powerpuff girls Z can somebody out there please help me pick a color for my own ppgz character? I will really appreciate it!

bubblybubbles posted on Aug 05, 2013 at 05:54AM
Ok so I have decided to give my own character red hair like Blossom but all the good colors are taken either by the ppgz girls or a fan that made there own character. So I am asking you to help me here please so here is a list of the pretty colors taken:
All shades of the color blue( including turquoise,teal,cyan,ect.)
All shades of pink
All shades of green
All shades of yellow
All shades of white
All shadesoif black
All shades of orange
All shades of purple(including violet)
All shades of blue(including indigo)
All shades of grey
All shades of red
All shades of brown
So there are all the pretty colors taken.Its really hard to find the right color so please pretty please can you help me? Thanks!(oh and don't pick an ugly color please sorry not trying to be picky ^_^
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hampir setahun yang lalu meloblossom said…
Blue-green? I think that was taken... I don't know.
bubblybubbles commented…
@meloblossom thanks hampir setahun yang lalu