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posted by TBUGoth
Binarism, a word which here means has to be a man atau woman. For Peter Pan, this means The coloring looks like a Barbie doll & the baju is WAY too low cut, the V emphasizes Alison Willams' breasts, particularly when she's in motion, the ikan netting gives it a hint of sexuality. For Tiger Lily, it's even worse! I'm nonbinary, and I don't dress in party streamers, atau like a stripper Being that Alanna Saunders is Cherokee, this is intersectional racism, atau racism and sexism combined! The choreography for "True Blood Brothers" emphasizes the cut in the stripper outfit that goes up to her private...
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 Mary Martin
Mary Martin
"Peter Pan" was my first Broadway musical, and is one of my kegemaran Muzikal besides "The Phantom of the Opera," "Annie," and "Oliver!" When I was six my family and I went to BlockBuster and got the VHS tape of "Peter Pan" my mom had asked me "Do anda know a woman named Mary Martin played Peter Pan?" I had seen the Disney version, so a woman playing Peter was special. I liked Peter because he didn't grow up, and he could fly. I watched the Mary Martin version with my family. My Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad, and me. I LOVED it lebih than the Disney version. Though we lived out in rural New Mexico...
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