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posted by miss_athena
OK, so people have been complaining that in the new Percy Jackson movie, the actors are very old in comparison to the characters the movie. Yes, there are young actors that would be good to play their parts, but its not that easy to do. It is a very hard thing for young kids to be actors. First of all, it can be very strssful for them to work every day. And then comes the money issue. They are too young to be telah diberi that money legally, so it's put into the parents accounts. A lot of the time, the parents keep the money for themselves and force their kids to keep working, which is very sad. So let's just give these actors a chance, am i right?! :)
posted by XOsmileyariXO
ok!!!!! hei fanpoperzzz!! yea thats right, im talking to YOU!
Anyways, whats up with the characters? i mean i was expecting some totally different acters and actresess!dont get me wrong, logan is sooooo cute, but he looks older than he's suposed to be.
definetily NOT 12 yrs old!! i was Membaca a blog from rick riordan and he berkata that he had originally made annybeth a brunette. personally, i like her blonde. i was actually expecting grover to be black, but that guy's wayy to old! i know grover is supposed to look older than his real age, but come on! that guy looks at least 18.URGGGGGG!!! (that's...
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