Pokémon This RP Shall Be lebih Than Ordinary!

DragonAura15 posted on Oct 27, 2014 at 11:47PM
Journeys, battles, Pokemon to be caught and stories to be made... Today, we enter, or re-enter, the Pokemon world, where new adventures are coming to life!
(Let me know which Region you think this should take place in!)
Yeah, it's kind of a generic start to an RP, but I've seen what awesomeness these types of RPs can become!

Keep swearing to a minimum please.
No killing of others' characters (unless they say okay XP)
Please no mature romance (or just censor it out). However, mild romance is alright, and shipping, of course. XD
Feel free to incorporate any outside media into this RP. (I'd be a hypocrite not to allow this.) Just be sure to keep it subtle, so it doesn't change the course of the RP.
Feel free to input any creative ideas you may have. (In fact, I encourage it!)
Have fun!

Character Sheet:

Pokémon Team:
Anything else?:

Pokémon 161 balas

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