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 Blue(cute, isnt he?)
Blue(cute, isnt he?)
hei guys, natasha1830 here. i always did 7minutes in heaven kuiz so i wanted to write one myself. i thought of this when i was read "pokemon diamond and pearl platinum" manga.

Story-You grew up in Pallet town with your best friend Red(frm pokemon adventures). anda and Red have been Friends since pre-school, along with your pals:Flaaffy, Vaporeon, and Beedrill(you can have other pokemon if u want). anda two always went on adventures together; battling wild pokemon and trainers; anda had collected at least 10 different kinds of pokemon(your choice of which kind).*fast ke hadapan to now*About after a week when anda and Red had saved Blue(another pokemon adventure character) from Lavender town's 'pokemon cemetery', Misty(yes, a pokemon adventure character) called anda to see if anda would like to sertai her birthday party? So of course anda berkata yes, but what to get her? A brand new dress! She'll Cinta it!
An jam later, anda had arrived to Misty's mansion where her three servants let anda in. ( _____=you) "______, anda came!" Misty called out to anda "Of course, how could i miss it."you berkata Misty smiled then went back to the meja, jadual of gifts, which were like a hundred. "OK, everyone, time to let Lady Misty open her gifts" one of her servants said. anda went up and handed her your gift. "Oh, _____! A blue satin dress, how lovely. Thank you." she berkata "Your welcome, Lady Misty" anda bowed as anda berkata this. seterusnya was...RED! He gave Misty a pair of diamond earrings. About 1hr 30 minit later it was time for games. "Does anyone have a good idea of what we should play" asked Misty "Ohhh, i know!" Red berkata "Yes, Red" "Howa 'bout 7 minit in heaven!" "Oooh, perfect" squealed Misty "But the boys get to first, is that OK?" "YEEEEEAAAAAH!" all the boys yelled. Misty told every boy to put their pokeballs in the bag with the pokemon still inside them. "_____, would anda like to go first?" she asked anda "Uh...sure, why not" anda berkata as anda put your hand in the bag, shuffling around the pokeballs. When anda took one out, anda pressed the button and out came a....Charmander! "Who's this?" anda asked. "That'll be mine" berkata a voice coming from behind you. anda turned around and saw that it was Blue. 'Blue!' anda thought. "Well, shall we go then" berkata Blue, anda nodded and headed to the closet.
-In the Closet-
Blue was standing on the other side of Misty's HUGE closet. "Hmph. How'd i even get myself into this?" berkata Blue "Hm? What was that?" anda asked "I mean, Red practically bugged me into going to Misty's party, but this?! I mean seriously!" "Well Mister-Im-too-cool-for-this, me and Red saved your butt from the 'pokemon cemetery' in Lavender town, all anda could do is play this game...." anda went on and on, until a pair of lips crashed into yours. "Shut up already, will ya" blue said, "I dont have-ta" anda berkata then gave Blue a Ciuman and put your arms around his neck while he put his arms around your waist. Before anything else could happen, a flash of light entered the closet. "Times up!" Red berkata to the both of you. anda both let go of each other and headed back to the crowd. "Had fun?" Red asked as anda two came out, "Shut up" Blue told Red, and Red snickered. Blue led anda to the sofa, kerusi panjang and sat anda on his lap. "Will anda be my girlfriend" he asked you. "Of course!" anda berkata and gave him a kiss. THE END!

seterusnya Story-You and Black frm pokemon black and white, but still going to be at Misty's party.
added by Ryuuto013
OK guys, im back with the saat 7 minit in heaven story!! Just pretend that the first one didn't happen, it's like if anda took a quiz, the jawapan would be different from each other. Now...on with the story!!

anda didn't notice that at Misty's party, Black, Dia, & Pearl were also here, besides Red & Blue! 'Well' anda thought, 'I see that Misty invited almost every boy that i used to have a crush on, but I still have a little crush on Black...' As anda were thinking, anda didn't notice that Black was approaching you. "Hiya, _____!" he said, "Oh! H-hey Bl-Black!" anda stammered out "What...
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