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Ratu Elizabeth II In your own opinion, which of those 3 Princes should succeed Queen Elizabeth II on a takhta of England?

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Putera William
Prince Charles
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Prince Harry
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 BJsRealm posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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BJsRealm picked Putera William:
Indeed, God save the Queen & long may she reign! Sadly, someday our beloved Queen would to leave us.Then England would get a King instead. We would have to change the lyrics of our national anthem once again to God save the King! What King? Now, that's a question for YOU! Who would you like to see on a throne of England sometimes in the future? My choice is most definitely Prince William, of course. He is everyone's favourite! The whole of England simply adores him, myself included. Naturally, that would make our gracious & loveable Duchess Kate our new Queen! Who is your favourite Prince? Now it's YOUR time to decide who would you like to see as a new King of England. Hopefully, our Queen would stay with us for many years to come. However, someday we will certainly have a King once more! The question is who should it be? I deliberately left out Prince George for he is too young to reign our glorious country right now, as well in the near future. Of course, he would become the new King of England in a more distant future. P.S. There is no option available for you to add another choice. Otherwise, I may as well choose Prince Arthur from Merlin on BBC for our new King 'cause I'm a huge fan of Prince Arthur myself! So, God save the Queen today & God save the King in the future!
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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