thumbs up and she kissed annabeth 's and my foreheads. " I have to go now. good bye and I'll see anda at the summer solstice." and like that she was gone and Luke just woke up trying to speak too but can't Chiron told him not to try to speak for a few hours and rest.
I wrote on a piece of paper saying " how long were we out for?" Chiron berkata " for three days now rest anda to have a big hari tomorrow." and he left us there speechless for four hours.
the seterusnya hari Chiron came in and I knew I was in trouble " get out of katil holly we need to talk." as I got out of katil Chiron yelled at me I was trying to say sorry but he cut me off so many times I couldn't count. when he was done I yelled " I berkata I was sorry!" I snapped my fingers and water hit him in the face as I ran off crying all the other campers looked at him and shook their head an one of them Charlie bekendworf came to get me and ask what's wrong and we were the only ones in the kabin which was weird. as he tried to calm me down jennah was yelling at Chiron for making me cry. when I was all calmed down Chiron came in and I yelled " get out!" with that he left me with Charlie.

chapter six - annabeth and I sneak off after Corfu to meet jennah

once I got out of my kabin everyone asks if I'm all right and I say yes. later when its makan malam, majlis makan malam I didn't tunjuk up I didn't want to see Chiron the rest of that day. all my Friends were looking for me till Luke found me trying to hurt a nympe but he stopped me sejak grabbing my arms yelling " its okay she wont hurt you! you'll be fine just fine." he berkata the end in a soothing voice and I stopped fighting and started to bal Luke grabbed me and started hugging me and saying " your fine holly just fine I'm here with anda you're not going to hurt anyone okay." once our Friends found me with Luke crying jennah ran to get Mr.D. Luke sat on a rock and sat me on his lap rocking me so I would calm down. Mr.D saw us and berkata in a whisper " finally anda found her not that I care but Chiron would end up upset if he made a girl run away." he berkata to annabeth, grover, jennah, and charlie. once he left with my Friends so they can eat I wasn't crying as bad when Luke berkata " do anda want to go eat now?" " no. I don't want them seeing me cry again they'll think I'm a cry baby" I whispered. " okay if anda say so. do anda want to go to your cabin. I'll stay in there with anda I'm not hungry so much anyway." " yes please. and t-thank anda for d-doing t-this." he nodded and took me to my kabin and stayed with me till Corfu.
once every one was asleep annabeth and I went to meet up jennah. " hey" I berkata out of breath. " okay here's the plan. we need to get back at clarrise she's done to much to all three of us." so anda want to get back at her. I don't think that's a good idea Holly." " if we get caught it won't matter as long as we got her back." annabeth berkata with pride. as I finished telling the plan we nodded in agreement. as we berkata we should head back to the cabins jennah sneezed. we tryed not to yell as we headed back to our cabins.
in the morning clarrise was at spear practice so we went to her kabin and put mud in her bantal and whoopy cushions in her sheets. when she came back to her kabin I was sitting under a pokok when we heard a scream and laughing. she came out crying in frustration and we started to laugh. as she marched to see Mr.D we berkata all at once " yes! it worked perfectly!" Luke berkata " what did anda do?" so I told him are plan and we started bursting in to laughter till Mr d showed up and we stopped and he asked " did anda do this?" we all berkata ' no no we didn't' and like that he be leaved us.

chapter seven - Grover gets a quest

one tahun later we get a quest to find a demi god well not we grover he goes to the same school as this person but he says we could go if we want. Luke berkata " no anda should stay to practice lebih "I was only seven turning eight the seterusnya day. " I guess I'll stay to practice" and like that Grover left to get this kid.
the seterusnya hari after my birthday Grover comes back but the person was a boy passed out and bruised up . Chiron told me and annabeth to help him sejak treating him with nectar and Ambrosia. when he woke up fully I berkata " hi" but Chiron berkata to stay quiet. " Mr Brunner!" " ah Percy I see anda found your way, but in my world I'm known as Chiron." " who are they Mr-Chiron?" these two brought anda back to health. the one on the right is annabeth and the one on the left is Holly." " hi, um Percy nice to meet you!" Percy nodded with delight. " why don't anda see if Percy's kabin is ready to meet him annabeth. and holly why don't anda tunjuk him around." " okay! come on Percy let's go see the pavilion first." and as Percy followed me a nympe bumped into him and he berkata sorry but she just waved and smiled. Percy waved back. " don't encourage them nympes are bad flirters.
as I finish the tour I took him to his cabin. ' this is your kabin till your determined.' 'what does that mean 'it means till anda godly parent claims you.' as we finish his meeting with the Hermes kabin clarrise came up and I got upset and berkata " what do anda want" " I just want to meet new boy" and with that she pulled Percy into the girls bathroom. not again I berkata in my head me and annabeth ran in there to stop her.
as we went in she was just about to put his head in the toilet when it exploded an hit her in the face."just like I did to her and now it is happening again with Percy doing it.' I snapped my fingers and the other toilets exploded and hit her and her friends. the showers acted up to and joined in and pushed all them out the door." how did anda do that Percy' 'I was wondering the same thing. hei how did anda do that holly?'" special powers' I berkata as we walked out of the bathroom ' I'm thinking I want anda on my team for capture the flag."

chapter eight - we capture a flag.

that night as every one was getting ready for capture the flag I helped Percy put on his armor when annabeth showed up and berkata " holly Percy anda guys are boarder patrols.' 'okay' as she went to help get some people ready faster Chiron yelled and berkata the things he always says as every one got into positions and then the game started. for ten minit clarries shows up ready to fight when she thinks she can win but pushes me with her spear. " not this time girly' "Percy are anda okay?" " I'll be fine the water healed me some how.?" then Percy cut clarrise 's spear in half she yelled " anda stupid worm breathed idiot!" the seterusnya thing we know is Luke and our team comes with a flag.
then a low growl is heard and Chiron yells in ancient Greek which I new he berkata " stand ready! my bow!" then a hell hound jumps on Percy and me and it cut us on our chest. " Percy! Holly! get in the water both of you. Chiron watch this." as I got into the water I instantly felt better. then I herd gasping " what. look I'm s...." there was a trident over both of our heads." hail Percy Jackson and holly Bullock son and daughter of the sea god!" " w-what I'm the d-daughter of Athena how could this be possible!" the seterusnya thing I knew everyone was bowing to us.
after we got our armor off Chiron moved us to kabin three and tells us to get our stuff put up and come to the big house. when we got to the big house Mr d stood and said" I guess these two have a quest to go on to return their uncles master bolt. atau I can turn anda into a lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba instead." " what does he mean sejak return the master bolt to our uncle Zeus?" " that's what was stolen his bolt! I knew something was stolen!" Chiron told us what we had to do and we did . he berkata that if it wasn't returned sejak the summer solstice there will be war.
Chiron explained to me why I have two godly parents and that's why I have the special powers I have.