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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Raiden nodded at Gideon giving him a non verbal no problem. Raiden, when he covered his mouth with his collar, was constantly swarmed by girls until he zipped his collar down and showed his scars, which made them scream. People weren't exactly accepting of his physical damage. He looked over at Louisa before sighing quietly. How could one woman be so graceful?..

Louisa was snapped out of her thoughts when her friend poked her. "Oh..Annelise.." She said quietly, looking up. "It's well...I'm just thinking of things, that is all. No need to worry, it's nothing of any importance." She looked over at Annelise. "Are you okay? You have this worried look. Are you worried about me again? Because honestly, I'm fine." Louisa said, trying to make it seem like she didn't have a problem.

Remi sighed a bit. Virgil had closed himself away from Louisa long ago, and now it was his own mother he finally had enough of. "I guess he can only relate to me because we've both experienced loss..." She said, thinking back to the night Tiras had died. "Oh right! My classes!" She looked extremely surprised. "You're right, I'm sorry mother!" She said before grabbing her bad and running out the door towards the school. If she was lucky, she'd still have time to eat lunch.

Valeryia chuckled a bit. "Yeah, we wouldn't hurt a fly." Her expression became very dark. "Unless that fly is trying to touch Eadlyn. It would die, brutally." She said darkly before her expression became cheerful again.

Mei shivered. It had suddenly gotten very cold in the room. Was this a result of Valeryia? "T-That's lovely..." She said with a shiver.

Iris looked over at Lizana and smiled. "Why yes, they are. I was deciding whether to do classical or modern, and I decided to go modern. The Da Vinci code is what it's called. I presume you have heard of it?" Iris asked with a raised eyebrow. "Actually, why don't you come to my room with me? I prepared a pot of tea for me and my daughter, and we surely won't finish it in one day." She said with a smile.

Seth's jaw dropped. How was his mother so good with her but he wasn't!? His mom was the most unlikable person in the world! And so was his sister!

Eva came up from behind her mother, holding some books as well. "Yeah, we'd love to have you in with us. I've wanted to honestly talk to you for some time but..well, I'm rather shy." She said with a smile.

Ivanka sighed. "I had to be harsh but....he'll never learn unless I get serious with him..." She said with a sigh as they walked home. "You're not mad at me..are you?" Ivanka asked with her lip quivering.

Gilford blushed a little bit. Ichirou was giving him the googly eyes. Ichirou knew he was a guy...hopefully. "Hey.." He said quietly. Ichirou was kinda cute. Not that he liked guys. Well, he kinda did. But he liked girls more. God what was he saying! "Uh, sorry about earlier. I was having an explosion." He said in his defense.

Akiro patted Ichirou's back. "I'll leave you two alone. Make a new friend, alright? For me." He said before getting back up and running into Moira again. He now had her lunch spilled all over his jacket. A piece of chicken had fallen down his shirt and was now burning his body. He bit his lip before smiling at her. "I guess fate had us run into each-other again." He said as he pulled the burning slab of fowl out of his shirt.

Joseph stroked the back of her head and smiled. "Hey it's alright...." He kissed her deeply before pulling away. "Just make sure to get that magnificent bottom ready for me." He said as he rubbed her behind.

Belial slammed his hands on the table. "Good! And don't have it be some cheapo dinner too! She deserves the best!" He said, getting a little too into the idea of his daughters first date.

Hei groaned. "Ahhh! I will, I will!" He unleashed his kagune and started to tickle Kierra with it. "Bwahahahahaha!" He laughed madly like his father before putting his kagune away. He smiled a bit before sighing. "We've been married for twenty years...and we are still the same people." He said with a grin. "I'm glad. I wouldn't want us any either way." He said before kissing her cheek again.

Akira smiled. "Yes little child, we are.." She looked over to Sora's room. "Get up!" She yelled at Sora before rubbing Yumi's head. "I know it's mainly going to be a lot of work for us out there, with us you know...doing our mission, but trust me, after we complete it you can do all you want." She took a pill out of her pocket. "Don't forget to take your pill." She said. Ah yes, the pill is what kept Yumi alive.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Gideon continoud to eat his food in complete silence. He wasn't the talkactive type of guy. Honestly, he prefered to be completely left alone but since he grew up with 6 brothers that has always been hard. He had hoped for some peace and rest in town but it was only buzier and more people tried to tall to him for some reasons he did not understand completely

Annelise frowned a bit, kinda not believing her friends words. But hetly, if Louisa said she was fine then she would not change it. "Okay. But tell me when something is bothering you. Please?" She asked with a soft caring smile. Yes Louisa always watched after her but she watched after Louisa as well.

Felicia smiles softly as Remi runs out to her classes but then sighs as she lwans more against Kane. She was so tired of this all. Why couldn't Virgil just see how much she was trying to male it right... though she guessed nothing could ever make this all right again. She had the feeling... "I'm a bad mother..."

Kane immediatly shook his head and held her closer to him. "No you are not. You are an amazing mother who would give up everything for her children..." he tried to soothe her though he knew she wouldn't believe him.

Eadlyn shivered as wel before playfully punching Valeryia's shoulder. "Stop making the air so freezingly cold." She said with a slight pout. She loved her friend but hated the coldness she could give off.

Lizana smiled and gathers up the book she was reading in her arms before standing up. "Yes I know that book and I would love to join you both for some tea. Oh, and don't be shy. You can talk to me as long as you don't try to do something some would see as flirting and some would see as idiotic." She comments talking about Seth.

Renald smiled softly at his wife before caressing her cheek and giving her a soft kiss. "Ofcourse I am not mad at you. You did the right thing. Though you might want to start actual lessons with him about keeping his powers in control. Oh, and keeping his temper under control." He suggests.

"I-It's okay." Ichirou said with a forced nervous smile but then his eyes widened as his friend suddenly decided to leave. Wait! No! Come back! He could NOT handle this situation on his own! Akiro you bastard! Quikly he focuses back on his lunch while trying not to look too panicked. What do people who don't know eachother talk about... "N-nice weather, huh?" Stupid!

Moira yelped in suprise as she once again bumped into someone. Well, not just someone. The exact same person as before. Geez, her head was really somewhere else today. She just couldn't concentrate. Her head and ears were hurting. And not to forget she was rather homesick. "A-Apologies!" She said before kneeling down to clean up the mess on the ground. This was embarresing. She's a princess for crying out loud and now she couldn't even stop herself from bumping into someone.

Fatline softly bit her lip and giggles as he rubs her. "Even after so long you still can't get enough of me..." She looks at the clock before quikly walking over to the door and locking it. "They won't notice me being gone for a couple of minutes." She says with a grin before she puts the blankets off of the table and sitting down on the table herself. Seductively she opens her legs as she motions him over.

Rex sighed and puts his hands up in surrender. "Fine! I'll make sure to give her a good time." Wait... wasn't the plan for it to be a horrible date do she would quiet stalking him?.... this just could not go good.

Kierra laughed happily as he tickled her, slapping his kagune away so she wouldn't get tickled. Luckily he stopped quikly. She blushed softly at his words before wrapping her arms around his waist. "I am so glad about that as well. You truly have made me happy all these years." She says honestly before kissing him.

Sora yelled back his 'Fine!' which made Yumi giggle and roll her eyes. They were just as bad of morning persons as she was. She took the pill before shrugging. "Work is fine. As long as I get to be out of here." How much she craved for sunlight to kiss her skin again. Or to run in the pouring rain. Really, people took those thibgs for granted. She would do anything for those little pieces of freedom.
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hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Raiden sat next to Gideon, giving back the same exact silence. He bit into his sandwich, quietly eating. He didn't like to talk too much either. He was anti social and self concious. After all, he was hideous. Who wanted to hear the words of someone who looked like their face had had a cheese grater taken to it.

Louisa smiled at Annelise. "Yes Annelise, I will." She said calmly before finishing her food. "Handle it." She said while pointing to her garbage and looking at Raiden. He stopped what he was doing to get up and throw away her trash before sitting back down to continue eating his sandwich.

Valeryia smiled and suddenly the air became warm again. "Oh my, did I do that?" She said with a sly smile before laughing a little bit.

Mei shivered before creating some fire in the palm of her hands. "Ah...nice and toasty..." She said with a smile as she warmed herself. It still felt cold to her. She clearly wasn't used to being around any member of Ivanka's family.

Iris sighed. "He does it with everybody. He doesn't know how to control himself, so don't judge him too badly. Now come." She said as she led Eva and Lizana to her classroom. She got the pot of tea and poured some in cups for the three of them before pulling two chairs for the girls up before sitting down in her own chair. She picked up her tea and smiled before sipping it. "My mother used to always make this tea for me when I was younger. It's good, right?" She asked with a smile.

"Of course mother." Eva said as she sipped her tea. She looked over at Lizana and smiled. "My name is Eva Romanov, what's yours?" She asked with a smile on her face.

Ivanka sighed. "I know. As much as I don't want him to even use his powers, I know." She said, knowing the first thing that Gilford would probably do would be to join the army, which she didn't want at all. "And I'll try to work on his temper, although I don't know if even I could help." She said with a sigh.

Gilford raised his eyebrow. Nice weather? Who says that anymore? "It's uhm...yes, it's nice." He said, looking at it. It was cloudy! No it wasn't! Dammit! "Uh...hehehehe...what's your name?" He asked, trying to get something. "I'm uh, Gilford, Gilford Silvius." Gilford? That was a guys name. But Gilford looked foreign and he had a weird sounding european accent. It could be a girls name in his country.

Akiro raised his eyebrows and hands while chuckling. "Hey hey calm down, no need to be so formal." He grabbed a paper towel and wiped the food off of it. "Seriously, chill. The drill instructors will eat you alive if you aren't calm." He said before getting in line to get Moira a new tray of food. "I'll get you some more food, just wait there."

Joseph grinned a bit. "Oh naughty.." He said as he pulled his member out of his pants. He reached his hands over and pulled her panties down before giving her a deep kiss. He teased her a bit with his tip, rubbing it against her as they deeply kissed.

Belial nodded his head. "Good!" He said before getting up. "Let's go get some food Cecilia." He said before opening the door and walking towards the cafeteria. God, Belial was in a very demanding mood today.

Hei kissed Kierra back, running his fingers through her hair with a smile. "You've made me the happiest ghoul in the universe." He said before poking her sides with his kagune again. "You and our little miracle." He said, referring to Ichirou. He called him that because up until his birth, he had thought it was impossible for Kierra and him to have children.

Akira laughed before rubbing Yumi's head. "Good girl. Now make some breakfast for mommy, okay?" She said before going back to bedroom. "Aha!" She yelled before shutting the door. "Don't you dare move those up any further!" She said as she pointed her finger at his underwear, which was sliding up to be put on. She rushed over to him and slapped his member. "Do you remember the rule of the bedroom? That it doesn't get put away until I say so?" She said before rubbing it until it got hard. "I want you to fill my mouth full of your children. You think you can follow me on that one?" She asked with a grin before putting her mouth over his member and taking him deep in the throat, leaving no area exposed before she started to bop her head up and down on it. Through the many years that had passed, Akira had became EVEN MORE sexually hungry.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Gideon raises one eye brow as Louisa ordered Raiden around. Ah, so that is how it is. He was that woman's running slave. No wonder though. That woman looks like she could manipulate anyone if she tried and that poor fellow was just stupid enough to fall for it. He would've said something about it if he had not been as mute as he was. And besides it was none of his buisiness and he should not get involved.

Annelise smiles softly before finishing her food as well. She hums in statisfaction as her tummy was all round up again. "Which class do you have next Louisa?" They had alot of classes together but sadly not all off them.

Eadlyn laughs and poked her friend's cheek. "Yes you did. Don't try to deny it you big popsicle." She said with a grin before looking over at Mei with a slight amazed look on her face. "Oh, you have fire magic... Though I guess I shouldn't be suprised since your mother is Mina Zhang." She said with a slight smile. "I wish I could use fire magic purely to keep the air warm around me." She says grinning again as she glances at Valeryia.

Lizana raises one eye brow. Just because he does it to everyone means she shouldn't judge him to badly? That fact only makes him looks worse in her opinion. He has no self control at all. But she kept her mouth quiet as she followed them and sat down in a chair. She smiled and nodded her thanks as she picks up her cup of tea and takes a small sip after blowing the steam off. It did taste rather good. "How rude of me not to introduce myself sooner, my name is Lizana Janssen. I've moved here from the Netherlands so excuse me for my horrible accent." She says with a soft smile.

Renald softly patted her head. "Hey, chin up. You are Ivanka Silvius, you can do anything. And besides, you managed to learn how to control your temper after years so you can also teach Gilford how to do it." He says with a slight teasing grin. Ivanka's temper had gotten less over the years and Renald always teased her by saying he melted her icy temper.

Ichirou tilts his head slightly to the side as he watches the girl a bit closer. Gilford? That is one strange name for someone like her. Maybe it was the long version of something? Gill? Gilly? That does sounds girly. Remembering he should probably say his own name as well he stutters out. "I-I'm Ichirou N-Nagachika. Nice t-to meet you."

Moira simply nods and sighs as she continous to clean the mess on the floor. Calm down? She wished she could. She hasn't been calm ever since she came to this planet and she doesn't think she soon will feel calm. If anything she's getting more stressed and stressed every day. Not to forget her head and ears hurting like hell. She prayed that her life will get beter if she starts training for the National Defense.

Fayline softly bites her lip. "Only naughty for you, my love." She says before he gives her a deep kiss. Gladly she kisses him back tangeling her hands in his silky white hair. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and rubbed it against his. A soft moan came out of her throat as he teased her with his member, feeling herself get wetter as he did.

Cecilia got up as well and happily followed her Prince to the cafeteria. When they were almost there she takes a hold of his hand. "Hey, are you sure this is right thing to do? Making them go on a date? I mean, we're talking about our little fox, she might go crazy." She says.

Kierra blushes softly at his words. Even after so long he still managed to make her shy with his words. But then she yelps as he pokes her again. "Hey, stop that." She says with a laugh before kissing him again. "No fooling around in the lab or else something will explode or catch on fire again." She says with a giggle knowing all the different disasterous outcomes that could happen.

Sora completely froze while putting on his underwear as Akira walked in and told him to stop. Didn't she JUST say he should get dressed?! Geez, this woman was truly confusing sometimes. "Ouch! He-Ahhh~" It started out painfully thanks to the slap but as she began to rub him his coming complaint turned into a moan. Oh she was so good at this. He bit her lip and puts a hand on the back of her head as she began to work on him with her mouth. "Ofcourse I can follow you on that one." He says with a grin before moaning. It didn't take very long for him to spill his seeds into her mouth.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa sighed. "My quantum physics class." She said with a sigh. only like twenty students at the school were able to be in that class. She was one of them and she hated it. it was boring and it didn't relate to what she wanted to do. Physics didn't help dictatorships.

Valeryia raised an eyebrow. "What? You know you're lucky I am not even colder. Being around my mother is like being around Antarctica." She said, remembering the times when she used to sleep with her mom when she was a kid.

Mei smiled a bit. "I wish I could give it to you." She said with a smile. She looked over to see Shiomi holding some odd device in her hand. it looked like a phone, but all there was on the screen was some light haired guy that- WAIT WAS THAT THE PRESIDENT?!? "Uhmmm.....W-Why...."

"He's my one true love.." Shiomi said, sounding like she was in dream world again.

Eva smiled. "It's quite lovely, don't be so hard on yourself." She said with a smile as she sipped her tea. Eva was the spitting image of her grandmother and the way they spoke was quite similar too. Seth was the one that was like their father that they didn't know, not her. "Lizana yes..that's a nice name. It's so exotic. It's quite beautiful really." She said with a smile as she sipped her tea some more. "Hey Lizana, I know this is out of the blue, but have you heard of the student council campaign that will be having elections soon? I know you don't know me well, but I'd love it if you could be my Vice-President for when I run. It'd be a great way for you to make friends, and honestly getting out a bit doesn't hurt." She said gently.

Ivanka smiled sheepishly as Renald patted her head. "Yeah, but I had the most wonderful man around in the world to help me calm it down." She said before nuzzling Renald. She laughed a bit when she thought of her temper before, like that one time she threw a battle axe into Hei's shoulder in a fit of rage.

Gilford blushed a bit. God, Ichirou was giving him a look that made him feel weird. "Nice to meet you too..." He said quietly while looking down. "Are you the professors son?" He asked while looking up, realizing that he had Professor Nagachika's last name.

Akiro sighed. "I'm probably not going to be able to understand it anytime soon. But I can see you have a lot on your plate. Just clear your mind, of all worries. Relax. Think positive. Think of all the good. It works for me." He says with a smile.

Joseph moaned out a little bit before finally sticking himself inside of Fayline again. He let out a quiet moan as he started to thrust into her, giving him a sort of nostalgia feeling from the first days of their relationship. He smiled a bit as he started to thrust in her harder, knowing they both liked it that way.

Belial sighed. "She's going to end up doing one of these three things if it doesn't happen. One, she'll end up raping Rex and I know he won't stand for that. Two, she'll drug him, kidnap him and torture him until he falls in love with her or three, kill him in the name of love. I don't want our little Fox doing something crazy. As crazy as this sounds, I think this is the only way to calm her down. Besides, she's been wanting this for like twenty years. Imagine the look that's going to be on her face when he asks her out."

"Something will explode alright." Hei said with a wink before cleaning up the broken beakers that had been destroyed in the blast. "You're still so cute Kierra, you know that? If we ever manage to have another kid, I hope they look like you." He said while poking her again. Hei had talked about children for a while as if he wanted to start trying again to get another child.

Akira grinned as Sora finished, releasing his warm stickiness into her mouth. She stroked him a few times, putting all extra drops into her mouth before pulling away and showing Sora all of his seed in her mouth before swallowing it and opening her mouth again, showing it was all gone now. "Daww...I want to swallow more." She said, sound disappointing before rubbing him again. "How many times in one morning do you think you can finish?" She asked.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annelise pouted slightly. To bad she didn;t have class with her friend. She wasn't nearly as smart as Louisa so she would never be able to get into quantum physics. "That's too bad. I think I have biology class. It's really interesting this time, we're talking about the human's body anatomy." She says with a small smile. Biology and anything involving people was really her thing. That's why she wanted to become a nurse. Yes she was shy but she wanted to help people.

Eadlyn chuckles slightly thinking about Ms.Silvius. Oh yes, she was as cold as ice, literrly. When she notices Mei looking strangely at Shiomi she decides to explain. "We live in the Presidents mansion. Our parents were his generals before we were even born and during the war. We actually still live there. And Shiomi over here has had a crush on Rex for like 20 years." She explains it as if it's the most usual thing it the world.

Lizana thinks about it for a second. A position as Vice-President? Honestly she didn't care alot about things like that but till now she has really enjoyed Eva's company and they seem to have a lot in commen. Well, maybe she could use one friend... "Alright, I will. Or atleast I will try. In the Netherlands we don't have school presidents and stuff so you will have to help me in the beginning." She replies with a smile.

Renald smiles softly down at his lovely wife before leaning down and giving her a kiss. He looks at his watch before sighing a bit. "Excuse me honey but I've got to go. I'm already running late for the training." He says, supposed to be on the training grounds in ten minutes flat. "I'll see you tonight at dinner." he says before kissing her again and walking off.

Ichirou now really smiled and he nods, clearly proud of who his father was. "Yes he is. Oh! And his lab assistant is actually my mother. They work together here." He says with a smile. As she as he was it was just so easy to talk about the people he loved so much.

Moira understood what he meant by thinking positive and such, though she doubted if it would work for her. But she did not understand what he said at first. She has... Alot on her plate? She frowns as she looks down at her now emptied tray and plate. In confusion she holds the empty plate up. "Uhm... It is empty actually..." She says, still clearly confused.

Fayline tangled her hands more into his hair as she felt his familiar length inside of her. She could never get enough of this feeling and she knew he couldn't either. Moaning all the time, she rocked her hips back against his. "Oh Joseph~" She moaned out before kissing him deeply again.

Cecilia thinks about it for a second. Honestly, if she had a crush on anyone who would not ask her out for years she would do one of those three things as well. And considering Shiomi is her daughter... "Yeah, it is a good thing Rex agreed." She says with a smile before kissing Belial's cheek. "Good job my Prince."

Kierra blushed again as he winked at her. Something told her he was not talking about the beakers. She helped him clean up as he started to talk about a second kid once again. She did notice that becoming more and more frequent as if he was tyring to hint but whas afraid to fully ask her. Honestly she did not know if she wanted another kid...

Sora chuckles as he rubs her head. "Oh, I can do alot in just one morning but you'll have to work for it." he says with a large grin but then he heard a frying pan drop, followed by some curses. "Though maybe we should go get breakfast. I mean, it's a big day for her, we don't want to slow it down." He suggests with a soft smile.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa yawned. "So interesting." She said in a boring tone, not being too interested in humans. She's more interested in controlling them. "I am more of a humanities person to be honest. It's much more interesting, writing than to be studying humans. Humans, who have done soooo many great things for this earth." Her eyebrows pointed downward. "Ah...I'm sorry Annelise, I was being rude." She sighed.

"T-Twenty years?! How old is she?!" Mei asked, being clearly surprised.

"Twenty four." Valeryia said casually.

"She's had a crush...on the same guy..since she was four?" Mei blinked a few times, completely shocked.

"He's amazing, alright?" Shiomi said in her own defense.

Eva smiled. "Thank you." She said before sipping her tea. "I'm always learning too, so it'll be an experience for both of us to learn." She said with a bright smile. "We only have one competitor this year for the student council. Louisa Stadner, the queen bee of the school." She sighed a bit. Louisa was not someone to mess around with.

Ivanka whimpered. "Renald..." She whined a bit before whimpering louder. "Alright..come back soon, okay?" She said with a sigh before kissing Renald's cheek. "You better keep your stomach empty for my cabbage stew.." She said as she started walking back in the direction of the mansion.

Gilford raised his eyesbrows. "Oh, cool. Yeah you look like the professor." He seemed a little surprised at how enthusiastic he was about talking about his parents. "So uh....I have a question. Why does your dad always blow stuff up in the middle of class?" He asked.

Akiro sighed. "It's figurative speech. I was meaning that you are someone who clearly is dealing with many things all at once." He said, explaining it to her.

Joseph moaned out a bit. "Oh Fayline~ I've missed this.." He said as he put his lips up against her, stifling both of their moans as he went deeper into her. He throbbed a bit, his body now wanting to release inside of her. He focused, trying to hold back as long as he could before finishing inside of her.

Belial kissed Cecilia's cheek back. "Thank you my queen. I only did what was smart." He said before getting some food for both of them and sitting down. "Honestly, I'm glad she turned out so much like you..I'm just, I wonder if she is like me at all? Like, she's albino that it?" He asked with a sigh.

Hei looked over to the side. "Err....what are you thinking about?" He asked sheepishly, afraid she may have caught onto what he had been trying to hint for a while. "Is" He asked with a sweat.

"Oh dammit!" Akira yelled as she heard Yumi fumble around in the kitchen. "Yumi what the hell?!" She asked as she saw a fire on the stove. Luckily, Akira put it out before it got too bad. She looked over at Yumi with her hands on her hip with an angry, motherly scowl. "Explain." She said quickly.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annelise smiles softly and shrugs. "It's okay. You were not more rude as always." It really was okay. She was so used to Louisa's way of thinking that she just let most things slide. And everyone was may to have their own opinions.

Eadlyn laughs as she notices Mei's expression. Yeah, I guess everyone would look like that if they heard somehting like this. But hey, she and Valeryia were used to Shiomi's big time crush on Rex so it was as normal as them as the sky is blue.

Lizana sips her tea. Oh yes, she has heard of this queen bee of the school. She has heard rumors about her being manipulative, a bitch and dangerous as a woman can be. People would be suprised how many rumors you hear when you're in a library. "She'll be one tough competitior to be I think." She says before sipping her tea again.

Ichirou rubs the back of his neck. Yeah, he did look alot like his dad. Not that he minded ofcourse. "Well, I guess he just likes blowing stuff up. But sometimes, most of the times, he's just clumpsy." He says with a laugh, remembering all the times his father accidently did one small thing wrong, causing things to explode.

Oh, now Moira felt really dumb. Ofcourse she couldn't have known this was a figurative speech in this world but still she felt incrediby stupid and embarressed. "O-Oh... Right." She says quietly as she looks to the side, clearly embarressed. She needed to get out of this place. Even if it was just for a minute. "I-I'll..." She starts as she stands up and struggles to find the right words. "T-Taking my leave." She says before quikly walking out of the cafeteria.

"Me too~" Fayline moaned out, realizing now how much she had actually missed this being together with him. She moaned out loudly as she finished almost the exact same time as he did. Softly she bit her lip and she was panting alot from their activities. "Am I... Forgiven?" She asks with a small grin.

Cecilia happily began munching away as he puts the food infront of her, her ears perking a bit up in excitement. But then she frowns at what he says. "What are you talking about? OFCOURSE our daughter is like you as well. You just don't see it." She says before kissing her cheek. "She is more like you than you think."

Kierra puts some broken beakers into the trash can before nodding. "Actually yes. But purely because you seem to be talking alot more about them..." She hesitates before asking. "Do you... Actually want another... Kid?"

Yumi looked extremely guilty as she fumbles with her clothes. "I-It was an accident! Really... I just... Accidently... I-It was stupid of me alright..." She mumbles quietly, cowering under her mother's stern look.

Sora walks to them, fully clothed now and puts a hand on Akira's shoulder. "Don't be so harsh on her when it was clearly something she didn't do on purpose." He says before giving Yumi a soft smile. "Just be carefull next time and think before you do something." Yumi quikly nodded.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa sighed. "True. I suppose I shouldn't need to watch how I speak. I am superior compared to all of these other mongrels anyways." She said as she flicked her hand. "They are beneath me, just as their opinions are. They are worth nothing." She said condescendingly. "Now, Annelise. I hear in the campaign that is coming up soon, someone has dared to oppose me, correct? Remind me of their name again? Was it Snoreanov or something? They are in the high school section, right?" She let a big humph. "Little kids, thinking they can play with me..." She chuckled.

Valeryia snorted loudly as she laughed, being unable to contain herself from Mei's reaction. It was so outrageous compared to what she was used to and for some reason it made her just loose it. She began to tear up and drool from how much she was laughing.

Shiomi poked Valeryia in the side. "Geez Valeryia, do I need to call a doctor for you?" She asked, getting worried about Valeryia.

Eva's expression became sullen. "I agree..." She said, remembering the 'Nishikima District Incident' three years ago, where the old student president had been found dead. The rumors were that the autopsy had said that she had been raped, tortured and electrocuted many times before finally being killed and thrown away like trash into a park. The current vice president at the time, Louisa, had stepped up and became president afterwards. It was hard to think someone could have murdered someone else just for a student council position but...still...She sipped her tea.

Iris sighed. "I know what your thinking Eva, and you better stop it now. She had nothing to do with the Nishikima incident. The body was raped, remember? Last I checked, Stadner wasn't a male." Iris said fiercely.

"What if she made somebody else do it? What then?" Eva raised an eyebrow.

"......That is a possibility, but it is still wrong to jump to conclusions." Iris said before sipping her tea.

Gilford laughed a bit. "I don't really mind though, he's really funny. And scary too. There was this one time some kid tried to hit him and he let his weird tentacle things out from his back and made the person pee their pants." He said, thinking back to the one time Hei showed that he was a ghoul in class.

Akiro sweated a little bit. "Uhm...okay?" He asked questioningly before sitting right back down neck to Ichirou. "Back." He said as he made himself comfy in the chair.

Joseph pulled out before slipping Fayline's panties back on, not letting his seed leak out at all. "Yes my love, you are." He walked over by her and kissed her cheek. "I missed doing that with you.." He said as he rubbed her back. "We'll have some more fun later." He said with a grin.

Belial sighed. He didn't realize that Shiomi spoke like him, or how she thought mostly like how he did. "I don't see it..I just see a whole lotta Cecilia." He said with a chuckle before kissing Cecilia's cheek.

Hei sweated a bit. "Well...with menopause setting in within a few years and with Ichirou being an adult now..." He sighed a little bit. "I kinda do?...I mean, I don't know.." He sighed a bit. He was afraid Kierra would get bored of him without a kid around and didn't want to say it even though it was obvious what he was thinking.

Akira sighed before kissing Yumi's cheek. "It's alright dear, just try not to do it again." She put the scorched slab of food in the garbage before getting out another thing of it. "Try again, but try it with the tempature down by 5 Celsius." She said with a smile.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Well, that wasn't what Annelise had been saying but she knew how much Louisa thought she was superior above all the rest. But besides that she was still her friend who always looked after her. "I think her name is Eva Romanov. I heard she is the granddaughter of the great Vasilia Romanov." She says while thinking. "Oh, and her mother is a teacher here I think though I don't follow her classes."

Eadlyn simply takes a handkerchief out of her pocket and puts it infront of Valeyia's mouth. "Geez, wipe the drool away you big icey popsicle." She says with a laugh.

Lizana raises one eye brow as she sees Eva's sullen expression. No she havn't heard of the Nishikima incident before but listening to the small details she was hearing she could already guess what kind of horrors had occured. She did not know the Louisa person but maybe she should try the meet her and see what kind of person she is for herself. If this queen bee is really capable of doing such horrid things than maybe she should take action.... "Don't worry too much Eva. It'll be alright. I don't think see any connection between the incident and this presidential run." She says with a soft smile, trying to soothe her new friend.

Ichirou smiles as Gilford calls his dad funny though frowns at his following words. "His kagune isn't weird. It's part of who he is." Yes his dad was weird but his powers weren't and he hated it that some people were afraid or disliked his father just because he's a ghoul. When Akiro said back down he smiled widely, glad to see his cousin back again. He wanted to give him another rib crushing hug but then noticed the food on his jacket. "Ewwww, what happend to you?"

Moira was only a couple steps out of the cafeteria when her head began to pound and her vision became hazy. She groaned and grabbed her head in pain as her breathing became more labored. What was going on? She guessed it was just the stress and the pain of her ears from all off the sounds but as she took another step her whole world suddenly turned black. Her eyes rolled back and she suddenly fell unconcious on the ground. People around her panicked a bit, not sure what happend. Some people called to go get the nurse but no one lifted her up or touched her, afraid of what had happend and if they would get blame.

Fayline blushed softly as he kissed her cheek and she nuzzles her cheek against his as she pulls him closer. "Hmm, I missed it too. And I wouldn't want it any other way." She replies with a grin before kissing him. "But for now, I have to get back to work." She says as she gets off of the table and goes back to folding up sheets and blankets.

"And why is that so bad?" Cecilia asked with a teasing grin but then snuggles closer against him. "Oh Belial. She is so much like you as well. You will see it in time."

"You kinda do?" Kierra asks, seeing the hesitation clear in his eyes. If he had really wanted a child he would've pestered her to death for it. "You really want to go through it all again? The diaper changing, school reports, teaching how to walk and talk? Because honestly... I... Don't. W-We've got one amazing child and he may be 18 now but he is still our baby. And besides, I just want to enjoy our lives together. Remember all the things we talked about that we still wanted to do together? If we get another baby we won't be able to do those things. A couple of years ago I might've said yes but now I want to spend the rest of time my together with my husband." She says completely honest.

Yumi sighed a bit in relief and shot Sora a gratefull look. But then her eyes widened a bit. "Serieusly? All I had to do was turn the heat down by 5?!" She says slightly frustrated before sighing and trying it again.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa yawned. "She isn't that great. I should know, my mother is personal friends with her. She's quite boring to be honest. Always talking about how proud she is of her kids." She growled. She sounded like she didn't like the way people portrayed Vasilia. "Never put the word 'great' near the word 'Vasilia' again. Oh, and her mother? She's a snooze. Very boring as well. They all are to be honest." She yawned.

Valeryia couldn't help but continue to laugh, shaking the entire table with the sound of her voice, making the cups and the water inside of them actually vibrate. After a little bit, she put her hands over her stomach and managed to calm herself. "Ahaha...ah...that was funny..." She said, not realizing she had made the entire lunchroom silent with her laughter.

Eva smiled. "You're right. I doubt a student here could ever be capable of such things." She said with a nod before sipping her tea. She already liked Lizana quite well. "Let's just focus on this run." She said, getting her mind straight. "What would be a good way to break people away from Louisa? Because most of them are too intimidated to vote for anybody else.

Gilford scratched his head. "His what? What the heck is a kagu-hickey thing?" He asked, not knowing what the heck a kagune was. Ghouls had became rare again after the last nineteen years, and most people weren't informed of what they were.

Akiro sighed before biting his lip. "A human walked into me." He said with a sigh before looking at Gilford. "And this is a kagune." He said before letting his wings out. They were just like his mothers, except he had only two. He hadn't gotten his kakuja yet that would let him get four. Gilford screeched a little. "It's the ghouls predatory organ. Don't be so freaked out." He said with a smile before putting it away. He suddenly heard a loud thud behind him and got back up, his instincts from the army driving him forward. "What the hell?" He asked before picking up Moira, the lady he had encountered twice now. He picked her up, having absolutely no fear before running to the nurses office. "She's unconscious, but alive. I think she's sick." He said as he set her down on the bed in the nurses office.

Joseph sighed a bit with a smile. "So determined to work." He said as he rubbed her back, knowing he wouldn't be able to persuade her otherwise. "You still should take a break soon or something. Castle Bordeaux has been needing some maintenance and I don't want to go to France alone." He said, referring to his family castle back in the middle of nowhere in France.

Belial grumbled. "I never stalked someone for twenty years." He said with a frown before chuckling a bit. "Ah well, I wouldn't want to change our little fox in any way at all. She perfect the way she is." He said with a smile, clearly loving his daughter. "Which is why I will eat Rex alive if he breaks her heart."

Hei looked to the side, wanting to do things with Kierra as well. "I'm just....afraid. Afraid that once we're alone together..that you'll get bored of me." He said, sounding not very confident at all in himself.

Akira sighed. "Little things like five matter in cooking, honey." She said before ruffling Yumi's hair and smiling. "Don't get so fussy. Just do it." She said gently.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Oh, Annelise immediatly noticed her mistake as she called Vasilia great. But how could she not? Everyone saw her as a war hero plus she has done some great things for Cantenseel. But she guessed even Vasilia Romanov was inferior in her mind. "Well.... I they are all boring then there is no way you'll be losing the presidantial run." She says with a smile.

Eadlyn chuckles slightly, not embarressed by her friend's weird behaviour and laughing at all. "So I have noticed." She says with a smile and a playfull roll of her eyes.

Lizana smiled, hiding the act she thought students were actually capable of such things for such reasons but ofcourse she was not going to tell Eva that. Students were still people after all. Even worse. Students were uncontrollable most of the times and thanks to their hormones they do crazy stuff. She finishes her tea. "Show them you are not intimidated by her behaviour. If you stay strong, then the people behind you will stay strong as well."

Ichirou scrathed his head. How was he going to explain that? Luckily Akiro did it for him and all Ichirou had to do was nod and agree with the explaination. When Akiro left again he pouted. Couldn't he just stay a tad bit longer! "S-So.... What are your powers?" He asks, trying to keep the conversation going.

The nurse looked up from her paperwork and immediatly goeds to check on Moira. She puts a hand on the girl's forhead. "She's burning up." She puts her arms under the girl to lift her up a bit but than her eyes widened. Wait a minute. Without caring Akiro was there she lifted Moira's shirt up to her ribs so her chest was still covered and what the nurse saw made her stomach clench a bit. Moira wasn't just skinny, you could easily count all of her ribs. It was clear she was underfed.

Just then Moira slowly began to wake up and she was rather confused when she saw the boy from before and a woman standing over her. She groaned as she rubs her head, the ache of her head still not away. "Where am I...."

"You're in the nurse's office. You passed out and you have an extremely high fever..." The nurse hesitated before asking. "How have you been eating lately?"

Carefully Moira said upright and blushes a bit as she noticed her shirt was up to her ribs. Quikly she pulls it down and looks to the side. "You need money for food. Don't have that. So I eat here." Which was only 2 small lunch breaks each day, deffinantly not enough to live from.

"What about your parents? Surely they have money to feed you."

"They are not here." Moira answered quietly after hesitating a bit.

The nurse frowned. "Where do you live?"

Again Moira hesitated before answering. "In a large house some streets to the north. No one else lives there since I heard all people left. Adres is Cardianway 76."

The nurse's eyes widened a bit. She knew that adres. It was an old run down building meant to be destroyed. All the windows are broken, there is no heater, no running water, no beds. Only coldness and god who knows many deceases , molds and animals. "Are you... Serieus?" Moira simply nodded.

Fayline blushes softly as he rubbed her again and blushes a bit. No, she did not want to take a break. But when he started to talk about the castle she actually began to think about it. Well, she would like to go back there again.... "Well.... I guess we could go soon... Though we have to see about Eadlyn ofcourse." Even though she was an adult they both were still over protective of their little girl.

Cecilia laughs before kissing Belial. "That's my Prince. And I would break him as well." She says with a grin before continouing to eat.

Kierra smiled softly at him before wrapping her arms around his neck. "Oh honey. Are you really afraid of that? There is really no reason at all to be afraid that I would get bored of you since I really never will. You are the one who keeps me happy and excited every day. Never will I get bored off you." She tried to reassure him.

Yumi pouted a bit before trying it again. Not ten minutes later she had a whole table of breakfast ready, luckily nothing burned this time. She smiled widely, obviously proud of what she had done.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa let out a large 'humph'. "Of course they're more boring than me. I am Louisa Stadner, the most important person on this planet. Those little children are nothing in the shadow of my glory." She said condescendingly with a grin. If it wasn't Louisa, you'd probably laugh at it. But it was, and she really thought that was the truth.

Valeryia giggled a little bit. "Oh Eadlyn, I'm so glad we're friends. You too Shiomi." She said with a smile.

Suddenly the warm started to get very hot, as if the fires of hell were burning in the room. That was when you could tell something was bugging Shiomi. "It didn't sound genuine when you said my name." Shiomi said with a growl.

Valeryia opened her eyes wide. "T-Trust me, it was! We love you Shiomi! Our friendship wouldn't be the same without you." She said truthfully. Shiomi smiled and the room went back to normal temperature.

Eva grinned. "That sounds perfect actually..." She said as she rubbed her chin, clearly liking the idea. It would be like they were standing up for the students against a tyrant. Actually, it wouldn't be like. That's actually what it would be. Louisa ruled the school with an iron fist, enforcing a uniform policy for EVERYBODY. Even adults.

Gilford froze a cup right next to Ichirou and destroyed it. "I freeze things. I'm one gigantic refrigerator." He said as the room started to become a bit cold. He couldn't control the cold factor either. He naturally was an ice cube, just like his mother and just like his sister.

Akiro nearly threw up when he saw her ribs. it was something akin to what the Jewish people had looked like in the holocaust. It was sickening. He winced when he heard the address. That place had bad news written all over it. He walked over to Moira, shoving the nurse away with one of his wings as he looked down at Moira. "This, this right here, this is not okay." He said sternly. "You will die. You hear me? You need to join the army or something. They give you a place to live, food and experience. This is no way to live." He said while looking down at her, his kakugan appearing in his eye.

Joseph bit his lip and nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. Luckily though if we left, Valeryia could take care of her. I know she's more protective of Eadlyn then both of us combined." He said, remembering the times when Valeryia used to beat up boys for flirting with Eadlyn and bad girls for when they got too close to Eadlyn.

Belial smiled. "That's what I like to hear." He said as he noticed a bulge in his pants. "Oh, honey. Can you fix this?" He asked as he pulled himself out of his pants. "I'll pour some 'syrup' on your waffles if you do." He said with a wink as he brought Cecilia's plate of waffles near. He wanted to finish on her waffles.

Hei smiled a bit. "Thanks Kierra..." He said before kissing her. "You're the only one who can make me feel better when I'm down." He said with a smile before kissing her again. "So, during the winter break which will be in about eh, three weeks? Where do you want to go for vacation? I was thinking well, hmm. I don't know. America? We haven't been there yet." He said, pulling out the map of places on the world he and Kierra had traveled. There were actually quite a few places they had been to, like Japan and Britain.

Akira leaned down and kissed Yumi's cheek. "That looks wonderful dear." She said before sitting down and biting into her food. The smiled on her face did not go away as she ate. "Mmm~ You've learned well." She said, complimenting Yumi and herself while eating.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
"I know I know." Annelise said with a soft smile, used to hearing Louisa stuff stuff like that about herself and others. 

Eadlyn wraps one arm around Shiomi's neck before rubbing one of her ears. "Come on Shiomi. You know we would be lost with our crazy lovely stalking demon fox." She says with a large smile. It really was true. Their friendship would not be the same without her for sure. 

Lizana grinned as well. "Ofcourse it's a great idea or else I would've never said it out loud." She says before standing up. "I thank you for the tea but I think I'll be returning to the library." She says politely as she picks up her book. She still needed to get used to being around people and it was a bit tiring. "I'll see you soon Eva." She says with a smile before taking her leave and going back to the library, praying that bad flirter wasn't there anymore. 

Ichirou yelped and even jumped up a bit as the cup next to him exploded. "Oh wauw." Was the only thing that managed to escape his lips. He truly was impressed though a bit intimitated as well now. Such strong powers for such a small girl! 

Moira's eyes widened slightly as some kind of strange wings got out of the boy's back. She has seen many strange creatured and people on this planer but this was really the strangest and most intimidating so far. She frowned slightly at the word 'you hear me?'. Ofcourse he wouldn't know but it was very offensive to ask to a Skeer if they could hear you. "I know this is no way to live but I didn't have much options..." She said quietly. "I'll join the army. I had already decided yet." She said as she stared curiously into his kakugan eye. It was scary and beautifull at the same time. 

Fayline chuckles as she remembers all the oncounters between Valeryia and boys who were trying to flirt with Eadlyn. Oh yes, their little girl would be fine. She wrapsbher arms around Joseph's neck before kissing him. "So we'll be going back to France soon?" She asks with a smile 

Cecilia grins happily before wrapping her hand around his still impressive length. "Ofcourse my love. Pour it all out for me." She whispers in his ear before she began to rub him. Slow at first but quikly she moved faster and faster. 

Kierra gladly kissed him back and she looked rather excited as he started to talk about vacation. She always loved to go on vacations with him. It were always fun and crazy experiences. She looks at the map and smiles. "America sounds great actually. Maybe we could make it into a road trip, travveling to all the monuments and stuff." She suggests with a smile 

Yumi smiled proudly and looks at Sora who nods his approval as well before beginning to eat herself. She was so excited for this day. "When are we going out?" She asks, not being able to contain her excitement
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa chuckled a bit. "Ah Annelise, that's what makes you so different from everybody else out here. You see the truth in my words." She said again, sounding utterly narcissistic.

Shiomi's ears perked up as Eadlyn started to rub her. She panted a little bit and yipped loudly. She loved having her ears touched. "It sure would be! It wouldn't be as fun!" She said with a smile before letting out another yip. "More~ Mooooorrrrrrreeeeee~" She begged Eadlyn to rub her ears more.

Eva smiled. "Well, alright. I'm glad I got to meet you. See you around." She said cheerfully.

"See you in class." Iris said while waving her hand before sipping her tea.

Seth actually came out from an air vent in front of Lizana after she left the classroom. "My my, we meet again. It must be fate." He said with a grin.

Gilford smiled sheepishly. "It's a really 'cool' power." He said before breaking out in laughter, snorting loudly as well, just like Valeryia had done. Snorting loudly while laughing must have ran in their family. He managed to contain himself before sighing. "Sorry. I know, bad joke." He said with a smile.

Akiro looked back into Moira's eyes, mesmerized by the bright color of her eyes before blushing a bit. "S-Sorry." He said before looking away. He sure got the easy embarrassment from Chidori. "Are you going to the National Defense like I suggested?" He asked with a smile. "We don't bite."

Joseph kissed Fayline's cheek. "Yeah dear. For about a week. I want to see how all of my old soldiers have taken care of it." He said with a smile. After the war, he released all of the TMEA soldiers and allowed them to live in his huge castle, on the condition that they kept it clean. He wanted to see if they kept their end up.

Bleial moaned out as Cecilia's soft hand started to rub him. He could never get enough of her to be honest. After a little bit, he was panting, wanting to release his load. "Ah yes~ Argh~" He released, spraying a little onto her hand and most onto her waffles, filling their holes with his sticky seed.

Hei grinned. "That's exactly what I was thinking. And maybe we could also study some of the animals there as well! You know, to see what sort of weird species they have there and such." He said before snorting. God, Hei was such a freaking nerd.

Akira smiled softly. "Soon honey." She said as she finished her breakfast. She got up and went to the main door before opening it, letting in the first natural sunlight that hadn't touched the bunker for years.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annlise simply smiles and nods. Well, not all her words were completely true but she was smarter than most of the people in the entire school. Yes Louisa was very over confident but hey, anyone would be when getting such high grades, looking so stunning and being rich.

Eadlyn giggled as she now used both hands to rub her ears. Shiomi liked it and Eadlyn always thought her yips were just pure adorable. "I wonder how you would react if Rex rubbed your ears." She says with a small grin. Oh, she would go crazy.

Lizana's eyes widened at Seth's sudden appearance but then sighs, looking completely bored. "It is not deemed fate if one is waiting for the other." She says, seeing no other reason why he would be in the air vent in the first place. Without giving him more words she walks past him and continous her way to the library.

Ichirou blinked twice before he actually began to laugh as well. He did find the joke funny, yes he has bad humor, and the way she had snorted was both funny and adorable. "No it's okay. Really it is." He says with a large smile when he stops laughing.

Moira tilts her head slightly to the side as he blushed, looked away and apologized. Isn't it normal on this planet to look people in the eye? "Apologies aren't needed." She says with a soft smile before nodding. "Yes I am." What he said last made her frown a bit. They don't bite? So that means others do bite?

"I hope they havn't accidently burned it down." Fayline says with a giggle though it could actually happen... "They probably havn't though." She adds quikly, not wanting to make Joseph worried about his castle.

Cecilia grinned widely as she heard Belial moan and pant out his pleasures. When he came she first licked his seeds off of her hand before giving Belial's cheek a kiss. "Thanks for the syrup." She says with a giggle before starting to eat the waffle.

Kierra giggles as Hei snorted, finding it absolutely adorable how excited he could get over stuff like that. Honestly she wasn't really into studying species and stuff but she just loved to see how passionate Hei could get over it. "We will." She says before kissing him.

Yumi almost ran after her mother as she walked to the main door. The sunlight shining in almost blinding her as her heart started to beat faster. This was it. She was going out. She took a step towards the door and then another and another till she was finally out. Everything was so... Bright outside. And airy. And spacey. She grins widely as she takes in the scene around her. It was all just... Perfect.
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Louisa let out a maniacal laugh before she noticed Remi walking by. "Hey, you! Get over here." She said with a grin. Remi squealed loudly in fear and ran away, not wanting to go to Louisa. Louisa laughed loudly, taking pleasure in tormenting Remi.

Shiomi yipped again, completely taken over by having her ears rubbed. "I would die. My heart would beat so fast that it'd explode." She said truthfully before letting out a loud yip. Cecilia's ears were extremely sensitive to touch, more so than her mothers.

The librarian was putting up books when Lizana walked by. The librarian smiled, knowing how much Lizana loved books. "Hi Lizana." She said cheerfully. You know, if you looked at the librarian right you would swear she was Vasilia Romanov. She just had that look.

Gilford laughed a little bit longer once Ichirou said it was alright. " know, you're a really 'cool' guy to be around. I'm actually pretty happy I sat down here. I need someone who can keep my hot head 'cooled' down." He said before snorting again.

Akiro sweated a bit as Moira frowned. He think he had an idea as to why. "No, they don't bite either." He said as he looked over at her. Akiro definitely was awkward with the ladies, just like everybody else in his damn family.

Joseph widened his eyes a bit. "My god my castle!" He said, sounding worried. He rushed over to the telephone and instantly dialed the number for the phone there. For a bit, it didn't ring, making Joseph increasingly worried until someone picked up. He sighed loudly in relief before hanging up the phone. "It's fine." He said with a smile. "Nobody burned my castle down."

Belial grinned a bit as he watched Cecilia eat those naughty waffles they made. "How does it taste?" He asked with his grin before beginning to eat his food. "Some day you should cover mine in your naughty juices too." He suggested with a wink.

Hei smiled before kissing Kierra back. He kissed her deeply, sliding his tongue into her mouth and running his hands on her beautiful curves before pulling back. "Hey Kierra, do you remember when were trying to have a kid?" He smiled some more. "Remember when we would do it at every possible chance? Like that one time in the storage closet or in my office." He thought about the earlier years of their marriage. "We were so young then. But yet it still doesn't feel so long ago. It perplexes me."

Akira shielded her eyes from the light, waiting for them to adjust. She stepped out of the bunker and took her first steps into the new world. Everything had changed. It was technologically more advanced, the skyscrapers all went into the sky, floating vehicles were everywhere now and there was a new flag raised on the flagpoles. It was a red flag, with four lines all connecting to each other, symbolizing the four areas and factions that combined.
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Annelise felt a bit of pity as she saw Remi run away. Remi was a good person and for some reason Louisa always took in pleasure in scaring her sister like that. Not that she would try to intercept it, she was too shy of a person to do that and she would only get scolded at by Louisa for trying.

Dequan's eyes widened as he felt someone run into him. A girl nontheless. She had run into him so hard she was now actually heading towards the ground. Reacting quikly he managed to grab her left hand and luckily for her, Fillian was walking besides Dequan and grabbed her right hand. "Wow, that was dangerous." Fillian comments as both man help Remi stand up normally.

"Are you okay?" Dequan asks a bit worriedly.

Eadlyn chuckles at her answer, already predicting that would've been her answer. "Maybe he will one day. Though try not to die. I don't want a funeral any time soon." She says with another chuckle.

Lizana smiles at the librarian woman who always greeted her with such a nice smile. "Hello Miss." Actually she didn't know the librarian's name. Maybe one day soon she would ask. But for now she sat back down in her usual spot near the window in the corner of the library before opening her book, enjoying the quietness of the library.

Ichirou laughed along though he abruptly stopped and blushed fiercely as Gilford complimented him. H-He was a cool guy?! She really thought so?! He smiled widely and blushes even more as he rubs the back of his neck. "Y-You really think so?" He asks, just to be sure he hadn't heard it wrong or misunderstood.

Moira sighed a bit in relief as he said others don't bite either. Again a misconception. Well, it looked like she was going to be seeing this boy more often so the least she could do was get more acquainted with him. She holds out her hand for him to shake as she smiles softly. "Moira Prise, pleasure meeting you."

Fayline sighs a bit but still while smiling. Really, they wouldn't burn the castle down. Joseph wouldn't let them live if they did. It was just something she joked about. "I didn't really mean it you know." She says as she poked his cheek. "No need to get so worried."

Cecilia swallowed before nuzzling closer against Belial. "Delicious. And next time we will." She whispered in his ear before she softly began to nibble on his earlobe. She still loved and adored her prince from hell so much and was still perplexed that he choose her to love those years ago.

Kierra's eyes widened a bit in suprise as she suddenly felt his tongue slip in but quikly she closed her eyes and rubbed her tongue back against his. "Hmmm, how could I ever forget that?" She says, remembering every single time they tried. They had tried for so long, months passed and hope faltered till she finally managed to get pregnant. She remembered telling Hei and how happy he was, holding her in his arms and screaming it off of the roof that she was pregnant. It truly was a miracle to them. "I guess time just flies by." She says with a soft smile. Yes, time has really flown by like the blink of an eyes. One second she was holding Ichirou in the first minutes of his life and now he was already an adult.

Sora walked out as well, squinting his eyes as he breaths in the fresh air. Gently he wraps one arm around his wife's waist as he smiles down at her. "It has been awhile since we've been out here..." He says softly, now feeling how much he had actually missed being out.

Yumi was grinning the whole time as her eyes darted from place to place. She wanted to explore so badly. To see the things she has never seen before. She looks back at the parents who raised her and asks them begginly with her eyes if it was okay to go look around.

Kane was walking through the halls of the sleeping facility off the army, ofcourse heading to find Virgil. He knew it might not be the wisest thing to do but he really had to talk to Virgil and try one last time if there was anyway to calm this situation down. He reached the door of his room and takes a deep breath before knocking.
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Louisa chuckled evilly as she saw Remi fall. Good. She hated Remi, mostly because of how much she saw her father in her. She hated that man, and wanted to wipe everything that he had ever even touched off of the earth. Except her of course. And her mother. Those were exceptions.

Remi screamed as she started to fall but was pleasantly surprised when Fillian and Dequan helped her not fall. She managed to stand up normal with their help. She exhaled deeply. "Yes I am. Thank you so much..And you too" She said with a smile as she looked at Dequan and Fillian

Shiomi smiled. "I sure hope so! I wouldn't mind it as long as he kept touching my ears!" She said with a grin, sounding slightly psychotic. Yep, typical Shiomi. It was amazing that she managed to go twenty years before doing something horrible to Rex.

Gilford smiled at Ichirou's reaction. God, he must not have been complimented too much based off of that reaction. "Yeah, you're really cool. And nice too." He said with a smile before putting his elbow on the table and propping his head up with his hand.

Akiro smiled and shook her hand. "My name is Akiro Liang, it's nice to meet you." He said with a smile, now glad that he decided to go to the school today instead of taking a break like Virgil was. That dude had one horrible work ethic, and he knew it.

Joseph sighed. "I know I know it's just...what if they actually do mess up my castle? I lived in that place for nearly three hundred years until I came to Cantenseel, and I'll be damned if I let them and their kids destroy it." He said, revealing that some of the TMEA soldiers had gotten kids too.

Belial nuzzled Cecilia back with a smile. "I love you so much my queen." He said before kissing her cheek. Sure, he gave up the throne of hell for her. But it meant nothing. He felt like he was king of the world when he was with her, and that meant everything to him.

Hei smiled, thinking back about when Ichirou was a child. He remembered the first time Ichirou went into his Draki form. He was so happy when he found out that his son wasn't a ghoul because being a ghoul well, it wasn't bad. People just discriminated against them a lot. "It seems like it was only yesterday since he was a little baby..." He said with a smile. "Time sure flies by."

Akira smiled broadly, realizing how much she had missed the fresh air and the feel of natural sunlight. She looked at her pale skin and sighed. "I don't even look asian anymore..." She said with a grumble before looking up at the sky. "I need to tan." She said before looking over at Yumi. She nodded. "Go ahead darling." She said with a smile.

Virgil screamed as he woke up, coming out of a nightmare. He got up, panting, not bothering to put his clothes on to cover the cuts before walking over at opening the door. "Who the fu- Oh, Kane." He said about to shut the door shut when he noticed Kane's shoe in the door. "What the hell do you want to talk about?" He asked with a sigh before opening the door all the way to let him in.
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Annelise didn't even notice the way Louisa was chuckling when the bell rang, signaling for their break to be over. She pouted a bit, not wanting to be seperated from Louisa yet and sighs. "Guess break's already over. Man that went by quikly."

Both Dequan and Fillian smiled at her. "Good. Be carefull next time though. Running in here isn't very smart because of the crowds." Dequan says gently when the bell rang.

"Oh, time to go. And he is right. You shouldn't run here. Wouldn't want you breaking one of your pretty legs." Fillian says as he pats Remi's head like a father would do to their crying kid. "See you around somewhere." He said with a smile before walking off. Dequan gave Remi a small wave before following his friend.

Lizana sighs as she hears the bell and closes her book. Luckily she had literature class so it wasn't a disaster to be in. She makes her way over to the classroom and sits in her usual spot, all in the back near the window.

Eadlyn rolls her eyes a bit when the bell interrupted them. "Naww, guess it's already time to go." She says with a sigh before standing up and stretching some limbs. "I have French classes. You guys?" She asks her friends with a smile. And yes her father had insisted on French classes. Not that she minded though.

Ichirou blushes even more as he got more compliments and he swear he felt his heart skip a beat. He took a deep breath. "W-Would you like to be my fr-" But then the bell rang, shutting him up. Quikly he jumped up and gathered his stuff, embarssed from what he was about to ask. "G-Got to go to class. D-Don't want to be late. Bye! See you hopefully around!" He says quikly before walking off.

Moira puts her hands over her ears as that hellish sound rang through the air again. It hurted her ears so much but there wasn't much she could do about it. Time to go to class. "Oh no missy. You are staying here the rest of the day. You will rest and eat and that is all you are going to do in school today." The nurse said. Moira was about to complain but the look the nurse shot her made her shut up. So with a sigh she accepted her fate for the day.

Fayline puts a hand on her husband's cheek and gives him a light kiss. "Oh honey, they wouldn't dare. They know how much that castle means to you and they are way too gratefull to do anything to it." She says with a smile. The TMEA soldiers would keep it clean both out of respect and Joseph's rage if they messed up.

Cecilia giggled a bit and her tails moved happily from side to side as she got even closer to her man. "I love you too my King." She was silent for awhile before suddenly asking. "Have you ever thought about taking more kids?" She was a fox demonness so naturally she was a creature who feels the need to have lots of children. But she only has one. Not that Shiomi isn't perfect but it was starting to bug her a bit.

Yumi's smile widens before she runs off, adventuring into the new lands she had just saw for the first time. Quikly she ended up in the park where people were relaxing and children playing. It was so peacefull here and just gorgeous. Seeing a water fountain she sits down on the edge and just looks around at the people. So many people.

Sora smiles softly as he gives his wife a kiss on her cheek. "No you don't. You already look drop dead gorgeous." He says, meaning every word.

"I think you already know." Kane said as he walked into the room, his stomach clenching a bit as he saw the scars running up and down Virgil's arm. He was glad Felicia hadn't seen those. He sat down in a chair and crossed one leg over the other. "First of all I would like to apologize for what happend in the house. I just lost my calm and I should've handled it more like an adult instead of screaming at you.... Are you serieus? Are you really going to distance yourself from your mother?" He asks, not angrey at all anymore, just looking slightly sad in his eyes.
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Louisa sighed. "I agree. Well...see you later Annelise." She said before running off to Professor Nagachika's room. He taught pretty much all of the advanced science classes, having taken over 10 years of college. She went to the classroom and sat in her spot. Hei smiled at Louisa, making her frown. "Don't look at me that way." She said in a demanding tone as Hei raised his hands in surrender. She started to get to work on the do now, completing the science formulas in thirty seconds. Tch, she wanted to get down to twenty. It's just that she couldn't write fast enough.

Raiden stood up before walking right next to Annelise. "We have the same class next. Shall I escort you milady?" He asked with a smile.

Remi smiled at them both, especially at Dequan. "I'll see you all around." She said with a smile before heading off to her class. Shit, it was the same class that Louisa was in. She sat on the opposite side of the room, doing her do now in only twenty seconds. There was a loud snap in the room as Louisa snapped her pencil in half in a quiet fit of rage. Louisa exhaled deeply. Remi had always been faster when it came to academics, but just only for a little bit. It drove her insane. She was superior to Remi in every way, in mind, body and in blood but she still was faster. It drove her insane.

Eva smiled as the bell rung and took her seat, holding her tea as Daniel, her boyfriend walked in and sat down next to her. Iris sighed before smiling. Daniel was a nice kid. She just didn't know how she felt about her daughter having a boyfriend at such a young age. She didn't want Eva to be like her.

Shiomi sighed. "I have....ooooh! Photography! Nice." She said. The only reason she ever even went into that class is so she could take better pictures when stalking Rex. Everyone knew that. Everyone.

Valeryia scratched her head. "I have Russian." She said with a sigh. She wasn't able to learn it from Ivanka because she had dyslexia and it made it hard as hell for her to learn it. Gilford knew it and Ivanka forced Renald to learn it too because of Ivanka's family reunions. After three bottles of vodka, all English slipped out of the reunion and it was pure Russian talk.

Gilford raised his eyebrow. What was Ichirou about to ask him? He sighed as the bell ringed before getting up. "Actually, I think I have the same class as you." He said with a smile before following Ichirou to Pre-Calculus. Gilford was actually really good with math, which is why he was in that class early.

Akiro rubbed his face and looked at Moira again before sighing. His phone rang, it was his dad. He answered the phone before his eyes opened wide. "Nǐ shén me yì si wǒ chí dào le?"(What do you mean I am late?)

" Tā mā de, nǐ yī zhí zài zuò shén me!? Nǐ yī gè xiǎo shí qián zǎo jiù yīng gāi huí lái la!" (What the fuck have you been doing?! You were supposed to be back an hour ago!) Zhu yelled loudly. It was so loud in fact that you could hear the Chinese being screamed out of the cellphone.

"Wa, bà bà lěng jìng yī xià. Yī gè nǚ hái zài xué xiào yūn le, wǒ gāng gāng zài bāng zhù tā."(Whoa, calm down for a minute father. A girl had passed out at school and I was assisting her.) Akiro said calmly.

Zhu growled through the phone. "Nà kuài diǎn gǔn huí lái ."(Well then hurry up.) He said angrily before hanging up.

Akiro sighed. "Tā mā de, Wǒ de tiān a..."(My fucking god...) Akiro said with a sigh. "Sorry about that." He said with a smile. He had no trace of an accent at all when he spoke English.

Joseph smiled sheepishly before kissing Fayline's cheek back. "I know. I just get overly worried sometimes." He said with a smile before sighing. Maybe he should have trusted them, after all, they didn't attempt to murder him for how he treated them before. That had to have counted for something.

Belial got real quiet before smiling. "Actually, yeah. I want to have twelve more to be exact." He said with a grin. He knew how much Cecilia wanted kids. After all, she was a fox. It was natural that she wanted to make her own little pack of foxes. Plus, Belial wanted more descendants anyways. The catholic church murdered all of the Hell Royal family except his father, Lucifer and him. Well and Shiomi too but they wouldn't touch any of the four because they all were too powerful for the church.

A silver haired individual walked the park. He was tall, muscular and had a cross tattooed into his hand. He looked drastically different since he was last seen in Cantenseel, looking prominently older than when last seen in public, but still was recognizable. He walked over to Yumi and groaned a bit. "I'm Alexander Bordeaux. You're Yumi, right? Your mom said for me to meet her here." He said. His involvement with Akira was unknown at the moment but was surely to be explained soon.

Akira smiled. "Aww, thanks hun." Akira said before following Yumi to the park. She stepped in front of Yumi after Alexander finished speaking. "How odd. The is the first time we've met outside of radio communication." She said. "Why is it that after you found the radio in the lab after the incident, you didn't give it to the police? Why did you contact us?"

Alexander sighed. "Because, I knew it could connect me to the survivors of the lab. I needed to get in contact with them for my goal. My goal is to destroy the peace an order in Cantenseel. My grandfather made a mockery of me on national television nearly twenty years ago. I had to get plastic surgery to change my face so people wouldn't recognize me as much. They need to pay, they need to be destroyed."

Akira sighed. "Well, I'm not too sure about destroying anything but overthrowing the government and taking it over sounds nice. Is there any person you have in mind exactly to lead us people into a revolution?"

Alexander squinted his eyes a bit. "Yes....I do. First I must ask, do you have the means to give people magic? Because if not. I will not work with you. We need magic in order to fight the military, and all magic in this world is all but gone. Barely."

Akira laughed. "For the last twenty years me and Sora have been studying how to give people back magic. And we have done it." She looked over at Yumi. "We implant a device into their neck called a harnest. It's a device that houses the embryo of an ancient alien species inside of it and it give the user the ability to use magic. The only problem is that they have to take a pill once every twenty four hours otherwise their skin with split open and their organs will turn to mush."

Alexander shook his head. "That's all I need to know, The girl I have in mind is Louisa Stadner. She's perfect. She can lead, she's strong and she hates the current status quo. I've been watching her for three years now, and I can tell you firmly now that she wants to start a revolution. All we have to do is push her." Yes, Louisa Stadner. Virgil's sister.

Akira raised her eyebrow. "Sora, what do you think? Isn't Louisa Stadner the daughter of the man that killed Rex?"

Virgil sat down on his bed before looking at Kane. "It's fine, really. I'm used to people being overly emotional over my issues." He said with a sigh. "Kane, you've seen me shut everyone out my entire life. The people that were my friends. Louisa, you, Ella, grandfather and grandma...Hell, I even shut my cat out. I've pretty much already shut mother out...what would doing it completely affect me any differently than it already does?" He asked with a sigh. Virgil looked so dead inside. He wasn't that happy boy from childhood. He was just someone waiting for something to come and kill him, like a terminal disease or hell, maybe a drunk driver speeding across the corner. It was sad really. So young, yet so destroyed. Unable to enjoy life, feeling every emotion and having it turned into one of pain. He wanted to die. He wanted to die so badly, but he couldn't do it until he found Yumi's body, or Yumi herself. He still had one sliver of hope in him that she was alive, even though everyday that passed without her killed him inside. "Everything causes me pain Kane...the air going in my lungs..the blood coursing through my veins...the emotions I feel..You all hurt me too. It hurts me to see what me being this way does to all of you, but I can't change it. Not until I find her." He said quietly. He never told anyone besides Remi before that he wanted to find Yumi.
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Annelise smiles back at Raiden though her smile was a bit nervous. "Y-Yeah, sure." It wasn't because Raiden looked like that, she was always nervous around people when she was without Louisa. And besides, Raiden, even though he was so nice to her, was still intimidatingly big and strong not to forget. He was someone they would call a gentle giant.

Dequan blushed lightly as Remi smiled at him. She was very pretty.... He was pulled out of his thoughts as he heared roaring laughter next to him and then felt Fillian's arm wrap around his shoulders. "Already falling in love?" Fillian asked with a grin which caused Dequan to blush like crazy and shake his head in denial though that only made Fillian laugh harder.

Gideon makes his way over to his class which was Russian supprisingly. When he enrolled in this school they asked him what kind of classes he wanted and he just replied with a shrug so they decided to give him a little piece of everything. So now he was stuck with Russian. It was boring honestly even though he did have straight A's.

Eadlyn stands up and pats both of her friend's heads. "Well, I'll see you two around soon." She says with a toothy grin, flashing her sharp fangs before walking to class.

Ichirou's eyes widened a bit. Gilford was in the same class as him? Why did he never notice that before?! Oh right, he never really looked at people and hid in his hoodie. "O-Okay..." He says as he walks into the classroom and sits down in the back as usual.

Moira's blinked a couple of times before realizing her hearing was not wrong and Akiro was actually speaking in some kind of different language. On her planet they had only one language so it was weird that on the planet there are so many languages. The man on the other side of the device did not sound happy, she did not understand a word but... Akiro's voice sounded wonderfull when he spoke like that. It was so elegant. A true treat to the ears. "Your voice is really enchanting when you speak those words..." She says without thinking.

Fayline giggles and rolls her eyes. "Oh I know. I know that very well." She says, ofcourse having seen Joseph get overly worried way more often than what would have been normal. He sometimes really worried way too much.

Cecilia smiled widely and even squeeled out her delight. Twelve more kids! That sounded like such a wonderfull dream! "Are you serieus?!" She says excitedly before hugging him tightly and kissing him all over his face. "I love you! Love you love you love you love you!"

Yumi froze as the stranger walked towards her. Immediatly she looked ready to kill if he tried anything though when he said he knew her mother her eyes widened. She relaxed a bit as she noticed that Akira indeed knew this man though she frowned a bit at the plan. So... This was the mission. Overthrowing the governement. Well, she guessed they actually could do it.

Sora thought for a minute. Louisa Stadner. Could this girl really be the start of the new revolution? He wouldn't know since they've been living under a rock for so long.... "She is. That means she must be extremely strong... I want to see for myself what she is like first." He says. He needed to know this girl a bit before he could judge wether or not she'll be right for the revolution.

It hurted Kane so much to see the boy he saw grow up and help raise so broken. He has been broken ever since that one horrible day... When Virgil talked about 'her' he immediatly knew he meant his childhood friend, Yumi. Even back then Virgil had been in love with he reven though he was too young to understand himself. "I know... I know she is the reason why you are like this. Why you hurt yourself so much..." Yes, Kane had knewn all along that Yumi had been the reason why and that he was still trying to find her. "That day you lost both your father and her and I can't even begin to imagine how much that must've hurt you. I wish I could've done something to help and you know me and your mother tried for months to find her but in vain. We searched the world to find her for you.But..." He sighs as he runs his hand through his hair. It was true, Kane had ordered search teams to look for Yumi for months if not years before they all gave up. "I am not your father. And I never tried to take his place. So it is okay if you hate on me and yell at me. But not Felicia. She is your mother. And don't forget she has lost so many as well. That day she lost your father and over these years she has been losing her son because of something she couldn't stop. You know how hard she've tried to find her. How much she loves you... I am in no postion to tell you what to do or how to feel. I am not going to ask you to smile for her sake but... Please don't let her lose you as well.... I know many years have passed but I'll reopen the search. We'll search every house, under ever stone, behind every tree to find her."
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Raiden smiled. "Thank you for allowing me to escort you. Louisa would skin me alive if anything touched you." He said as he followed Annelise to her class. Raiden ducked a bit, dodging the ceiling lights that his head touched. He was a giant man. The entire crowd in the hallway moved to one side as they tried to avoid Raiden.

Leia quickly walked through the crowds and ran up to Dequan. "Hey, you, are you Souji's kid?! Where can I find him?" She asked quickly. "I'm Leia Feng. You know, the daughter of Lei Feng. I think he'd like to see me." She looked at Fillian. "You're looking at me weird, did you know my dad?" She asked.

Hei pulled out a beaker and poured it into another one, causing an explosion to get everybodys attention. "Alright! Well, class, attention now!" He said, clearly now having everyones attention. "Quantum physics, in simple, is the idea that even though we can see a lot, it's a mere splinter compared to what else is out there! Thousands of galaxys, millions of universes and billions of planets and stars! All of there! And we and our sun and our planet are mere specks compared to the rest of them! Isn't that amazing?!" He said loudly.

Valeryia sighed as she sat down in class. God, this class was her worst one. Everything was gibberish, and her dyslexia moved around all the letter too, she couldn't tell if the letters were meant to be there or not and it was horrible. She sighed loudly.

Gilford sat down next to Ichirou with a smile. "What was that you were going to ask me back there?" He said while showing off his pearly white teeth. He pulled out his homework for the teacher to check as well as he waited for a response.

Akiro blushed a little bit. "T-Thank you..." He said before smiling sheepishly and turning away a bit. His heart beat faster as those words replayed in his head. "Actually you're the one with an enchanting voice..." He said shyly before sitting down.

Joseph remembered some of the times he over reacted, like the one time he called the police because Eadlyn was five minutes late coming home from school, only to find out that Eadlyn, Valeryia and Shiomi had just been playing around for a bit.

Belial let out a hearty life as his wife squeezed him and kissed him all over. "I Love you love you love you love you too!" He said with a smile before kissing Cecilia. He rubbed her stomach with a smile, grinning a bit. "You're body is perfect for mating. I wonder if next time we'll have twins? Or even triplets?!" He said before giving her a big wet kiss. "I'm excited actually. Imagine how many kids we can have! We never age!" He said with a laugh.

Alexander shrugged. "That's easy. Just simply attack her after school. Why not send her to do it?" He asked as he looked at Yumi. "She has that device in the back of her neck. Surely that means she could fight." He said with a grin.

Akira sighed. She didn't exactly want Yumi in danger but..."Do you want to?" Akira asked.

Virgil bit his lip again, making it bleed as he listened to Kane talk. His words stung more than his lip that was bleeding. It was true, so so true. He was punishing his mother for something she couldn't have controlled. Virgil sighed. "Kane...I'll..." He sighed. "If you all promise to give me my space...I'll move back into mothers house like she wanted me to.." He said. Since he was stationed in Cantenseel, he was still allowed to live at his home. Barely anybody was in the barracks but him. Virgil groaned a bit. "I want to be part of the family again...but....I guess I just need space. Lots of it."
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annelise smiles a bit up at Raiden. "Yeah, she really would've..." She says, knowing she would really hurt Raiden if anything happened to her. She felt like she had a bodyguard though she found it very sad for Raiden that everyone just stayed away from him because of his looks while in the mean time he was a really nice person. She walks into class and sits down before pulling her books out.

Dequan frowned. Lei Feng. Yes he had heard that name once or twice before he thinks... But Fillian's eyes were wide in regonition. This girl looked indeed alot like the former counselor Feng. But Souji said he had never had a girlfriend or wife in his life... "Are you truly the daughter of Feng?" He asks her.

Kierra sighed as her husband once again made something explode. He should be more carefull. There were still children in the room. But still she couldn't help but smile as Hei spoke so excitedly. It made the students excited as well. Well, most of them anyway.

Russian class started and after ahwile the teacher asked Gideon to write something down on the chalkboard. Without complaining he stands up and writed fluent sentences down in Russian without problems or mistakes. It was simply perfect. After that he simply sits down again and stares bored out of the window.

Ichirou blushes a bit as he pulled out his homework as well. "I-If you-" But then his eyes widened as he looks at his homework. or more like the blank papers that should've had homework on them. "Kya! I forgot it again!" He says a bit in panick as he pulls a bit at his hair. Oh, the teacher was going to be so pissed. This was like already the tenth time! If not more...

Moira tilts her head a bit to the side. He was acting different than from before. Hmm, probably just her imagination. She smiles at him as his compliments her back. "Thank you as well..." Silence followed and she wondered what people on the planet casually talked about... She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by her growling stomach. Right, she havn't eaten any lunch.

Fayline looks at the clock, her shift wasn't over yet but there wasn't much more to do. "How about we go packing some stuff for our trip?" She suggests with a smile.

Cecilia laughed happily. Triplets sounded amazing! She excitedly kisses him back. "We could have hundreds!" But the she remembered the pain of giving birth and the ache of your body while bing pregnant.... "On the other hand, 12 sounds perfect." She says still smiling. Pushing hundred kids out would be a bit too much, even for her.

Yumi tensed a bit as she was suddenly put into the spotlight. She attacking Louisa Stadner... She could do it. She was strong enough to do it. And if it would help her mother... "I will." She says strongly, her fists clenching.

Kane had not expected Virgil to decide to move back into the house. The most he had expected was an apology but this... This made him realize that little boy from back then was still somewhere hidden and locked away inside. He smiled slightly. "We will give you all the space you need. I promise you that." He says truthfully.
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Raiden sighed as everybody avoided him. He had dealt with it for years, but it still stung a little. Regardless, he kept his mouth shut and went into the classroom before sitting down neck to Annelise, making the chair creak as he situated himself into it.

Leia put her finger on Fillian's lips to hush him. "I sure am." She said with a wink before grinned slyly. "You see, my mother was an highschool student that was doing a study on the counselors. Of course, they all said no. Well, except father. And she started going to his house and they dated secretly and she was underage and they both mated. Soon after, mother moved away without knowing she was pregnant and father died a little while after. She gave me his name to honor him." She said with a smile. "Honestly, all I want to do is learn more about the man my father was."

Hei made a few things explode again and started to talk about some theories before the bell rung. Dammit! He was just getting to another explosion too. "Dammit! Well, since I didn't get to the homework your homework is your favorite animal!" He said before shooing everybody off.

Valeryia was called up to the board. She bit her lip before getting up there and tried to write the same sentence Gideon had wrote in Russian. She had written it well, except it was backwards. Some people let out a muffled laugh as they looked at it, making her feel bad inside. She sat back down with her head low, sighing a bit as she burrowed her head into her arms.

Gilford opened his eyes wide. "Let me help you." He said before pretending to accidentally create an ice dome over him and Ichirou. "Shh. Let me do this." He said quickly before sloppily writing the right answer down on Ichirou's homework. "It's alright, I don't mind." He said before finishing up. He quickly got back to his desk. Thank god the ice wasn't see through. The teacher broke though, looking pissed. Thank god Gilford was able to pretend he had done it by accident.

Akiro looked at her. "Let me handle that." He said before sneakily going to the cafeteria and taking some food before getting back into the nurses office and giving it to Moira. "Eat need it." He said with a sigh.

Joseph smiled. "Sure." He said before taking her hand and going back to their room. It had definitely became much cleaner since Eadlyn got her own room. He pulled out a suitcase and started packing some clothes and lube. Oh yes, the lube was vital.

Belial grinned. "I wouldn't want it any other way." He said before poking Cecilia's behind. "In know I hurt you there once and you don't like it there too well anymore, but do you want to try again?" He asked with a smile before kissing her cheek. "You're body is used to me by now, it should handle it." He said as he started to slide his hand into her pants.

Akira smiled. "Alright then." She said cheerfully. "Where do we find her?" She asked Alexander.

Alexander laughed. "She comes the same way from school everyday with a gigantic seven foot man and a brunette female. There is this one alleyway that you can get an ambush on her from." He pulled out a map and pointed to the alley. "There."

Virgil's mouth twitched, as if a smile was trying to form before he picked up his clothes on the floor and stuffed it in a bag. "Let's go back then..." He said as he slung it on his shoulder. "I have nothing else here.." He said quietly.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annelise stayed quiet the whole class, being the best student she could be. True she wasn't the smartest but the least she could do was try her hardest. She wrote something down the teacher was explaining.

Filliam raises one eye brow. True she looked like Feng. And getting an underaged girl pregnant did sound like something he would've done... Dequan, seeing no troubles or so at all, smiles. "It is an honor to meet the daughter of my father's best friend. I would love to introduce you after school."

Kierra couldn't help but roll her eyes as he gives them the homework. Study your favourite animal? That is really only he could come up with. Though it did sound like something the kids would enjoy doing.

Gideon didn't laugh at all. Instead he wrote something down on a small paper but big enough so it would be easy for her to read. Sneakily when the teacher wasn't looking he puts the paper on her desk next to her. You're improving.. It was true. She was getting better even though the rest was laughing at her for no reason.

Ichirou was about to refuse his offer but when Gilford said shhh he kept his mouth shut. He blushed a bit. This was so nice of her... this could get her in troubles with the teacher but still... "T-Thank you." He says softly with a blush covering his cheeks.

Moira wondered where he was going but soon he came back with food. Oh, he went to get her something to eat. She smiled gratefully before accepting the food. "Thank you, Akiro." She says as she starts eating. She heard him sigh and noticed he actually did that alot. "Is there a reason for occasionly sighs?"

Fayline packed her bag as well with the things she needed. Toothbrush, clothes, hairbrush and some books. When she noticed whar Joseph was packing she couldn't help but chuckle, already knowing his plans.

Cecilia bit her lip as his hand slid into her pants but still she was hesistant for what he was asking. It had hurt so much... and that way they couldn't make babies... but still for him she would do it. "For you I will try it again." She says before kissing him.

Yumi looks at the map, already seeing different ways to approach the situation. But this bodyguard could turn out to be a problem... "Let me observe them a day and tommorow I will strike." She says, deciding on her plan.

Kane could hardly believe Virgil was coming back to them but he was not going to question it. "Okay then. Let's go." He says with a slight smile before walking out of the barracks.
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Raiden wrote down his notes well, using full cursive when writing and using elegant style to write down his notes. His writing was so small, that a regular person would have to squint to read it. Besides his massive strength, he also was rather smart.

Leia smiled. "I'm glad." She said before waving at those two. "Sorry for making you two late to class." She said before walking into her literature class. Iris threw a ruler at her as she walked in. "You're late."

"I know..." Leia shrinked down to size.

"Good. Now get to work." Iris said before getting back with the other students.

Hei sighed as he rubbed his head. "Ugh. I hate quantum physics..." Hei said before rubbing his head. "Thank god I have planning period now.." He said before crawling onto the floor and becoming a ball. "Coffffeeeeee." He cried out.

Valeryia opened the note and squinted a tiny bit to look at it before turning her head a little towards Gideon. She smiled a bit as she wrote back 'I still suck though.' on the note before smiling a little bit and passing it back at him. At least he wasn't laughing at her.

Gilford smiled. "No problem. Anything for a friend." He said before winking and getting to work before blushing a bit himself. Why the hell did he just wink. He shook his head, groaning a little bit because he felt like he was being stupid.

Akiro chuckled a bit as he scratched his head. "Uh, no not really. I guess it just is an expression of emotion." He said with a smile before his eyebrow twitched. "Wait a minute, why would you not know why people sigh often?" He asked.

Joseph winked at Fayline. Before placing open of the bottles out of the bag. "For tonight." He said with another wink before he finished packing up, putting his soap and such in there as well. "I will make you unable to use that beautiful behind of yours for a week." He said with a grin.

Belial smiled before kissing Cecilia back. "It's okay. After we do that, I'll make sure you are filled with strong, healthy babies inside of your womb." He said as he rubbed her stomach. "We will fill this mansion with our demon children." He said with a grin before his grin fell. "Dear Satan, what if they all fall in love with Rex?" He said with his eyes wide open.

Akira nodded. "That's my girl. Planning things out." She said with a grin, very proud of Yumi's planning. That was smart of her.

Virgil followed Kane all the way back to the mansion. Some of his cuts had opened again as they walked, making small trails of blood go down from his arms and drip onto the ground. He was the first one to open the door back to the house. "M-Mom I'm home." He managed to croak out.
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Annelise were paying as much attention as she could but she started to get rather tired. Probably because of the lack of sleep she had since she had worked all night long to finish an essay. Her eyes began to droop and before she knew it she was taking a nap with her head on the table and her pen still in hand.

Kierra chuckles as she kneels down next to him with a thermos full of coffee in her hand. She knew he needed it or else he wouldn't stay awake. "Here you go." She says with a smile as she hands it over to him.

Gideon opened the note but didn't smile though he was smiling on the inside. He just didn't show his emotions alot. He writes something down again and puts it on her table again. 'That doesn't matter as long as you keep working to improve yourself. You really are on the right track.'

Ichirou blushed fiercely, and I really mean fiercely as Gilford winked at him. But not only that. She called him friend. Friend. Friend! They were friends! If he hadn't been in class he would be jumping around from joy. Oh he couldn't wait to tell Akiro this! He was grinning like a happy idiot as he started to do his work.

Moira frowned a bit and tilts her head to the side. Ofcourse she knew why people sighed. Why would he think she didn't? She quikly thinks back and realized she had asked her question wrong. "Oh, I meant to ask why you were sighing occasionally." She says, realizing her mistake now. "What kind of emotion do you need to express with sighing?"

Fayline rolls her eyes as she giggles. "Only for a week? I had expected more from you." She says with a teasing smirk as she finished packing. She thinks she had everything all packed and ready now. It wasn't much but they wouldn't be gone for way too long either.

Cecilia blushed brightly and her eyes were shimmering with excitement as she already invisioned the mansion filled with their sweet children. She chuckles as his grin fell. "Oh honey, do not worry about that. I am sure that won't happen. Rex is not that attractive."

Yumi smiled happily at her mother's encouraging words. She could do this. She really could. There was no way she was going to fail this first mission. This was the reason she was still on this earth anyway.

At first there was no reply but then footsteps rounded the corner as Felicia walked towards them slowly. It was clear she was hesitating alot as if afraid that one wrong move could make her son dissapear again. Her eyes were still red from crying and her hair looked like a mess honestly. When she was infront of Virgil she opened her mouth to talk but no words came out, only her eyes filled again with tears.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Raiden looked over at the napping Annelise before sighing. "Milady please.." He said before shaking her. "Drink this, it'll surely make to perk up." He said before sliding her a small energy drink. "Master Louisa will be angry if you fail a class and she'll surely take it out on me if she's mad." He said calmly, knowing what happened when Louisa was angry.

Hei groaned a bit as he reached up to get his coffee. "Ugh, Kierra.." He said before drinking the whole cup of coffee in one go. "Sometimes I wish I was already retired..." He said as he rubbed his face. He got tired pretty easily these days. He was starting to get old. "I feel so old..." He said as he sat back up.

Valeryia looked over at him as she was handed the note before smiling a little bit, making her broad dimples on her face show. She read it before writing a response, sending it back to Gideon. 'Well, thank you. I still have a long way to go, but the encouragement is nice. What's your name? I'm Valeryia.' She wrote before sliding it back to him.

Gilford blushed a little bit as he saw Ichirou's blushing. God, that boy could blush a lot. He hid his face a little bit in embarrassment before getting back to his work. Math was so easy for him but it was still hard to concentrate. Ichirou was throwing his thoughts off.

Akiro scratched his head. "Oh...that." He said before frowning. "I was just trying to figure out how someone like you could ever be forced to live in those conditions. Disease, germs, dirt, grime and everything else disgusting is within that house, but you lived there still. Why is that?" He asked

Joseph laughed a bit. "I have an entire section of my dungeon dedicated to lube. We will not run out any time soon." He said before walking over and rubbing Fayline's thighs as he kissed her, slowly sliding his hands up to her panties, which he then slipped down. "You've been a naughty naught maid Fayline." He said with a grin before getting her over to the bed with him. He pulled out his member and slapped it against her behind before grinning.

Belial continued to frown until Cecilia commented on Rex's appearance, making him burst out in laughter. "Bwahahaha! True, very very true!" He said before snorting a bit. After a little bit to calm himself down, Belial imagined the demon kids running around the house with their little tails, making him laugh a bit. "Knowing how strong your fox genetics are, I'm betting you're going to have to teach a lot of kids how to walk." He said with a grin.

Akira put her hand on Yumi's shoulder before kissing her forehead. "Stadner huh? Didn't you say something about them when you were a child Yumi?" Akira asked, vaguely remembering some mention of that family.

Virgil let his bag down and slowly walked towards his mother before letting her into his embrace, not caring if her body against his arms made him hurt more. "'s okay.." He said as he ran his fingers through her messy hair. "I-I'm not going to leave again." He said, nearly choking on his words as he said them. He squeezed her tightly, not letting go as some tears fell from his eyes. He couldn't ignore the pain his mother was feeling now.
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Annelise groaned a bit and she slowly opened her eyes as she felt Raiden shaking her a bit. Man, she really wished classes would be over now so she could go home and just sleep. She didn't really like energy drinks but she also knew Raiden would be the one in trouble if she fell asleep again and failed class so she accepted the drink and drank it up.

Kierra moved to stand behind him and began to rub his shoulders. She could see his energy get lower and lower with each day that passed and she guessed they were both slowly getting old. "Nothing we can do about that. Everyone gets old and so are we. So we should just enjoy everything as much as we can." She says before kissing his neck.

Gideon reads it and then thinks about her name. Valeryia. He had heard it a couple of times before... Now he remembered. She was the daughter of two of the hightest generals of the Kami in the past. Valeryia Silvius. Also rumor has it she lives in the President's house since her parents are friends with him. He quikly wrote his own name back to her. Gideon Was the only thing it said.

Ichirou was really terrible at maths. He hated them. Every question was just so hard to understand. He was biting through his pencil as he tried to figure out the answer but after awhile he gave up. With a loud sigh he bangs his head a bit on the table. Stupid math.

Ofcourse Moira could not answer with the truth. She sweared she would keep her identity and the place she came from a secret. So she couldn't just tell that she was send there and she had nowhere else to go since she's from an other planet. So instead she she decided to talk around the subject so she wouldn't have to answer. "Someone like me? What kind of person do you think I am then?"

Fayline couldn't help but look suprised. A whole section just for... Well, she guessed it was something Joseph would do for sure so she shouldn't be suprised. When he slid her panties down again she blushes a bit before softly kissing him back. Without complaintments she lets herself be led to bed before biting her lip. "I am always your naughty maid, am I not?" She said with a slight grin.

Cecilia smiled widely as she heard Belial's laughter. Over the years she had made it her sole purpose to make him smile and enjoy each and every day to the fullest. Hearing him laugh just warmed her heart so much. But when he commented on teaching more children how to walk her smile fell slightly. It had been so hard teaching Shiomi how to walk properly. She hoped their next kids will learn quiker.

Yeah, Yumi had mentioned Stadner before. Or to be more precise, Virgil. But that was now all in the past she had long forgotten. She had to move on. Thinking about Virgil only made her depressed and sad so she had just pushed him out of her heart, just like her parents, and moved on. And hey, it had worked. She has lived most of her life happily up till now. "Could be." She simply answers with a shrug.

Feelin his embrace only made more tears stream down Felicia's cheeks. Carefully not to hurt him she wraps her arms back around him. It felt almost unreal that after this morning she was now here, hugging the son she thought she had lost forever. "I-I'm so sorry Virgil... I'm so sorry..." She said weakly, trying to apologize for everything she had done wrong though she knew she could never apologize for it all.
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Raiden smiled a little bit. "Thank you." He said before passing Annelise her notes, which he had done for her while she was asleep. While Raiden was a bodyguard, he pretty much was just a butler on steroids. He got back to his notes, quickly jotting everything he had missed down. Ah thank god, the class was nearly over.

Hei laughed a little bit before smiling softly. "True..Well, I do enjoy everyday. I enjoy them because I get to spend it all with you." He said as he reached behind him and rubbed Kierra's back. His love for her hand only grown with time, not decreased like most marriages had.

Valeryia smiled as she read Gideon's name before getting back to her sloppy, horrible looking notes. She hated showing things in class because most people complained about how her hand writing looked. Most people assumed that because she lived in the President's house meant that she sound act like someone who lived in the presidents house. You know, good writing and such.

Gilford looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. "You're carrying the wrong equation. You're supposed to carry that one." He said as he pointed at a number on the paper. Gilford wondered if Ichirou's mom was bad at math since his father was a professor and all.

Akiro scratched his head. "I'm not sure I can properly answer that just yet. Someone who doesn't deserve to live in the conditions you were living in though. I can tell you that." He said before rubbing his face and sighing again. Akiro sighed a lot.

Joseph chuckled a bit as he applied some lube to himself. "That is true indeed. You've always been my naughty maid. You just didn't know it at first." He said before bending her over the bed and rubbed her sensitive areas a bit with his hand, feeling her body react by moistening itself more before pushing himself inside of her slowly, expanding her hole that hadn't been expanded in such a large way in quite a long time.

Belial smiled a bit as he saw Cecilia's reaction before kissing her cheek and rubbing her ears. "Aw, come on, don't be a frowny faced fox." He said as he rubbed her ears more before smiling broader. "I'll try to teach the kids to walk if you stop the frowny face." He said while poking her cheek.

Akira shrugged. "Meh, it's been too long to remember. Yumi, I believe it's nearly time for school to get out. I suggest beginning to do whatever you're going to do." She said before locking her arms around Sora's. "Me and your father have some [i]thingp/i] to do." She said with a wink.

Virgil squeezed his mother tighter with his hands, not wanting to let go of the mother he had came out of and realizing how much he needed her in his life. He sobbed out a bit as he squeezed her more. "It's okay mother! I just...don't go, ever, please!" He said as he burrowed his head into his mothers neck before bring her over and laying down on the couch. The cut in Virgil's lip started to bleed again. "I.." He sniffed, containing himself again. He never had many crying outbursts. "....It was never you fault, really...." He croaked out as he wiped the tears from his mothers face. "I'm sorry I made you cry...I didn't want you to get hurt. I just wanted to remind myself that I could feel again...." He said, referring to what he did to himself.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
When the bell rang Annelise sighed in relief. Class was over finally. She stands up and packs her bag before heading over to Louisa's locker together with Raiden. They always met up there again to see what classes they had next and if they had the same class.

Kierra blushes a bit at his words. "You're so sweet." She says softly with a smile before kissing his cheek. As the bell rang she sighed a bit. Planning period. One of the things she did not like. "Well, time to go to planning period then I guess."

Gideon quikly packed up his books as he heard the bell and left the classroom, being out before it became to crowded. He didn't like crowds. Being raised with so many brothers he really needed his space. But school was worse. So many people. Not enough space. It really tired him out but he managed. Atleast at home he would have all the peace and silence he wanted.

Lizana walked happily back towards the place she loved the most, the library. Normally she would have Japanese class now, just for the heck of it, but the teacher was sick so she had a free period. And ofcourse she would spend it in the library. She sits down and opens her book as she begins to read in a book she got from her grandmother, all about poisons and how to make them.

It took ichirou three whole seconds to realize he was carrying the wrong equation. He face palmed before the bell rang. With a large sigh of relief and a grin he packs his bag. "Luckily it is over!"

Moira tilts her head to the side. Again he sighed. What was with this guy and sighing? it wasn't normal to sigh so much right? But then that horrible bell rang again. She groaned in pain and held her ears as that piercing sound tore straight through her skull. She hated that so much. It gave her agonizing headaches.

Fayline softly bit her lip as he rubbed her, loving the feeling his fingers gave her before he pushed himself in. It had been a long time since they last had done it this way. She had almost forgotten the delicious feeling of him stretching her out. She moaned loudly. "Oh Joseph~"

Cecilia's ears perked up as they got rubbed and softly she began to moan a bit. A smile formed on her face and she yipped as she cuddled closer to him. "Fine fine, just don't stop rubbing my ears." She almost begged him.

Yumi nods, her face looking determed now. "Ofcourse mother." She says before running off, knowing exactly where she was going thanks to quikly memorizing the map Alexander had shown her. She climbed up a building that was looking down on the alleyway and then just waited, silently, for Louisa Stadner and her friends.

Sora grinned down at his wife. Oh, he loved it that she couldn't get enough of him. "And what do you have in mind, my love?" He asks teasingly, knowing exactly what she wanted to do.

Her son had probably no idea how much of a relief it was for him to say he didn't want her to go. Felicia smiled softly as she hugged her grown boy tightly. Never had she thought he would turn around like this. She honestly believed she had lost him and she was glad she was wrong. Softly Felicia wiped the blood off of his lip before caressing his cheek. "You feel more than you realize you do. You don't need to hurt yourself to remind you of that... Please don't hurt yourself like that again." Her voice broke down a bit at the end.
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Louisa sighed as she jammed her books back into her bag. She looked over at Annelise and Raiden before smiling a bit. "Ah, there you are." She said before looking over to the side. "My classes are over for the day." She said with a smile. Louisa only had about four classes a day because she was an advanced student. "I'm going to go home now so I can check up on mother." Louisa rubbed her face before looking over at her two friends. "You two go to your class, okay? I'll be fine walking by myself home. I am Louisa Stadner after all, there is nothing to worry about." She said with a grin.

Hei kissed Kierra's cheek back before groaning. "Not going." He said before crawling over to his swivel chair, which he twirled around in before falling off a ledge and out of the chair, making him scream.

Valeryia walked out of the classroom and into the halls to find her next class. God, this school was way too big. Why couldn't they have just split it up like most countries had their schools?

Gilford smiled a bit. "Yes, finally. What's your next class?" Gilford asked with a smile as he put his books and other stuff away in his backpack. "I think we actually have like, all of our classes together." He grinned. "How strange."

Akiro sighed again as he looked at Moira. "Are you alright?" He asked before sitting down next to her. "Everytime a loud noise happens or the bell rings, you look like your in horrible pain." He scratched his head. "You might want to get that checked out."

Joseph moaned out loudly, loving the exotic feeling he had missed so long. "Oh Fayline~ It's so wonderful.." He said as he began to thrust his hips, making him go in and out of her. He cupped his hands around her breasts as he went inside of her deeply, creating a smacking noise from his balls hitting her rear.

Belial grinned as he rubbed her ears. "Fine, just don't bring frowny fox back." He said childishly as he rubbed her ears more, wanting to hear her yip and moan more as he thought it was cute as hell.

Akira moved her hips back into Sora pelvic area. "Ooooooh I don't know. Where do you want to put it?" She asked as she lowered her hands into his pants. Alexander opened his eyes wide before awkwardly scooting the hell away from both of them.

Virgil wiped his tears away before sniffing loudly. "I'm so sorry mom. I won't do it again.." He sobbed out a bit as he burrowed his face into his mother. "I'm such a disappointment. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I bring so much shame to our family.." He hugged his mother back tightly.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Annelise was dissapointed that they couldn't walk home together since she still hd one or maybe two classes left to attend too. Sometimes she really wished she was just as smart as Louisa so they could spend more time together. "Okay then. Just be carefull alright. You never know." She says with a slight smile.

Kierra puts her hand infront of her mouth to stop herself from laughing out as he fell off the chair. After all these years he was still as clumpsy as ever. "Oh yes you are. You are a teacher. You can't skip like students can." She says as she helps him up from the ground.

Suddenly two arms wrapped around Valeryia's waist from behind. "Hey Val!" Eadlyn said excitedly as she hugged her friend. "We've got same class now, right? About time, I missed youuu."

Ichirou's eyes widened a bit. They have all classes together?... Since when?! How did he never notice?! Well.... He probably knew why he never noticed but that was not the point. "I-I have literature class. So... You do too?" He asked just to check.

Moira knew exactly why her ears hurted so much and no she could never let them get checked out. In biology class she noticed that because of her being a Skeer and Fleeter she has different muscle types and bones in her ears and legs. If she went to a doctor they would know something was up with her. "I just have sensitive ears." She says in explaination. She frowned slightly. "Are you sure you are fine? You continu to sigh... Something bothering you?"

Fayline moaned loudly and continoud to moan as he began to thrust inside of her. Oh she had missed this so much as well. "It really is~" She said as she pushed her hips back against his. "Harder please~" She begged him, her breathing already becoming more ragged.

"I won't." Cecilia said with a wide grin as he began to rub her ears even more. She loved loved love loved that feeling! Again she yipped and she even crawled onto his lap before yipping again.

Sora grinned at his wife seductively but when he noticed Alexander scooting away he couldn't hold in his laughter. Oh right, they were still in the park. Genttly he moved her hands out of his pants before giving her a deep kiss on her lips. "Let's find some place pravte first and then we'll talk about where I am going to put it." He says with a grin.

Felicia gently ran her fingers through his hair as she smiled softly down at him. Finally she had the feeling her boy was opening himself up again. "You are no dissapointment. I was sad you were hurting so much but I will always be proud of you." She says before kissing the top of his head.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa smiled a bit before laughing. "Don't worry, if any of the mongrels out there try to touch me, I'll quickly dispose of them like the trash they are." She started walking out of the school before waving at Annelise and Raiden. "Ta ta~" Louisa said before exiting the school. As she walked home, she got goosebumps, having the feeling that someone was watching her but being unable to see the person.

Hei groaned and got back up. "Fine." He said before dusting his lab coat and walking towards the meeting room with Kierra. He jumped up on a table and started dancing around before the librarian tripped him, making him fall.

"Too slow." The librarian said with a sly grin before she sat down.

"V-Vasilia good it meet you again." Hei said with a wince as he got back up. That damned old lady still had some moves, as much as it pained him to say so.

Valeryia screeched as Eadlyn hugged her from behind, not expecting her. She chuckled a bit as she realized who it was. "I've missssssed you too Eaddy." She said before reached behind her and rubbing Eadlyn's head. "What class do we have again?" Valeryia asked, being as scattered brained as usual.

Gilford laughed a bit. "Yes, I do. Want to walk there together?" He asked as he straightened his back pack, making sure the damn thing wouldn't fall off. With how many people bumped into him on a daily basis, it tended to slip off.

Akiro sighed again before opening his eyes wide. "N-No...nothing is bothering me. Nothing more than usual.." He said hinting he was hiding something away from her. "It's nothing really, don't bother with it." He said before propping his elbow and leaning his head against his hand. He sighed again. "I'm just bored I guess. With everything. As I said, nothing to worry about. It's stupid." He said before sighing again.

Joseph moaned out a bit as he grabbed onto Fayline's breasts harder so he had something to hold onto. "As you wish~" He said before he started to go rougher, much rougher, making the noise of him hitting her behind increase by tenfold as he expanded her even more, cramming his entire length up her hole that was not meant for that.

Belial laughed before he started rubbing her ears even more, running his fingers through her tails with his other hand. "Oh, you like that? Hmm? Howl for me. Howl for your king." He said with a grin as he touched an area on her ears that he knew was particularly sensitive.

Akira grinned a bit. "Let's." She said before taking his hand and leading them to the nearest single person bathroom. She took him in and locked the door before stripping down, getting straight down to business. "Which hole would you like, my love?" She asked before bending over.

Virgil's lip started to quiver. "I was supposed to take lead dammit and learn the family business..I've failed myself more than anything..." He said quietly before closing his eyes and nuzzling his head against Felicia. "Mom, can you tell me some stories about dad again?" He asked. Throughout his childhood, he mostly seemed to get any enjoyment from hearing about his fathers stories. Of course, that ended after he started to get really depressed.

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 Louisa smiled a bit before laughing. "Don't worry, if any of the mongrels out there try to touch me,
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Silently and invisible like a shadow Yumi trailed Louisa, regonizing her immediatly. She stayed hidden on the rooftops and noticed that this time she was alone. Hmm, maybe it would be right to strike now? No, not yet. First she was going to have to know more about her opponent.

Kierra giggled as he started dancing but laughed as Vasilia made him trip. Okay, it was not nice to laugh at your husband but hey, it was funny. "Hello Vasilia." She greeted the woman before kissing Hei. "You okay darling?"

Eadlyn laughed at her friend's reaction before letting her go. "We've got physics now." She says as she poked her head. "Your head in the clouds again? Oh, how was Russian?" She asks, knowing how hard that class was for Vasilia. Normally she would be rather sad after having one of her Russian classes but she looked fine.

Ichirou blushes a bit and scratches the back of his head. "U-Uhm, sure." He says a bit nervously. So he had ALL of his classes with her. It was hard to believe that this girl actually wanted to be friend's with him and walk with him. M-Maybe.... He blushed even more. Nah, too soon. Way too soon. But maybe one day...

"Boredness is natural. Being bored of everything is not natural. That could end up being a problem for your own health and the health of those around you." Moira says, having read that actually in one of her pshycological books or else she wouldn't have known. "What things do you do to find joy?" She asks him.

Fayline's loud moans turned into small screams off pleasure which increasingly turned louder as he went on. She clutched her hands in the bed sheets as she felt herself getting closer and closer to finishing. "Joseph, Ah~ I'm so... So .. Close~" She panted out, not being able to form more words.

Cecilia nods and bites her lip when he asked her if she liked it. No, she did not like it. She LOVED it. When he also began to rub her tails she yipped even more but when he hits that oh so sensitive spot she actually howled out.

Sora didn't waiste any time either, immediatly taking off his pants and underwear and even his shirt, knowing it would get too sweaty if he didn't. "Hmmm, honestly I have no clue." He says as one hand began to rub her breast and the other began to tease her most sensitve area. "I would love to have both." He whispered in her ear before nibbling on her neck. "Which one do you prefer for now?"

Felicia's heart warmed a bit as he for the first time in years asked about those stories again. She used to almost tell them every night before he went to bad or whenever he was sad. "Ofcourse honey." She said before she began to tell him the story of how she and his father first met.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa walked, standing straight up, proud and tall. She walked like the authoritarian figure that she was, walking in a manner that almost demanded one to bow down to them. She didn't glance at any of the men or women that she walked by, not giving them the satisfaction of being gazed upon by her. Her silvery blonde hair flowed with the wind, not messing up any of her perfectly straight locks. She clenched her fist, looking ready to attack if anybody dared to touch her.

Hei groaned, seeing little birdies fly around his head. "Ichirou no don't touch that beaker..." He groaned out before getting out of his woozy state. "Wha? Oh, hey darling." He said before kissing Kierra's cheek and sitting down.

Valeryia looked over to the side. "Oh you know...same as usual." She said before grinning broadly. "NOT! I had a really good day surprisingly." She put her hands together and blushed a bit. "I met a really, really cute boy and he said that it seemed like my Russian was improving." She squealed out quietly.

As they walked to the class Gilford got bumped into at least twenty times, making him nearly implode with anger. As they got into class, he set his books down and started getting to work on the do now, not wasting anytime. "Freaking tall assholes..." Gilford muttered out loudly as he continued to work.

Akiro sighed before scratching his head. "What do I find joy in? Well...nothing really. I mean besides helping people, like you today." He said with a slight smile. "I'm not really sad, but I'm not really happy either. It's weird..." He said, thinking out loud.

Joseph grunted out loudly as he came closer and closer to the edge of finishing. "Ah, Fayline! Grah...your magnificent behind is...ah~.." Joseph finished inside of her, his whole body now trembling as a feeling of euphoria came over him.

Belial grinned madly as she howled. "Awww~ So cute babe..." He said as he rubbed her ears a bit more. "You're so cute. My foxy fox queen." He said with a grin before nibbling on her neck a bit. He loved Cecilia a lot.

Akira bit her lip while thinking. "Well, I do like the feeling of being expanded in my rear, I also like having my you know what expanded. You chose. Iny miny miney mo?" Akira asked with a grin as she waited for Sora to go inside of her.

Virgil smiled broadly, intently listening to the story again. When he finished, he jumped up a bit. Wondering that had gone through his mothers head at the time. "So...Father won you over by being smooth as hell?" He asked with a grin. "It sounded like he had some moves." He said, thinking about Tiras hacking the sound system and dancing with Felicia.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Yumi studied Louisa closely. She understoud what Alexander had seen in her. This woman could easily lead a whole army without anyone questioning her. For a rebellion she would be perfect. She didn't even need to test this woman's strength to know how strong she was. It radiated off of her. It would be even dangerous for her to attack.

Kierra giggled before sitting down as well. She always hated panning period but hey, it was part of the job sadly. So with a sigh she stays quiet and just listens.

Eadlyn blinked twice before squeeling and jumping up and down in excitement while clapping her hands. "Who?! Who is the lucky guy?!" She asks loudly. Oh she was so excited! maybe Valeryia would get a boyfriend! Oh she really hoped it for her friend.

Ichirou felt bad at how much times Gilford got bumped into. Yes she wasn't that tall... Or actually she was small but couldn't people just be more carefull? He sat down next to Gilford. "Hey...You... Okay?" He asked carefully even though he already knew the answer.

Moira found it weird as well. There had to be atleast one thing he found joy in... "How about training and practicing for the army? You are a warrior so you must atleast find joy in that."

Fayline screamed out her pleasures as she finished as well. Her legs felt like jelly, causing her to collapse onto the bed since her legs couldn't hold her up anymore. She was sweating and panting. Yes, she would be feeling this tommorow. "That... Was... Amazing." She says as smiles lovingly at her husband.

Cecilia blushed alot as he called her cute and howled again before moaning. "I love you~" She moaned out before biting her lip. She yipped again.

Sora chuckled and grinned. "I think I've found the perfect way." He says as he pushes his length into her rear and stuck his fingers into her front hole. He began to thrust in and out of her as his fingers pleasured her as well.

Felicia blushes softly and chuckles a bit. Oh yes, if there had been one thing Tiras was than it was smooth. "Yes he did. I kinda have the feeling you could be as smooth as your father if the situation asks for it." She says before kissing his forhead. "And besides just being smooth, your father was the most caring and sweet person I have ever met."
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa was brutal and cunning with an intellect that could slice through a normal person in an instance. She was strong, she wasn't going to take shit from anybody and she wasn't going to baby anyone either. The power of her radiated towards all. Nobody dared to oppose her, knowing how strong she was. She was the perfect person to lead the rebellion.

Hei almost fell asleep twice during the meeting, clearly uninterested in Vasilia's rant about updating the library. Why exactly did a science professor have to be at this meeting again?

Valeryia put her cold finger on Eadlyn's lips. "Shh...His name is Gideon. He's a boy who sits near me in my Russian class." She said before pulling her finger away. "He has luscious blue hair and beautiful eyes. Have you seen him before?" She asked.

Gilford growled. "I'm absolutely fine." He said fiercely, not trying to show his weakness. "Just too many people bumping into me." He said with a growl before sighing deeply. "I seem fine, right?" He asked before putting up a smile.

Akiro shrugged. "I'm indifferent. I do it to do it. Nothing more, nothing less." He said as he rubbed his face. "There isn't much I enjoy.."

Joseph smiled back at her before pulling out and admiring the gaping hole he left in her before laying down on the bed right next to her, kissing her forehead lovingly while he panted a bit. "You took it so well.." He said before kissing her on the lips. "That naughty hole....has always loved being filled..." He said with a wink before his breathing calmed down a bit.

Belial bleated in response like a goat. "I love you too~" He said before kissing his wife deeply, slipping his hand through her shirt and onto her breast, squeezing it roughly as he made out with her.

Akira gasped loudly in surprise as Sora suddenly stuck himself inside of her before biting her lip and moaning loudly as he invaded both of her holes, pleasuring her immensely. She looked into the mirror, enjoying the lewd expressions on both of their faces as her rear was pleasurably violated with his long member. "Oh Sora~" She moaned out.

Virgil scratched his head. "I've been smooth once, and I never told you about it. Alright, so Exillion set me up on a blind date with his daughter and well for some reason the emo me went away and some smooth ass player mode kicked in that I never knew I had inside of me and well...yeah...shit happened." He looked over to the side with an embarrassed look on his face. "Don't worry mom, for what I know...and that being what I heard around a year ago since she moved're not a grandmother." He said with a sigh of relief before smiling. "I wish I could have known him better." Virgil said with his smile becoming now faint.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Yumi followed Louisa around a tad bit longer but quikly realized ths was the leader they were looking for. So deciding her job was done she stops trailing her and goes to do something else. Something she wanted to do earlier. Explore this town.

Kierra noticed that Hei almost fell asleep, twice even. But it was nothing new. He always dozed of in meetings like this and honestly, she found them boring as well so she didn't blame him at all.

Eadlyn's eyes widened a bit as she heard the boy's name. "Gideon? You mean THE Gideon Narine? Yes I've seen him around before because he's in my class. But you do realize how many girls are after him? He's not only handsome and incredibly smart but he has that mysterious air around him that drives most girls crazy plus he doesn't talk alot so they want to figure him out badly." She says, remembering some coversations girls had about this Gideon.

Ichirou did not think she looked fine at all. "Well... Not really honestly. You look pissed off most off all... B-But that's okay! I-I mean I would get pissed off if people bumped into me as well." He says quikly, hoping he did not offend her.

Moira tilts her head a bit to the side. That was actually kind of sad. There had to be something he had to enjoy doing... "What kind of things do you enjoy then?"

Fayline softly kissed him back as she looked at him with a loving look in her eyes. She was still so crazy about him and that would never end. "Hmm, it does loves to be filled." She said before biting her lip and blushing a bit.

Cecilia gladly kissed him back, rubbing her tongue against his as he touched her so amazingly. She pushed herself even closer against him as she moaned, absolutely loving the feeling he gave her.

Sora looked back at her through the mirror with a grin on his face. The expression she had on her face made him want to do her even harder. So he did. He began to push a bit more roughly as his fingers moved widely inside of her. "Tell me my love~. Scream it out how much you love this." He managed to say.

Felicia was suprised to say the least when she heard his story. That was not what she had expected from him at all. "I wish you could've known him better too..." She said quietly and caressed his cheek before suddenly pinching it hard. "Do you have any more lovely stories like the one you just shared? Cause I would like to know so I wont be suprised when there is suddenly a woman standing on my doorstep with a child in her arms." She said, though not harshly. Honestly, she was just glad he was finally opening up and telling her things about himself.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Louisa rubbed her mouth before getting through the gates of her home. As she came through the front door, she realized there was a pair of shoes there that was not anybody else's except...."Mother?!" She called out. "Is he here again!?" She asked, feeling vehement rage build up.

Hei started to snore, actually falling asleep as he leaned his head against Kierra's shoulder. Once Hei was asleep, he wasn't going to wake up for a long while.

Valeryia crossed her arms. "I will break those other girls." She said while imitating the voice of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. "I still think I have a shot though. Maybe. I'll just have to work hard though." She said while looking over to the side. "I'm pretty enough..right?" She asked.

Gilford sighed deeply. "That's because I am majorly pissed off. I don't exactly like being bumped into much, you know?" He asked before chuckling a bit and smiling softly. "It's fine though. I'm 'cooled' down." He said before snorting.

Akiro rubbed his head and sighed. "I don't know really. Everything I used to enjoy well...I don't enjoy anymore..." He smiled a bit. "For some odd reason though, I have enjoyed the time we've spent together..." He said while rubbing his head.

Joseph caressed her face and smiled as he looked at her with the same loving look in his eyes. Fayline had completely managed to tame the beast that Joseph once was and he for one was quite happy about that. "Well I love filling it.." He said while firmly grabbing one of her cheeks with his hand.

Belial let out a demonic moan, loving the feeling Cecilia had given him even though he has been feeling it for years. He pulled away, biting her lip slightly as he came off. "Mmmm~ Your mouth tastes delicious."

Akira squealed out loudly as Sora hit and rather sensitive area inside of her. "Ah~ I love it so so much~ I just want you to tear me a new one with your long hard spear~" She moaned out as she started to build up a release.

Virgil screeched as Felicia pinched his cheek. "Actually, yes. Six more. I'm not sure about those ones though. Hopefully I'm not a father though." He said before the daughter of the beast herself came back home. Louisa, Aka the fucking devil in disguise.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Kierra simply lets him sleep, knowing he wouldn't wake up anyway. In the past the had tried it so many times but he wouldn't even budge so now she just let him sleep and writes down some notes of things he should know when he wakes up.

Eadlyn giggles as Valeryia imitated that guy from that movie they had seen a long time ago. "Ofcourse you have a shot! You are one of the prettiest girls I know." She says with a large grin when her eyes caught something. With a grin she wraps one arm around her friend's shoulder. "And look who we just managed to run into." She says while pointing at Gideon, standing over at his locker and changing some books. "He's alone so this is your chance. Go for it!" She says with an even larger grin as she slightly pushed Valeryia in his direction.

Ichirou chuckled at his 'cool' pun before getting an idea. "Hey, maybe I can be some kind of bodyguard to you? I'll try to keep the people out of your way so they won't bump into you as much as before." He sayd with a smile.

Moira smiled softly as he said that he did enjoy the time they have spend together. That was a good thing. Actually she had enjoyed it as well. "Good to know. I enjoyed it as well." She says with a smile. She found it easier and easier to talk to him now.

Fayline blushed and giggled softly before cuddeling closer to him. Already she felt her behind beginning to ache but it didn't matter at all. It was a good ache. "I guess you'll be doing that alot more in Paris rather soon." She says with a slight grin.

Cecilia yipped a bit in suprise as he softly bit her lip before giggling. "Yours do too." She says with a grin before beginning to lick and suck on his neck. "Actually, every part of your body tastes delicious." She mumbles against his neck.

Sora grinned even more, loving the sounds she was making only for him. "As you wish~" He moaned out as he began to move even harder and rougher, trying to trow her over the edge while holding back himself, which was getting harder to do each second that passed.

Felicia's eyes widened a bit. 6?! "I really do hope for you I am not a grandmother yet." She said, half warning him. She was about to say some more when she heard Louisa's voice. Her daughter was not going to be happy about Virgil's return. They never really got along. "Yes, we are here." She called out to her.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei started to snore a bit, dreaming of studying animals. Oh yes, he had some very odd and zany dreams. Especially when it was something boring like this putting him to sleep. His mind would have to entertain him in some way or another.

Valeryia blushed brightly an gulped. "G-Go for it?! Like how?!" She asked, having no idea how to even start conversation. However, before she could detest anymore, she was pushed towards him. She quickly covered her face with her hand to hide the blushing. "H-Hi." She said in a muffled voice to Gideon.

Gilford blushed a little bit. "That sounds like it'd be a nice idea actually. That'd keep me out of trouble more too since I wouldn't be freezing people and all." He said before smiling brightly, showing off his pearly white teeth. "Thanks." He said as he got back to work.

Akiro smiled a bit. "I'm glad." He said without a sigh. He rubbed his face and checked the time on his phone. There was a family photo on his phone, of him, his mom, his dad and all six of his siblings who all were around the age of one to seven.

Joseph coughed. "Outskirts of Paris." He said in correction before grinning. "But yes. I will be expanding you quite a bit in France." He said as he ran his hand up and down her curves. "Aimez-vous ça?" He asked

Belial grinned a bit. "Thank you, my Queen." He said, obviously flattered by her compliment. "Everything from you is delicious. Your love juice for example, is like a fine wine, only fit for a king." He said before stroking the back of her head as he sucked and licked his neck.

Akira bit her lip and managed to hold on for a little bit before she finally released, tensing her entire body up and it trembled from a euphoric rush that only Sora was been able to provide for her. "Ah~...Sora..." She moaned out quietly.

Louisa walked in the room before throwing her bag down. "You." She said in a clearly spiteful and bitter tone that really just said 'I want to murder my twin brother'.

Virgil sighed. "You." He said lazily in response, too tired to deal with Louisa.

Louisa gritted her teeth. "After all this time, you come back, just when everyone is getting their life together? What, did the army not give you enough attention? Did you decide you needed to suck the life out of this family some more, you parasite?" She asked.

Virgil stood up and glared at her. "No. I came back for mother." He said angrily.

Louisa 'humphed' loudly. "Lies." She said. "All lies. What you really came back for is the attention she gives you, because you need it. You live off attention. You're a leech, you've always been a leech. You will always be a leech, it's in your nature. Even when you were younger you were a leech, like with your friend Yumi." She said before grinning slyly.

Virgil clenched his fists in anger. "Don't you speak her name!" He said before charging at Louisa. She responded be charging electricity through her foot and kicking him in the head, making his entire world go black.

Louisa shrugged. "Sorry mother. He was being a fool." She said while looking down at him.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Awhile later the meeting ended, much to Kierra's joy. She sighs in relief and softly begins to shake Hei awake. Or atleast she tries to. "Honey, wake up. The meeting is over." She says gently before she begins to shake him harder. "Wake.up."

Gideon looks at the girl who he regonizes from Russian class a couple of minutes ago. Valeryia was her name if he remembered correctly. "Hello." He says. It was clear she wanted to say something ot atleast talk for some reason. She looked nervous and he was sure behind her hand she was blushing. "Is there anything you want to ask?" He asks her, helping her a bit. He knew she probably didn't know how to start so he helped by giving her oppertunity to talk.

Ichirou smiled brightly and he would swear he felt his heart pound harder in his chest. S-She said yes! Oh this was great! He had a friend and now he could help his friend. Happily he began to work as well. He couldn't wait to tell his parents about this awsome day!

Moira looks curiously at the device people called cellphone. Everyone had those things and she knew what was able with that small device but still those things spiked her curiousity. They didn't have technology like that on her planet. When she sees the picture she tilts her head a bit to the side. "Your familiy?"

Fayline rolls her eyes lightly. "Fine, outskirts of Paris. Close enough." She says with a slight smile before blushing and kissing him. "Oui, mon amour." She mumbles against his lips before kissing him again, deeper this time.

"Not for any King. Only for you." Cecilia says with a giggle as she continous to kiss his neck but after awhile she begins to slow down and her excitement fades a bit as she thinks about something she has been wondering for awhile. "Belial... Do you ever regret choosing this life... You could've been making art everywhere, be the heir to the throne, could have any woman though now you are bound to me and more...." She said softly. She didn't doubt his love for her but... She had the feeling she was holding him back, that he could accomplish and do so much more if she hadn't been there... it made her feel guilty.

Sora grunted loudly as he released his seeds into her. With a sigh of delight he pulls out of her, watching the liquids drip out of her before gently pulling her upright. He turns her around so they were face to face and holds her in his embrace. "I love you, Akira Cruz." He says with a sweet smile before kissing her, the gentleness off the kiss being the complete opposite of the wildest they just had.

"Louisa." Felicia's voice was calm but clearly filled with anger she was holding back. She stood up from the couch and folds her arms, giving her daughter a stern look she probably hadn't given her in years. "You are the fool at the moment. Your words were harsh, backhanded, mean and uncalled for. I won't tolerate this behaviour and especially not because they were directed at your own brother. Go to your room and don't come out till you can properly apologize." She spoke sternly, making it clear she wanted no talk back from her.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei grumbled as he started to wake up from his nap. "Arhm?...Boobies?.."He placed his hand on Kierra's breast and squeezed, making some of the teachers turn their head and look before scooting out of the room in embarrassment. Hei woke up fully and let out a feminine scream as he pulled his hand away before blushing a bit.

Valeryia looked over to the side before looking into his eyes. She gulped, feeling much like her mother did many years ago when she first started talking to Renald. "W-Will you go on a date with me?" She squeaked out shyly before turning completely red. She could feel people staring at her, the tallest female in the school as she tried to have her crush go with her on a date.

Gilford looked over at Ichirou and smiled. He sure looked happy. He was glad now that he sat near him and talked to him. "Are you okay?" Gilford asked with his big smile. He thought Ichirou was being cute.

Akiro nodded. "Yeah, my mother is the one with the dark hair and the wings." He said as he pointed at Chidori's ghoul wings. "My dad is the purple haired one with the sword and my six sisters can clearly tell who they are." He said while pointing at his six sisters. The all looked like Chidori, like exactly. He was the only one that even looked remotely like his dad. The Nagachika family had very strong genetics.

Joseph poked her breast. "It's best to be exactly correct." He said before rubbing his nose against hers and kissing her. "Je t'aime plus que tout mon amour . Eh bien , vous et Eadlyn mais vous savez ce que je veux dire." He said as he ran his fingers through her hair gently with a smile.

Belial sighed as Cecilia asked him that question. "Cecilia, no. I never wanted the throne, or hundreds of women or whatever else I wanted. I would have been bored. Sure, when I was younger those things mattered but not anymore. What matters to me is you, Shiomi and the next children we're going to have. That's it, and those are what bring joy to me in this life." He kissed her cheek. "I would have been so stressed if I was the ruler of hell. I feel like I would have hated it." He said before smiling.

Akira grabbed onto his shirt and kissed back gently before running her hands up to his face and kissing him deeply before pulling away. "I love you too, Sora Cruz." She said with a grin. " you wanna check out what happened to the old lab?" She asked.

"I'll be in that room for all of eternity then! Because I am right!" Louisa said before she stomped off and went back to her room, slamming the door shut and locking it before going ballistic and destroying a punching bag she practiced on in her room. She opened up her computer and waited for Annelise to get onto their messenger website they chatted on.

Virgil woke up groggily, hallucinating that Yumi was waking him up, only to see it was Felicia. "Mom?....ugh....." He held his bleeding head in pain. "What happened?" He asked.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Kierra was blushing furiously. Him groping her breast was one thing but him groping her breast with people watching was death embarressing. She quikly gave him the notes she had taken when he had fallen asleep and turn her back to him. Not angrey or so at all. Just purely embarressed.

Gideon's expression didn't even change a single bit instead he simply puts a book in his backpack before slinging it over his shoulder. He had been expecting this. Since he came to this school so many had already asked him that. All in different ways. Shy, flirty, confident. He turned them all down. "No." He said simply, turning her down as well. She was no different than any other girl.

Ichirou was so suprised at the question he had to blink twice before responding. "Yeah, I'm okay. Don't I look okay?" He asks a bit worried.

Moira smiles softly as she looks at the picture. What a big family. She wondered if they were a happy one though they do look like one. "I am an only child." She says as she looks at the six little sister siblings and then realized she maybe shouldn't have started talking about her own life and family. The conversation would head towards a subject she could not talk about.

Fayline giggles as he rubs his nose against hers and blushes. "I get what you mean." She say softly before kissing him again. "God, you're so sexy when you talk in French." She says with a grin.

Cecilia suddenly hugged her Prince tightly, actually feeling tears in her eyes. She just felt... Relieved. Yes she knew from the start that would've been his answer but to hear him actually say it made her simply feel relieved. "I love you so much Belial." She says softly, her voice a bit shaking from the sudden emotions she was feeling.

Sora smiled lovingly at her but cringed a bit at her suggestion. The lab? Serieusly? Why? Why would she want to go back to that hell hole. It was only bad memories to him. Well, not all but most of them were. "You really want to go back there?" He asks. It was clear to hear how much he did not want to go.

Felicia kneeled down next to her son and gently caressed his cheek. "Louisa knocked you out..." She says with a soft smile though the worry and anger were still there in her eyes. "Does it hurt alot?"
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei straightened his glasses and looked over at the notes before poking Kierra in the back with his finger. "Hey hey, you alright?" He asked, now out of the drowsiness and not remembering what he had just done to her breast in front of everyone.

Valeryia's jaw dropped before suddenly anger flared up. She was not sensitive enough to just cry over a guy, no. She had a dormant temper enough to kill a guy. "You douche!" She yelled before freezing Gideon into a human Popsicle. Soon, she was dragged away by security and put into the same exact situation as her brother had been earlier.

The principal pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know I had to get your father out of work for this, right?" He asked.

"Yes...." Valeryia said quietly.

Ivanka burst through the door with Renald, looking mad. "Valeryia! I expected better from you!" She yelled.

"I'm sorry mommy..." Valeryia said quietly. Oh yes, she still called her mother 'mommy' and her father 'daddy'. She actually got teased for it a lot by Shiomi.

Gilford snorted a bit as he laughed. "Yes yes, you look fine." He said with another snort as he looked at Ichirou, who looked like he was stammering in fear of looking odd.

Akiro turned his head a bit and smiled when he heard that Moira was an only child. "Really now, what was that like?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, curious about her experience as an only child and how it could have been different from his experience as one child out of seven.

Joseph laughed a bit before grinning. "And you're so sexy in general." He said as he caressed her face before smooching her. "I'm glad Eadlyn is learning French, but I'm also sad too because we won't be able to talk dirty without her knowing it." He said before winking at her.

Belial opened his eyes wide at Cecilia's sudden burst of emotional but quickly wrapped his arms around her and stroked the back of her head with his hand soothingly. "I love you so much as well. I always have." He said before burrowing his head into her large mass of hair. He rubbed her curves as he pulled himself out from it before poking her cheek. "Don't get all teary eyed..." He said as he started to get a little teary eyed himself. "It's contagious..."

Akira shrugged. "Duh. I want to go back and see what happened to our rooms." She said as she wiggled her eyebrow. "That is the place where I lost my anal virginity after all. I want to go back you know, to feel the memories and such. To feel the euphoric rush. Also to see what happened to all the cultists who moved in there supposedly." Ah yes, the cultists. Soon after the incident happened, two cults were formed. The cult of Gaia, a cult focused on bringing about the end that Hotaka dreamed of by sacrificing members of the other cult and the Mantra Knights, a cult that worshiped Tiras as the messiah and sacrificed Gaia cultists in hopes of resurrecting him. Eventually, the army came in and wiped both of them off the map before it could escalate.

Virgil rubbed his head a bit as a jolt ran through him again, making him yelp a bit as his hair stood up. "Yes...I hurt very badly." He said as he rubbed his head. He felt like he could pass out at any second again. "" He pulled away from Felicia and managed to walk back to the couch and lay on it before he passed out again.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Kierra looked at Hei with a slight pout and a still fierce blush on her face. "That was embarressing." She mumbles before turning her head away from him again. Still not angrey, just embarressed. Man, she will be hearing this for weeks for sure. Or maybe people would find it awkward as well and just leave her alone.

Renald followed Ivanka inside. His walk was more calm and collected since he didn't burst through the door but he looked like he was fuming on the inside. If there was one thing he absolutely hated was when people called him out of work. He hated it even more if it was for reasons like this. "Ivanka, go unfreeze the boy please." he says before turning his attention to his daughter. "What were you thinking? I know you can control your powers better than Gilford so I know you did this on purpose. So what for what bloody reason did you decide to abuse your powers like that!" He sighed in frustration. "Am I really going to be pushed to the point where I'll have to force you two out of school because you two can't control your powers or tempers?"

Ichirou blushed more and rubs the back of his head a bit sheepishly. "O-Okay, good." He says before smiling softly. "You're cute when you laugh like that." His own eyes widened at his words. W-Wait... Why did he say that?!

Moira knew that the conversation was heading in a dangerous direction... But he looked genuinely interrested and he was smiling instead of sighing..."Well, I guess I did get a tad bit more spoiled..." Though that could also be because she's a Princess. "But sadly I did not see my parents often enough. I was... Occupied. And so were they." She was buzy with teachers and studies while her parents were ofcourse buzy ruling the Kingdom.

Fayline laughs a bit before rolling her eyes. "Poor us, not being able to talk secretly dirty anymore."She says with a slight grin before cuddeling closer to him. "We'll just have to make the dirty talk stay in the bedroom."

Cecilia gently nuzzled her nose against his before giving his lips a quik peck. "Fine fine. I'll try not to get more teary eyed." She says as she blinks the tears away. "So what do you want to name our next child?" She suddenly asks with a large grin.

Sora chuckles a bit but then sighs. Yeah, bringing up memories of them would be good but there were so many memories he'd rather forget. But she wanted to go... "Alright then. Let us go and see how our old lovely rooms are." He says, partly sarcastic before kissing her and leading her to the old lab.

Felicia wanted to help him but before she could Virgil was already up and on the couch. She smiled softly down at her returned son before softly kissing his forhead. "Glad you're back." She whisperes before leaving the room, leaving her son to rest a bit.
hampir setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Hei smiled a bit before rubbing Kierra's shoulder. "Aww, I'm sorry." He said before kissing her cheek. "I can't help it when I'm that tired. I just want to cup my hands onto something soft and amazing when I wake up. I'm sorry your breasts are the first thing that come to mind when I think off that." He said before nuzzling her neck a bit. "Loveeee youuu~" He said as he booped her nose.

Ivanka walked out of the room and to the frozen Gideon, who's face looked like it was meshing from a calm and collected look to a look of great surprise. She unfroze him, catching him as he fell down and setting him down gently. "I'm sorry about what happened. Valeryia well...I'm not sure what you did, but I imagine it hurt her greatly." She said before she walked away.

Valeryia looked down a bit, feeling ashamed in herself for the way she reacted. "No daddy I just..." She looked down. "You know I've always had troubles with boys, and I got rejected today. That's all that happened..." She got really quiet. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again..." She said quietly while looking over to the side. Boys she liked always were rejecting her for one reason or another. She was too tall sometimes. Sometimes her hair was too weird. Sometimes it was because she didn't act feminine like she looked, Sometimes it was because she hung out with non humans and sometimes it was just because they didn't like her. That was why she never had a boyfriend before.

Gilford blinked a few times before he gulped. His face turned a very very dark shade of red. "D-Did I hear you right?......" Gilford asked quietly as he blushed. After a little bit, he realized he hadn't been hallucinating. "Oh why...thank you.." He said quietly as he gulped again.

Akiro frowned a bit. "Aw, I'm sorry." He said quietly. "You know, my father wasn't around much. He always was and is at work, trying to become promoted to General now that General Yamato is starting to get older. My mom was who mainly took care of us. She never was able to get a job because she was the daughter of Hotaka Nagachika, the man who caused the incident about twenty years ago." He said. Even outsiders would have heard a bit about the incident. "So, she was pretty much only able to be a stay at home mom with me and now with my sisters." He looked over to the side and sighed. "I honestly just...I joined the national guard to get away. I wanted to escape from the bleak life, to go somewhere where nobody knew who's grandson I was." He looked down before laughing a bit. "I'm sorry, you didn't need to hear my rant."

Joseph cuddled against Fayline a bit more, putting his chest against her back as he wrapped his arms around her stomach. "Aww, that's a shame. I'll miss our secret little dirty talk." He said before kissing Fayline's cheek. He moved his hand up and playfully squeezed one of her breasts while grinning. "Honk honk." He said, impersonating a cars honking.

Belial pecked back a bit before thinking about her question a bit. "Well...if it's a boy, I was thinking something like well...hmm. Kayneth? If it's another girl, maybe something like Elizabeth or something? I was thinking we could go for more of a English sounding name this time, if that's alright with you." He said, thinking about Shiomi's name. Truth be told, they mainly named her that because she looked very oriental. Well, and they thought it was a pretty name too but still.

Akira grinned a bit. "Alright." She said before taking Sora's hand and leading him in the old direction of the lab. As they began to reach it, there was a large gate around it that read "QUARANTINE ZONE: BIO HAZARDOUS MATERIAL " It warned, not wanting people to go in. She kicked a hole into the gate and walked in, going through the two main doors that had been used so much. There was graffiti everywhere, all of it barely visible from the moss that had grown on the building. She walked into the building, stepping right where dried blood was stained into the ground. She continued to walk in further, light illuminating the room from holes in the ceiling. She looked around, seeing the remains of the shrines built to her husband. Those people really worshiped that psychopath. Disgusting. She reached Sora's old room and opened the door, only to see two skeletons in their old bed with bullet's lodged in their dusty old skulls. "God, the military did a number on this place." She thought outloud.

Remi came back from school and screeched as she saw Virgil on the couch before running to Felicia. "M-m-mother! What happened?! How did you get him to come back!?" She asked, surprised and excited. "And uh..why is he unconscious?..." She added.
hampir setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Kierra couldn't help but smile as Hei nuzzlded her neck. Ofcourse she wasn't mad, just embarressed, so he was easily forgiven. But she liked teasing and driving him crazy. "Not forgiven." She says as she folds her arms and looks away from him, a faked annoyed frown on her face.

Gideon felt his legs give out as soon as he was unfrozen but luckily there was someone to catch him and put him down. He was shivering alot. Damn that had been cold, so so cold. He wrapped his arms around himself for a bit of warmth as he looks up at the woman. Hurt her greatly? He said nothing as he stood back up and puts his backpack over his shoulder. The only thing he did was say no to a question. He was honest. He didn't lead her on, nor played her, nor betrayed her. He did not feel guilty. She would get over it soon anyway.

Renald was quiet before sighing. He hated seeing his little girl like this. Gently he patted her head. "I am sorry to hear that. But still that is no reason to just take out your anger and hurt on him." He kneels down so he can look her straight into her face. "You are young honey so I can imagine the need to find someone. And I know how hurtfull it can be to be turned down. But you are absolutely gorgeous and amazing and one day there will be a guy who will crawl through the dirt for you." He says with a gentle smile. "Just let it come naturally. Don't go chasing the boys, they should be chasing you." He adds before kissing her forhead.

Ichirou hid behind his book. Why did he say that?! It was the truth, but still why?! Geez this was embarressing. Still as Gilford thanked him he smiled a bit sheepishly. "Y-You're welcome..."

Moira didn't completely understand who this Hotaka was but ofcourse she had heard some stories about this man. Though it was unfair for people to judge him for the things his grandfather had done. Gently she places her hand on his and gives him a soft smile. "No need for apologies. I hope you find that escape one day though looking at you I see you will find it."

Fayline chuckled a bit before full out laughing as he squeezed her breast like that. "Honk honk?" She asks him with a wide grin of amusement and a raised eyebrow. "Do you think I am a ca-" Suddenly a sharp pain in her lungs intterrupted her sentence and she started coughing. She puts her hand infront of her mouth and tries to calm it down but then she felt something splatter against her hand. When she pulled it away from her mouth her eyes widened. Blood. There was blood on her hand. She had felt these pains before in her lungs and she always started coughing but never had she coughed up blood and never had she told Joseph about these pains or cough fits.

Cecilia grinned widely before kissing him again. "Sounds good actually. I've always loved English names, They always sound so pretty and classy." She says as she nuzzles her face in his neck. It was so exciting to talk about children again!

Sora was disgusted by the building. It was so old and moldy and just ready to be destroyed. When he saw the leftovers from that cult he couldn't help but roll his eyes. What kind of crazy mentally ill people would even want Hotaka back. He sighs a bit as he sees his old bedroom. He wasn't emotionally attached to it or anything but seeing the skeletons just made him feel a little bit sick. "They really did... Can we get out of here now?" He asks, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

Felicia was calmly reading a book when Remi walked in. She smiles softly as she sees the excitement in her adopted daughter's eyes. "He came back himself." She says smiling more but then it fell a bit. "Louisa wasnt as happy and knocked him out."