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SO I need help with grade 8 science. I need anda to explain the plant and animal cells. I know that you're probably going to say Google it, but I've tried. The things are too complicated, for grade 8s! But if anda find a good link to where I can find my information, please give me. Thanks:)
 lollipopszx3 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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cmrm said:
So, I gave this on my 7th grade, but I'll try my best explaining..

In general, the plant cell is formed sejak a nucleus, a cell wall, a membrane wall, chloroplasts, a large vacuole and cytoplasm.
While the animal cell, in general, is formed sejak a membrane wall, cytoplasm and a nucleus.

The chloroplasts are responsible for the photosynthesis (it's where it happens) and create the cells' nutrients.
The nucleus controls the cells activity.
The membrane wall is the frontier with the outside and regulates the input and output of substances.
The vacuole is where the substances are kept.
The cytoplasm is the support of what is inside of a cell.
Differences between them
Cellular wall, chloroplasts and a large vacuole, (which are only present in the plant cell)

Similarities between them
Nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane dinding and mitochondria (the last one plays an important role on the cellular "respiration"; I can't come up with a better expression than respiration xD)

I don't know if it's what you're looking for actually..
oh well.. xD
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