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Ever had an awkward moment atau thought...

If so...how? Why? How did it make anda feel? Was it perverted? Lets hope not....do anda hate me? Am I asking to much questions? *starts to ask loads lebih questions* YAH anda DO HAVE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!! Just kiddin Im was just joshing you! But seriously....have anda ever had an awkward moment atau thought? Rite now my thought is how many trolls will probably answer this question...and how XxkeithharkinxX will have the most obvious respnse! XD how about you? :D
 Crazy8s17 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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DarkCEpitome said:

I'm at my cousins' house, listening to my one cousin once removed -- atau better yet my mother's cousin (Not sure how that whole cousin, cousin once-twice-three-five-times removed situation works, sorry) lecture his two daughters and stepdaughter for about an jam and a half (He's very strict, to say the very least), sitting at the meja, jadual in the dapur with my great Uncle Richard, my mother, and an eighteen-year-old boy.

The four of us sort of make small talk while we listen, this scenario was kinda awkward as it was at first.

Until, my mother and the boy begin to talk about tattoos.
My mother brought up the fact that I wanted a Chucky tattoo; specifically, I really want Chucky's face tattooed on my arm. :)

Well, I guess I'm sort of zoning out at that point atau was focused on figuring out what my cousin, Donald's lectures were all about, when my mother suddenly shows the boy the tattoo of a hummingbird on her chest. Probably discussing her plans on having it recolored, and how that will hurt like hell.

I notice this, and the first thing that pops in my head is that a great part of my mother's breast is exposed, and the boy was staring at it while they were talking.

So I say out loud suddenly, "Mom, why are anda menunjukkan a teenage boy your breasts?"

There was an anon of awkward silence, and a momentary pause until they suddenly react. The boy basically told me that he was sitting there looking at her tattoo innocently with a clean mind, and that he was the teenage boy here out of the two of us and he had the clean mind. xD

My mother just sort of laughed it off, atau tried to anyways. She also pointed out that the boy may not like old woman.

Psst. She'd be surprised. :3 Although out of the boy's defense though, he probably wasn't that attracted to her.

Lol, yep. And that's my awkward moment ^_^
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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