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misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Yeah he can"Jace said thinking "I've got some TMs but which ones ?"
Tweetie flew over a forest "Yeah this seems like a good spot"He drops the magazine and turns around "Lets go back"

"What are you guys doing ?"Chris asked
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Maybe you should teach him something useful like a status move or something that is strong against his opposite type." Dawn suggests.
Froslass stares at the magazine.
"Maybe we should rip it to pieces or something." she suggests "Cherrim won't rest until Dawn sees it, so it'll be better if we completely destroy it."

"I'm sorry, Chris, but it's a secret~" Green says.
"Anyway, do you know if Ruby and Blue are coming?" Magia asks.
"They probably are, if Ruby has stopped taking pictures or sniffing flowers..." Sapphire says.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"I'm not sure I have a tm like that in my bag"Jace said
"Well okay"Tweetie hit the magazine repeatedly with aerial ace

"Wait Sapphire, don't you Ruby's no.?" Gold asked

"So why are you hiding Sapphire's bouquet if you know I know about it"Blue asked
"It's a habit"Ruby replied
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Alright. Let's see what you have then." Dawn says and picks up Jace's bag.
"I think that's enough. You can't see the photos anymore." Froslass says looking closely at the magazine.

(i did not get gold's question XP)
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
(No. =number)
"Lets see here, I've got fly, bullet seed, solarbeam" Jace looking through his bag
"You're staring at it"Tweetie said

"Well do you have it or not?" Gold asked
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
(I know. didn't he mean "don't you have ruby's no.?" lol oh well)
"I see..." Dawn says staring at the TMs "How about Fly?" she asks.
"Well anyway. Let's go back." Froslass says as she throws the magazine away and flies ahead,

"Well..." Sapphire whispers looking at the ground "I don't really have a phone..."
"What?! What have you been doing all this time?! We HAVE to buy you a phone!" Green says.
"Wo Green! I don't have a phone because I don't want one!" Sapphire says.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"hmmm fly huh ?" Jace said "I'll have to think about it"
"Can you tell why Cherrim wanted to show Dawn the magazine?"Tweetie asked

"What about you Green ?"Red asked "Don't you have Blue's number ?"
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Pachirisu then notices Dawn's hat.
"Hey! That's Dawn's hat! Why is Jace wearing it?" he says and clims on Jace's head.
"Pachirisu, please get off his head..." Dawn says.
"Who knows. Maybe she didn't know it's natural for boys to read these kind of things and thought it's bad." Froslass replies.

"But of course silly~" Green says with a wink "I texted him before but he didn't reply. I will have to punish him" she says and calls Blue's number.
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: hey silver we should find a inn its getting late
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
Jace pets Pachirisu "I guess he really likes people's heads"
"Wow, that's dumb"Tweetie said

Blue picks up his phone
"What is it woman ?"he asked
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Pachirisu holds on Dawn's hat.
"No fair! I never got to wear it!" he yells.
"I know right? Sometimes I think me and Rupidash the only logic Pokemon there." Froslass says with an annoyed tone.

Silver looks at the sky as it was getting dark.
"Maybe you're right." he says.

"You owe me a sorry for not answering my texts mister!" Green replies.
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hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: you think the others are ok?
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"You're holding it quite tightly there Pachirisu"Jace said
"Seems like it"Tweetie said
"Stop ignoring me and fight me!!"Lloyd said

"Argh, you're so troublesome, what do you want ?"Blue asked very annoyed
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Gimme!!" Pachirisu yells trying to take it off.
"Calm down, Pachirisu. Me and Jace swapped hats for today." Dawn says.
"No way! I want it too!" Pachirisu yells.
"Leave me alone already!" Empoleon says very annoyed.

"They should. Let's not forget they're all strong." Silver says.

"Didn't I tell you? Once this thing is over you will..." Green then notice's the girl's expression and sighs "We want to know if you're on the way."
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: when will we see them?
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"He really likes hats doesn't he ?"Jace asked

"Yes we're on our way"Blue said "We would've been there sooner but Ruby wanted to do some bouquet thing for Sapphire"
"It's a Sapphire bouquet"Ruby lied
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"I don't really understand why he likes them so much..." Dawn says scraching her head.
"Cause they're cool and awesome!" Pachirisu yells.

"Well we first have to find them. They can't be far" Silver says.

Green suddenly got an angry expression.
"Ruby made a bouquet for Sapphire and you didn't get ME one?!" she shouts.
"Ruby did what?" Sapphire asks blushing.
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hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
Ataro came up and saw Pachirisu trying to take Dawn's hat
"You never give up do ?"He said getting ready to tackle him
"Oh boy"

"Thanks a lot Blue, no the surprise is gone!"Ruby said
"Why should I get you a bouquet again ?"Blue asked

"This is gold"Gold said
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie:i hear magia
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Pachirisu gets on Jace's head once he sees Ataro.
"This is Dawn's hat and I want it back." he says.
Dawn sighs and picks Pachirisu up.
"Calm down. You will get to wear my hat after we capture the legendary Pokemon, ok?" she says.
"Fine..." Pachirisu mutters.

"Which way?" Silver asks.

"Because!" Blue keeps talking unstoppably.
"This isn't going to end soon..." Chris says.
"Congrats, Sapphire! Now you know Ruby likes you!" Magia says making Sapphire blush.
"I already know it, but Ruby acts like he doesn't remember what he said..." Sapphire says looking at the ground.
"Well that's cruel." Magia says.
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hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: i dont know but it sound close by
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"You better step off punk"Ataro said walking over to Jace
Tweetie flew down and landed next to them
"Thanks Tweetie."Jace said

"I don't think it's that cruel"Red said "Ruby really does like you and I think he doesn't want to lose you, he got a bouquet so that means he really cares about and I bet he searched the entire place to make it perfect for you"

Blue put his phone down while Green was talking
"She never shuts up"he said
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Froslass sighs and flies to Dawn's Pokemon.
"Did you take it?!" Cherrim asks once she sees her.
"Nah. He totally destroyed it." Froslass replies.
"I'm going back." Rupidash says annoyed and walks to the spot.
"Right behind ya." Froslass says and follows.
"Looks like Rupidash and Froslass are back." Dawn says looking at the Pokemon as they were coming their way.
"Empoleon and Llyod too!" Pachirisu says pointing at the two penguin Pokemon.

"Alright then the others must be around too." Silver says.

Magia stares at Red surprised.
"Wow I didn't know you could talk like that!" she says impressed.
"Red is right. You shouldn't worry, Saph!" Chris says patting her back.
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hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: he its red. hey red over here!
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Yep"Jace noticing Lloyd looking angry at Empoleon "What is Lloyd doing ?"
"Fight me!!"Lloyd said

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me"Red said

"Are you done talking yet ?"Blue asked annoyed
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie over to red and said hi red
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Empoleon seems to be annoyed..." Dawn says looking at her Pokemon.
"NO!" Empoleon shouts.

"Hey Gold's there too." Silver says and walks over to them.

"No you will hear to what I have to say today!" Green yells and keeps talking.
"Is that so?" Magia asks with a curious smile.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Lloyd must be looking for a battle"Jace said
"You would fight a 3 year old bit not me ?!" Lloyd asked angrily

"Hi Gabbie"Red said
'Oh look it's Silver"Gold said

"There's no way outta this is there ?" Blue asked himself "Fine woman"he said
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Dawn giggles.
"Your Pokemon sure like to battle a lot." she says.
"That Pansage had an advantege and I wanted to test its skills. What makes you think I want to battle with a Piplup?" Empoleon asks very annoyed.

(alright i'm bored of doing silver XP it just feels weird...)

"I will only forgive you if you take me out after this thing is over." Green says.
"Hey Gabbie!" Magia says smiling.
"Hello" Chris and Sapphire say with a wave.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Yeah, they're naturally violent, except for Winston who's just lazy"Jace said
"Because you know you can't win, you're just a coward"Lloyd said

"Fine, sure, we're almost there"Blue said
"I can't for Sapphire to see this bouquet"Ruby said admiring the flowers
"Sapphire doesn't know about the bouquet does she ?"
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Don't we have to wake him up? It's getting late (let's just do a time skip =_=)." Dawn says looking at Winston.
"I once was a Piplup and I know what kind of power they have. I will only fight such opponent if my trainer says so." Empoleon says.

"She does. She's full red right now." Green says.
"I... I'm not red!!" Sapphire yells turning red.
"Yes you are..." Green says giggling.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
(Alrighty then)
"He'll sleep through the entire night"Jace said "I think we should get some rest too"
"We're not the same"Lloyd said

"Actually, I'm Red"Red said punny
"ba-dum tss"Gold added

"Great, Ruby wanted to surprise her"Blue said
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Alright." Dawn says getting her sleeping bag read "Froslass, can you tell the others to come? They have to rest too." she asks.
"Fine..." Froslass replies with a sigh and walks over to the Pokemon.
"Turn into an Empoleon and then I'll think again." Empoleon says.

Magia and Chris both smack Gold on the head.
"That felt nice!" Magia says smiling.
"I know right?" Chris smiles also.
"You were the one who told me at the first place." Green says.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Shut up, I'll beat you in this state"Lloyd said

Gold held his head
"What the hell was that for ?!"He asked

"I told you not Sapphire"Blue said
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Yeah sure you will. How many days does Jace have you?" Empoleon asks.
"Hey guys we have to get back." Froslass says flying down at Dawn's Pokemon.
"Fine..." Lopunny says and runs to the spot.
"You helped him trash it didn't you?" Cherrim asks.
""Why would I do that?" Froslass asks thinking about dinner.
"I'm gonna find out!" Cherrim says and runs ahead.
Froslass sighs and follows.

"And you still haven't seen the best part..." Magia whispers with a grin.
"Eh?" Chris asks.
"Oops! Have to go! There is a fight going on!" Green says hangs up.
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"For a week"Lloyd replied
"Are you talking about the magazine Jace keeps in his bag"Flambo asked

"Que ?"Gold asked
"When girls whisper that's never good"Red

"Finally she hung up"Blue said putting his phone in his pocket
"Hey there they are"Ruby said
"It never ends"Blue said very annoyed
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Empoleon smirks.
"I already know how strong you are then." he says.
"Yep. She's making a huge deal." Froslass replies.

Magia giggles along with Green who was standing next to her.
"It's getting late, isn't it?" she says looking at the sky.
"Yep. Let's go." Magia says and walks away.
"We'll be right back!" Green says and follows "Tell Blue to wait~"
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hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"You can't measure a Pokemon's strength by time"Lloyd said
"Why ?"Flambo asked

Gold looked worried when he saw them walking off
"Your girlfriend is very evil"Gold said
"Girlfriend ?"Red asked
"Hey guys we're here, where's the mouth ?"Blue asked
"And where's Sapphire ?" Ruby asked
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Welcome back!" Dawn says as Empoleon and Llyod had finally arrived.
"She thinks she's old enough but she's actually too young to understand" Froslass says trying to be unclear.

"I'm right here" Sapphire pops up behind Ruby's back.
"Green left along with Magia to somewhere. Not sure where, though..." Chris says also looking worried "She told you to wait."
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Hey Lloyd, what are you up to ?"Jace asked
"He wants to fight Empoleon but Empoleon refuses"Winston explained

Ruby got a fright and jumped up
"Oh there you are"he said nervously
"Well, I'm leaving"Blue said turning around
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: wait i got a ideal why dont i make a meal for everyone
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Oh now I see. Empoleon normally refuses to fight first evolutions unless I tell him." Dawn says "Hey wait. Winston is awake"
"What do we have for dinner?" Froslass asks with her tummy growling.

"Why are you so nervous?" Sapphire asks smiling.
"That would be great, Gabbie! Blue, won't you eat with us?" Chris asks.
Nojida commented…
i will have to log out. AGAIN! DX anyway i'll be back in a few hours... hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: please blue
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
"Do you think is good enough?" Magia asks Green pointing at a cake as they were looking at a shop that sells candies and stuff.
"Yeah I think we can all eat from that. We should also get a two pies." Green replies pointing at some delicious-looking pies.
"Umm..." Magia whispers with her stomach growling "Fine... By the way, Green. Where did you find all that money?" she asks.
"Let's not discuss this right now..." Green replies as she seemed to have remembered something "Anyway, let's buy these~!" she says and picks up the things they decided to take "And remember! This was your idea!"
"I know~!" Magia says smiling.
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie: i'll go shoping to pick up the stuff i need meet me in the park
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Well Lloyd is really strong in his own respect but I haven't trained him for a long time, only a week"Jace said

Ruby hangs his head
"Well since you already know, I made you this"Ruby gives Sapphire his bouquet
"Gold don't a say a word or else Chris is gonna give a new world smack"Red whispered to Gold
"You're right"Gold whispered frightened
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
gabbie left for the market place
hampir setahun yang lalu Nojida said…
Empoleon smirks.
"Well, it's getting late so we better not fight. Winston sais tomorrow the legendary Pokemon will be here." Dawn says "You don't want to be tired when that happens, do you?" she asks both Pokemon.
Empoleon replies with a nod and sits down.

Sapphire stares admirably at the bouquet.
"Wow... Thanks, Ruby... This is really kind of you..." she says blushing.
"Ok, Gabbie. We'll meet you there." Chris says and then turns to Gold "And Gold, he's right." she says as she heard them.
hampir setahun yang lalu misshedgehog said…
carrie: hey gold i might need help carrying stuff can you help
hampir setahun yang lalu vegeta007 said…
"Fine"Lloyd said and sat next to Winston
"Winston , you've been awake this whole time ?"Jace asked and Winston pretended to be sleep "Wow"

Gold went pale with fear
Ruby blushed and looked away
"Yeah, you know lots of flowers, bouquets for people and stuff"Ruby said
"Then where's ours ?" Red asked