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posted by RayRaycutie
okay so busy alot n my mom iz takn time off my computer time n lik....SCHOOOL iz gttng on my nerves n if u guys cnt read this, sorry its early n i cnt type rite now!!! oksy??? so the stry!!!!

india-U DID WAT????
ray-HE DID WAT?????
tasha-who did wat?????
prod-*oming up 2 us* hei guys
me-hey told me...about...u 2...n im sorry 4 the way he's been actng but he just HATES it wen ppl call him afro puff
me-smh wouldve been nice 2 kno!!!!!!
prod-*just laughs*
roc-so hungry yall wnna get sum FOOOD????
dee-dang!!!!! yo greedy self lego thn!!!!
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Jenna felt bad about yesterday so she got up extra early to make breakfest
he walked downstairs and looked at her crazy.
jenna:hey bae i made u some breakfest
prince:uhhh.....thxs but i dont want any of that nasty Makanan it dont even look cooked!
jenna:im soryy....i...i
prince:O_o look i gotta go bye
jenna:i luv yo-before she could finish he walked out the door

Where prince is

Prince:hey babbby
Beauty:wassup ive been waitin for u
prince:sorry girlfriend business
beauty:hold tf up u got a girlfriend and u had sex wit me oh hell nawhl!
prince:bae calm down i dont even Cinta her she nothin why tf...
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posted by avanzant12
Each of them gave a little smurk . Then me and the girls went up stair chang into our sleep clothes . I had merah jambu and purple short set .The other had shorts tees .so we cam back dwn stair and sat between the legs that we sat sejak in the moves. We was watch Cinta and basket ball. I told Princeton I was get hungry so cme in the kicth with me. He berkata " okay " .( so we got up went into the kicth) . He berkata " wat anda want ". I berkata "you ,he berkata me " I berkata yea." anda baby." we'll he berkata what anda want me two do ?. I berkata hold me in your arm and Ciuman me own my neck and go own down.". So he grab me by...
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posted by RayRaycutie
okay so lik...i waz NOT feelin LMR so im Penulisan a new Story ;) hope u guyz lik!!!!!

5th grade
My pov
im Brazil n im in 5th grade (hurray!!!!...NOT!!!) im short 4 my age but still...dnt hate on me plz n dnt pick on me. i can still fight! my bff iz a guy. his name iz Jacobe Perez. he's goofy (a nerd) n iz fun 2 be around. n he liks 2 tackle ppl. (dnt ask) he's a blexican 2 (gross) i only lik him cuz he's smart lik me. n he's (i admitt) *small voice* a good friend *back 2 normal* so um...yeah. ths is my life. Friends 4evr rite?! i hope so! its not easy being Friends with a guy cuz u start...
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posted by RayRaycutie
at my house
*i put on ths super cute short black skirt with ripped leggins a green tank n white stilettos n was on my way 2 princeton's house*

at his house
the place was jammed packed!!!!! i couldnt evn move!!!! atau blink!!! but i decided 2 sit on the back patio where the pool iz n ppl already gttng wet

prince-hey victoria
prince-*sits beside me* u hvng fun yet
me-idk. ive nvr been 2 a party b4 n its weird 4 me cuz idk any of the ppl here!
prince-thts the most ive heard u say in a whole day
me-*laughs*but yeah i guess i am
prince-i wnna introduce u 2 sum ppl
prince-come on i promise...
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posted by RayRaycutie
in the classroom
teacher-class, we hav a new student here n her name is...*looks 2 me 4 help*
teacher-VICTORIA!!!! if any of u hav anythng 2 ask her just ask
a bunch of kids raise their hands. oh God.
me-u *points 2 guy in red elmo shirt*
guy-yeah um wat do u do 4 ur freetime?
me-write, draw, read, listen 2 Muzik atau get on my laptop
me-*points 2 girl with orange top*
girl-yeah wats ur last name?
me-Malachi (muh lock eeeee)
me-*points 2 anthr girl*
girl-um...ur fav color?
me-*rolls eyes n points 2 guy with blue*
guy-u berkata u lik 2 write right?
me-*nods head*
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victoria's pov
ugg! y did we hav 2 move?! i was fine in Flordia!!! my parents must h8 me!!! i h8 l.a!!!! i dnt get y ppl say ths place is amazing but its NOT!!!

walkng around tryng 2 get 2 knw the place, i find ths smoothie, bermulut manis kedai tht kids hang out at so i go in
me-*orders a papiya smoothie, bermulut manis n sits dwn*
???-ewwww! wat r u?!
me-*i speak really low because im a shy girl* a human being u?
???-watevr trick! im Vanessa n u DONT wnna mess with me! atau i will MESS. U. UP!!!
me-good 2 knw
vanessa-*takes my drink n thrws it on me* lmao! now she looks lik trash!!!!
evrybdy in the place-*laughs hysterically*
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posted by RayRaycutie
Vickie's pov
i dnt wnna go 2 school!!!!! EVRYBDY hates me!!! nobdy likes me!!! i dnt evn hav a freind!!! evn the geek club hates me!!!! uggggg!!!! i hate myself!!!

thy keep fighting

my mom n dad r always fightng n the house is in mom's name but dad pays the bill 4 child support

me-bye guys im going 2 school
mom-okay sweetheart bye!
dad-bye i sweetie i luv u!
mom-i luv her more
dad-no i do!
thy get in2 it so i leave n catch the bus

uggg the bus! i can nvr find a kerusi, tempat duduk buy i see ths...
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posted by avanzant12
Last we left off princeton was getting bck frm rehersal and i was happy to see hym.skip tyme now i am 7 months and the bck pain is kill me !!!!!

Mhe baby my bck hurt and i wants sme ice creams and pickels and mms

Jacob that nasty combonation anda wanna do that 2 ur inside baby
Mhe just go get it for i slap ur balls and shove them in the dirty okay .:-)love anda babe.
Jacob okay baby dnt kill me blew me a kiss
Mhe lawd this baby off my is really giving me the blues
Jacob looking for the pickles and mms and ice cream then he found my favor ice cream cook in cream and got me...
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posted by Princetonlove01
on the bus
Princeton’s POV
We all watched twilight n jawan bria jacob n latrice left but they were coming when we come back from our konsert tomorrow.

I was the first one awake then I looked to Mya’s side of the katil n she wasn’t there then I herd talking n laughing coming from the living room (gets out of katil n goes into the living room)

Me:good morning
mya:we were planning on waking anda up in a special way but we could not be bothered so we left anda to sleep
Me:Yeah real nice
Mya:so what’s happening today ?
Me:Keisha berkata we have last minit rehearsals and...
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posted by awesomegirl101
At school that day........
The loceng had rang which meant school was out.
Mia was waiting sejak the gym for prodigy.
Prod was coming down the hallway.
He ran into Mia's arms.
" hei boo. What did your parents say???" Greeted prodigy
Mia looked down at the floor.
She held onto prods hand tightly.
" my mom really liked you. My dad.... berkata anda were a bad influence and he doesn't want us to keep seeing each other..."
" wahhhhhhhh!?????"
" it's ok prod my dads goin on a business trip for a bulan we can stay together." She assured him
" what about when he comes back?" Asked prodigy
" look I really Cinta anda prodigy...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
This is about a girl who has 3 sisters that she loves to death. There names are Alana, Toria, and Radri. The main girl of the story is Yahnna. She is a quiet and shy girl who thinks she doesnt deserve anything espiecially what happened last summer with her boyfriend and ever since then she hasnt spoken to a boy atau even dated them........ but can one boy change that?? Find out lebih in Two Different Lifes!

TBC hope yall like what its about!! ADD ME IF IM NOT A peminat AND ILL ADD anda BACK GIVE ME pujian AND PLZZZ komen AND RATE Cinta YALL AND HOPE YALL ENJOY AND SORRY THERE WONT BE A PART 10 TO MY ray ray Cinta STORIES!!!
Roc:ok I'll tell her bye mom
Mom:bye baby
Roc:Kendra mom berkata she not mad ok
Kendra:ok who want to go see my sister Ana
Prod:not me last time she kissed me
Mya:me neither she kissed my prod-kitty
Kendra:awwwwww anda called him prod-kitty
Mya:be quiet
Kendra:ok so who want to come with me
Alley:me 2
Janiya:yea I want to come with rocky boo
Kendra:prod if anda dont I'll kill anda
Prod:fine mya stay here and watch Bree
Mya:ok baby bye
At my sister house
Ana:hey everybody
Ana:prince can I talk to you
In ana room
Ana:prince I like you
Ana:(kissing prince) Iove you
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posted by Princetonlove01
And the couples live happily i know the secrect did't

come to mya about paige and prince Ciuman which i am still mad about that but this chapter have to end another story another hari but should i write one
about diggy atau get going with princeton idk i think i wanna try sumthin new atau should i do sumthin again with the omg girls idk it is all
qustions and jawapan again but ima let yall choose im am doing my Friends in this story and 1 special peminat but i will be starting the chapter today but Cinta kisses and wish anda the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TACOS TACOS PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV anda X5
 Annas uniform
Annas uniform

Anna:im gonna go over to hot dog hut to see if i can get a job there
Shaniah:ok ill check the milkshake shack
Anna:ok see ya later

Hotdog hut..........
Anna:um hei where are y'all manager
Employee:oh just go to the back and knock on the door
Employee: no problem

She goes to the back and knocks on the door

Manager:come in
Anna:hi my name is Anna and I would like a job...
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posted by LA_Griffin
The seterusnya day:
::LA's POV::
Okay,It's morning(I'm surprised I woke up this early,cause anda know.)And I went to the kitchen,and sat at the counter.Jenet- Hey,lil cuz.You know for a dark-skinned person,you're glowing. LA-I am? Mya-Yes.Then Jacob came in but I didn't notice him.Jacob-Well I would always Cinta to see my wifey happy.LA-Oh hei Papi,and wifey? Jacob-Oh so anda don't want us to get married? LA-Maybe I do,maybe I don't.Jacob-you tryna be funny? LA-You know me so well.Jacob-(playfully rolls eyes and comes to Ciuman me.)Then he went over to get some coffee.Jenet-(whisper)LA,what happen yesterday?...
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At the resturant...

Me: What meja, jadual should we go sit at
Prince: uh well we need a meja, jadual for six
Me: Um actually can we get a meja, jadual for seven im going to invite my friend autumn
Prince: Ok
Waitress: How many
Prince: Seven pls, one of our Friends is on their way,i think
She led us to the meja, jadual and gave us menu's
I went outside and called autumn
Me: Hello
Autumn: hay leah what's up
Me: Just at a resturant with some friends, do anda wanna come
Autumn: Um I don't know
Me: Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I really want anda to meet them
Autumn: Why?
Me: I just do ok
Autumn: Ok i'll be there in a minute, where is the resturant
Me: I'll...
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''These my little Bayi if anda mess with them anda gotta go through me.''Keke berkata as she was filming everything that was going on while they were on the tour bus.''There go Roc and Jenna over there whispering and talking again.'' As Princeton walked out the back room he saw what Jenna and Roc were doing and he grabbed Jenna and took her to the back room and closed the door. ''What are anda doing?'' Nothing,we were just talking then anda just saw us and had a fit. ''Why wouldn't I anda were on Roc's lap talking and whispering.''So whats the problem?'' Your my little sister and anda are only 14 and anda are sitting on a 15 tahun old's lap. ''Look bro your not the boss of me I do what i want when i want.'' Then Jenna left the room leaving Princeton there alone and shocked.
posted by Princetonlove01
its been a week since Lakinda and Adam have been Friends with benefits. They don’t “do it” atau anything they just hug and Ciuman and stuff. she has made the decision to tell everyone about Adam so she brought him along when she went back home.
They made it to the house and are waiting in Adam’s car (he can drive) in the driveway.
Adam: u ready? U look nervous.
L: as ready as I’ll ever be.
Adam: u want me to go in with u atau stay out here?
L: uh.. stay out here. I’ll text u when I want anda to come in.
Adam: alright good luck.
they Ciuman and she gets out the car and walks over to the front...
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A few minit later josh came in and took me utama and i was feeling alot better but whenever i touch my face it hurts so i try and cover my face as much as i can

The seterusnya hari ray ray came over and we were just hanging out then he berkata “do anda wanna come over to the house“
Me:    Um im not sure about that
Ray: It's ok we will be the only ones there they've gone to some MB foto shoot
Me: dont anda have to go
Ray: well yeah but i would rather take care of my baby
Me: noooo i don't want to get in the way of any important MB stuff
Ray: your not i chose to batal it , i'll do it...
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