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"If Twilite Sparkle is a princess just because she has wings and a horn am I a princess?", asked TRicky.
"I really don't know. Your not very good with magic.", replied TRicky's mate, Lucky.
"Yeah, I'm not am I? I think I should get magic lessons. Maybe Princess Celestia could teach me, in fact I'll go right now."
TRicky was born an alicorn. Her mother abandoned her in a bunga field when she was a filly. No kuda, kuda kecil knew who her mother was because in the dark of night TRicky's mother left her in the field.
So she started on to Canterlot. TRicky was excited she knew that Princess Celestia, in the goodness of her heart, would agree to give her magic lessons.
When TRicky got to the istana, castle Princess Celestia was currently Penulisan a letter to Twilite Sparkle.