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 Members Of Princeton, from Krismas with my girl!!!! ;) : { ) :)
I hope anda Cinta this picture & please put komen-komen & please no bad komen-komen & thank anda & have a nice day!!!!!!
Mindless Behavior
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At school that day........
The loceng had rang which meant school was out.
Mia was waiting sejak the gym for prodigy.
Prod was coming down the hallway.
He ran into Mia's arms.
" hei boo. What did your parents say???" Greeted prodigy
Mia looked down at the floor.
She held onto prods hand tightly.
" my mom really liked you. My dad.... berkata anda were a bad influence and he doesn't want us to keep seeing each other..."
" wahhhhhhhh!?????"
" it's ok prod my dads goin on a business trip for a bulan we can stay together." She assured him
" what about when he comes back?" Asked prodigy
" look I really Cinta anda prodigy...
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Keke:so let me call diggy

Keke:hey boo
Diggy:hey babe I miss you
Keke:yea I miss anda to
Diggy:so your parents cool with us
Keke: uhhhhhh no
Diggy:so what are we gonna do
Keke:don't worry bout it I got it
Diggy:ok I Cinta you
Keke:I Cinta anda too so where are you
Diggy:hanging out with friends
Keke:which friends
Diggy:prod roc ray and prince
Keke:how come u never make me meet them
Diggy:cuz when they got time anda busy and when anda got time they busy
Keke:ok so where are you
Diggy:I'm at the tour bus with them but don't come it's only guys hanging out
Keke:ok Cinta anda baby
Diggy:I Cinta anda too

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(your at the recording studio)

Mia: Great Job! Now anda have a photo-shoot for your album cover

(BTW Mia is mya manager)

M: okay cool ! 1 saat my phone is ringing (you answer it)
P=Paige M=You Phone convo
P=hey it’s Paige
M=oh hei whassup ?
P=nun do anda wanna come shopping with Lydia jamilah n me ?
M=bummer I got a Photo-shoot
P=Can me n the girls come PLEASEEE?
M: Mia can my Friends come to the photo-shoot ?
Mia: how many?
M: 3
Mia: okay
M=yeah anda guys can come
P=okay meet anda at 10
M=at diamonds bye

(END Of Phone Convo)

(at Diamonds)

(mya took about a zillion pictures and...
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 MB outfit for daii
MB outfit for daii

Me: get up atau get watered
Jazzy: im up
Tyti: me too
Me: sis
She was knocked out
I went and poured cold water
Sis: Sh_t why yu did tht
Me: thts it im tried of yur dirty mouth come on
I pulled her into the bathroom
Me: soap in yur mouth for 2 minutes
Sis: watt
Me: want to add 2 lebih
Sis: noo
She picked up a piece of soap and put it in her mouth
Me: thts called washing a dirty mouth bet yu wont cus no more
She gave me the evil stare
Me: i don't care bout tht look yu made the choice and know yu made the choice yu suffer the consequences
Me: im goin to check outside the door right...
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Waiter: meja, jadual for 9
Me: yes please
Waiter: right this way
We followed the waiter to a nice fancy big meja, jadual for 9
Me: wow
Princeton: yea
Waiter: May i take yur order of drinks
Tyti: spirit
Me: lemonade
Princeton: lemonade
Roc: high c
Sis: mountain dew
RayRay: finta orange kind plz
Jazzy: high c
Charlie: water
Prodigy: red finta please
Waiter: alright 2 air limau 2 high c 1 water mountain dew 2 finta orange and red and 1 spirt
Roc: right
Waiter: it'll be here in bout 7 minit OK
Us: alright
RayRay: lets take pics the booth is ova there
We got up and went to the booth the photographer...
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