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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"Buttercup!" Bubbles cried out. "Why would anda let yourself be captured?"
"I'm sorry. I just want anda and Blossom safe." I passed out. When I woke up, I was chained to a table. Him noticed that I was awake.
"Good afternoon, my little niece." he berkata slyly to me.
"I told anda not to call me that, Him. And where am I?"
"In my secret lair, where I plan all of my amazing schemes!"
"I don't care about your plans, I just wanted to know where I am!" He started to unchain me. Thank goodness! Maybe he's going to let me go!
"Maybe this will stop your rudeness." Then he stopped.
"Why do anda want me, Him?" That was a dumb soalan sejak the ADHD kid, me. Then he told me the reason, which was weird. I mean the answer, not that he answered. Out of nowhere, an electricity beam zapped Him, making him unconcious. The person came out of his hiding place. "Butch?!"
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ep 1
posted by KaoruBlackstone
Hey, the green girl is back! sejak the way, in the komen box, please tell me what Butch said! I hate secrets. Ok, now for the story. Today is Sunday, sadly. I was walking in the park when I heard Brick, and since I was in hero form; I hid in the bushes. I tried to contact Butch, but he didn't answer, so I decided to eavesdrop on Brick. Maybe I can figure out if we turn him good. That would mean that my dream of everyone getting along will come true. I am the sumber of good after all.
"Oh, yeah! I'm gonna be a hit-man for Halloween! All princesses beware! I haunt everyone!" He chanted. Man!...
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posted by buttercup_kaoru
 Mojo:Cause I brought some thing utama for u three to learn when u go to school to be nice to little kids so i brought some utama for u three to watch while I am gone for today.*He emptys the bag and it had the powerpuff girls inside!!
Mojo:Cause I brought some thing home for u three to learn when u go to school to be nice to little kids so i brought some home for u three to watch while I am gone for today.*He emptys the bag and it had the powerpuff girls inside!!
(At the rowdyruff home)
Brick:But dad y do we have to go to school on monday?That is the hari I destroy New Townsville.
Mojo:Because u three r no use to me so u should learn and go to school and be normal people that have super powers.
Boomer:But we hate school and y do we not go to school today?
Brick:Boomer shut up!!!
Mojo:Because it is Saturday and today u have no school.
Butch:So we do get some breacks away from school?Well it is better then everyday in a week.
Mojo:Now,I am off to a super villian meeting.
Rowdyruff boys:Can we come?
Mojo:U boys r not that evil.U three do not even fight those powerpuff...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
I woke up to find Chiyeko on my arm, sleeping. I kept my window open last night; which was a good thing. It was dark outside, so I didn't have to get up yet. After a half hour, Chiyeko woke up. "So, aren't anda a sleepy spider!" I said.
"Morning, Kaoru. So, are anda going to school today?" she asked.
"Yeah. Do anda want to come with me today, Chiyeko? My class is preparing the decorations for the school dance today. I guess that you'd like to do something like that. Maybe anda can meet my friends."
She liked the idea and came with me to school. As I walked in, Miyako, Katsou, Minoru, Momoko,...
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OH yah!!! Nana Kitade - Kibou no Kakera
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
Hey, Kaoru is letting me talk this time. And no, I'm not Katsou; I am Miyako. I think I annoyed Kaoru on accident sejak squealing too loud. I can't wait for Takaaki to come out of the hospital. Then I can try to make him Friends with my friends. I am flying utama to eat makan malam, majlis makan malam when Blue Bubbler came up to me.
"Oh, hei Blue Bubbler. I haven't seen anda since after school today. How are you?"
"Oh, I am fine. I just came here to give anda something." He holds out a kalung and a stuffed bunny toy. But the strange part is that I never told him that I like bunnies atau necklaces with blue quartz for...
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