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posted by pinkbloom
Most of the memes are from season 4 of the series. So it can be a spoiler for you. If anda don't want to be spoiled, then don't read. 🤷

Now, this isn't a meme, but a quote #precious

And then comes their friendship goals

Levi, Hanje and Erwin...

I just hope Eren doesn't reject Mikasa. Can't watch Mikasa cry and it's troubling me so much that I even started Membaca Rivamika fanfictions lol.

The way things change

Okay, so we are gonna have lebih than 60 episodes (I heard its 75 tho).


Nowadays all that is going in my...
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posted by pinkbloom
Here are few of my kegemaran DS memes... (Just a Rawak collection xD)

When anda end up watching the whole thing in a day. 🙄🤦

This is so true...

They would literally never understand lol.

That one strict mom ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

After quarantine...

My dumb siblings...

Here it comes...

I can definitely hear them screaming, breathing and not to forget Nezuko's "Hmmm".

LMAO these guys... 😂

Anyone, but Nezuko!!

What Kanao actually thought about him xD

Giyu: Be the seterusnya water...
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posted by whatsupbugs
Cast members that are in both films:

Kristen loceng as Princess Anna

Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

Josh Gad as Olaf

Alan Tudyk as the Duke of Weselton (1st film), guard, soldier and tribe leader (2nd film)

Ciaran Hinds as Grand Pabbie

Cast members in the first film:

Santino Fontana as Prince Hans

Maurice LaMarche as King Agnarr

Jennifer Lee as Queen Iduna

Cast members in the saat film:

Sterling K. Brown as Lieutenant Destin Mattias

Alfred Molina as King Agnarr

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Iduna

Martha Plimpton as Yelena

Rachel Matthews as Honeymaren

Jason Ritter as Ryder

Jeremy Sisto as King Runeard
posted by Yorkshire Rose
1/2 cup vanilla frosting, divided
36 miniature semisweet Chocolate chips
12 large marshmallows
1 drop each green, red and yellow Makanan colouring, optional
1/4 cup sweetened shredded coconut
12 Chocolate wafers
12 miniature kacang, kacang tanah mentega cups
12 susu Chocolate kisses

For the face of each witch, place a dab of frosting on the bottom of three Chocolate chips; press two for eyes and one for nose onto each marshmallow.
For hair, combine green Makanan colouring and a drop of water in a small resealable plastic bag; add coconut and shake well. Spread a small amount of frosting on sides of...
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I am really glad that Netflix is adapting the live-action serious of Winx Club. This plan came into focus way back in 2011 and I guess, it will finally be able to successfully succeed in 2020. So, we are finally going to watch this - maybe a bit late this year. The officials have already laid out the casting list.

Casting -

The Winx :
Abigail Cowen as Bloom
Hannah van der Westhuysen as Stella
Elisha Applebaum as Musa
Precious Mustapha as Aisha
Sadie Soverall as Beatrix
Eliot Salt as Terra

Specialists :
Danny Griffin as Sky
Freddie Thorp as Riven

After seeing the cast, I am utterly disappointed. I still...
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We know, we were all waiting for Wow's seterusnya season. It really has been a good journey /wonderful spinoff for the franchise.

Let's look for the plot once again :
So, the Winx Club girls return to Gardenia, Bloom's hometown on Earth, where they work as a group of talent scouts on a reality Televisyen program to find children and teenagers of various talents. Behind the scenes, they try to save them from being kidnapped sejak a Talent Thief while hiding their own identities as fairies. In the first season, the Winx Club girls achieve a new level of magical transformation, which is called "Dreamix"....
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Flora is one of the most liked characters from the Winx. I am personally not against her neither do I like her. I would rate her 2/5. I will just point out my reasons why I rate her 2 out of 5 , but I repeat that - I don't hate/dislike her.

She gets one point from me cause she is sweet, calm, beautiful. Being a nature fairy, she conveys an important message to save & protect nature. Her face itself reminds me of a beautiful flower. The other point is for - she is portrayed as a tanned/dark skinned girl. We lebih likely don't get to see a dark skinned girl playing the lead in most kind of...
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posted by pinkbloom
" These Pari-pari have special powers that they use to fight evil forces. Beautiful covers that keep the attention of young girls. A great collection series that any girl would treasure."
- from a Rawak review

This book is basically enhanced version of an episode of
season 4. Not rather connected, but still can be recommended to young kids. Main theme is "adventure" and characters are well portrayed. anda can add it to your "worth reading" list. It is rather targetted for the younger/junior audience, but if anda are a peminat anda are supposed to like it. The content is not bad, so hope anda enjoy your read. The illustrations are well done and is bound to attract your attention and appreciation.
posted by pinkbloom
Winx faires are back to Alfea to celebrate Students’ Reunion, but something goes wrong… The Trix threaten the celebration and Bloom and her Friends will have to save Alfea! Girls will Cinta Membaca this picture book again and again. An original and exciting story inspired sejak the Winx Club Tv Series!

This book has got 4.71 rating out of 5 in Google reads. I don't say that it's worth it, but it has a good plot revolving around the theme "friendship" .

siarkan tarikh - 23rd December 2012
posted by pinkbloom
Faragonda shows the girls the Alfea Natural Park, which she created to welcome the last specimens of Fairy Animals. However, an evil bird of prey enters the park and abducts the last specimen of Digmole.

Faragonda is deeply concerned: as each Fairy Animal has a special talent, they need to solve the mystery of the Digmole. The girls receive the Stones of Memories to travel back in time and be able to save the Digmoles.

In the Alfea of the past, Kalshara, a fairy with dark intentions, manages to access an old hall. Crossing a Wild Magic source, she becomes a shapeshifting creature, the first step...
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A new pastry kedai has opened in Gardenia and, together with the best pastries in the world, promises to grant all the wishes of those who taste them!
But the Winx smell something fishy!
A new and exciting comic strip adventure for the most trendy Pari-pari in the Magical Universe.

According to me, this book is interesting. Especially when that Fishy part comes up, your excitement will dangle. Its a good book for young Winx fans. The drawings are good and detailed, but I wish it to be lebih magical as it did not satisfy my expectations. The storyline can be connected with Season 4.
I rate it 2.5 stars
posted by pinkbloom
The people of planet Domino celebrate the return of Princess Daphne. Daphne tries to adapt herself at having a body again and mourns over her disconnection from her powers. The Trix use the Beast of the Depths to crash the party. The Winx must find the Inspiration of Sirenix to help Daphne regain her both self-confidence and her powers. When the Winx realize that they are the Inspiration of Sirenix, they inspire Daphne into having faith in herself and she transforms and orders the Beast of the Depths to return to the seas. The party then continues.

Daphne starts teaching at Alfea College as...
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posted by pinkbloom
In the kingdom of the Oceans of Andros, Aisha's uncle, King Neptune, is planning a coronation for one of his twin sons, Nereus atau Tritannus, to become the heir. But when he chooses Nereus, he is disrupted sejak a mysterious person, who attempts to kill Nereus. After a brief fight with this person, it is revealed Tritannus, who King Neptune throws into prison.
Meanwhile, the Winx are planning a konsert at the Frutti Muzik Bar. Unfortunately, an oil rig visible from the pantai had a leak. The Winx transform and save the workers with help from the Specialists. While helping one of the workers, Sky...
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posted by pinkbloom
The Winx, who are now famously known for their heroics, must soon battle a new evil called the Wizards of the Black bulatan that are currently searching for the last fairy on Earth. In a back story a new student plays a prank on Flora and frames her friend Alice which they must also deal with.

The girls learn that the Wizards of the Black bulatan mencuri all of the magic from planet Earth, and that there is one last terrestrial fairy that they are looking for. Now, the Winx Club must use the pokok of Life in Pixie Village to travel to Earth and find that fairy—but they must first battle a monster...
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"What a tiring new challenge for the Winx!
Somebody is messing up with nightmares and the Winx can’t sleep!
The only solution seems to go in the Dream Realm and find a solution!
But they have to hurry…they feel so sleepy and can’t follow Alfea’s lessons!
Will they succeed before a new lesson will start?
Enjoy the new Winx adventures in this fairy comic and do not miss all the others!"

So, this is how the story goes

Well, according to me, it is what it is. I really loved this book when I was younger; nowadays it just seems to me to be lebih atau less a pretty basic story in a comic book format. Based on the characters from the TV series Winx Club, which follows a group of teenage Pari-pari at a magical school, the book presents some new stories in comic panels that can be read as a book, a shorter adventure for the characters.
And here we go. Bloom won in the last one. So, now it was Flora's and Aisha's turn to exchange their wadrobes. This time Bloom decided to help them out! @butterflykids and her team did a brilliant job this time. The undian were put up and the result was to be declared soon. And finally!! The result came out yesterday and guess what, Flora won! It was really very exciting to watch these contests. @butterflykids berkata she would put up lebih some of these interesting stuffs like these. So, we can all wait till then!
posted by pinkbloom
Stella's father, King Radius is throwing a princess ball for her, and he promises her a special surprise. The Trix awaken Valtor and try to escape from the Omega Dimension. Aisha must return to her realm urgently. In the b-story, Stella and another girl, Chimera, are fighting over a dress for her princess ball.

At the party, Stella's special surprise turns out to be lebih of a shock, as King Radius has announced his engagement to Countess Cassandra. Chimera also casts a spell on Stella, turning her into a monster.

The Winx arrive at the ice caves in cari of the mirror of truth. Aisha hesitantly...
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posted by pinkbloom
The Winx Club returns for their saat tahun at Alfea and encounter an exhausted fairy and her sleepy baby pixie. Bloom finds the Secret Archive - which contains Alfea's piece of the Codex.

The new fairy introduces herself as Aisha/Layla and requests the help of the Winx Club to rescue her kidnapped pixie friends. Darkar breaks the Trix out of their prison and gives them Gloomix.

In conjunction with the Specialists, Bloom, Stella and Aisha travel to the Underrealm in an attempt to rescue the pixies. Along the way, they have to battle shadow monsters and tolerate with a temporary loss of power....
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This week its Bloom and Stella's turn to switch up their wadrobes. peminat-peminat have already started commenting at @butterflykids YouTube channel. The contest is not over yet. @Butterflykids has berkata the polling will be open for almost three weeks cause both Stella and Bloom has a huge fanbase. Se is afraid that they might end up tied,but as far as the voting has been conducted Bloom is in the lead. The topic is "Dress in goth and chic". Yes! They are asked to dress in all glitter, goth and chic. Sounds cool... Doesn't it?

Stella says, "I am very excited for the final result! It doesn't matter if Bloom wins as far as I enjoy designing the clothes and menunjukkan them up on the stage. I am loving to be dressed in blue. I was tired of this sun yellow. "

"Don't worry Stella anda are already the winner of this tunjuk cause anda designed my dress too. " Bloom replys. *Smiles*

I think I will soon catch up with anda and interview @butterflykids.
posted by pinkbloom
Last tahun when , Winx club celebrated their 15th anniversary (on 28th January,2019) and to mark its remembral a contest was announced on their official website - on 1st week of November 2018

It was a hashtag contest!! peminat-peminat were asked to participate and the contest was open till 14th December,2018. Those of anda who are a member of the official website are well aware that the response was good and everyone did enjoy participating in the "hashtag" contest. They asked our imagination to run wild and from the whole loads of comments, few hashtag that i liked were - #believeinwinx, #winxforever15, #15yearsoftogethernes......

Eventually the winner was also anncounced in the official instagram handle of winxclub... The winning hashtag was - #15yearsofwinx