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If anda are looking to buy a puppy, and anda don't know which kind is right for you, then anda should read this article, atau even if anda arn't, anda should still read it.
If anda want a small dog, here are some breeds anda may want to consiter:

* beagle (I have one they are so cute and Cinta people)

* King Charles Cavaliere

* chihuahua

*Russel terrier

* pomeranian

* papilon

* miniature pinscher

* Dachshund

* poodle

* Bichon Frise

* Corgi

* Puli

* Pug

* lembu, lembu jantan Dog

* Pekingese

* Japanese Chin

* Basset Hound

* Cocker Spaniel

These are some Bigger dogs:

* Samoyed

* Mixed Breed (Mutt)

* afghan Hound

* Husky

* Wirehaired fox Terrier

* Dalmation

* Golden Retriever

* Shar-pei

* German Shepherd

* Blood Hound

* Labrador Retriever

* Rottweiler

* Old english Sheepdog

* Boxer