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Hi, I'm trying to come up with a woobie header for the Strider franchise. If anyone has ideas, be my guest.

Read about woobies here: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheWoobie

Look at the MB header for Heavy Object for example: Among the people in a world where war is the norm, the following make a devious record with what they have.

* VideoGame/{}:
** Manga/StriderHiryu: Rin, from chapter one, is an orphan of the Mongolian nomads camping at the base of the plateau Hiryu chose to live after retiring from the Striders. Hiryu met her there when he first arrived, and ever since then they have been living together. Rin is very cheerful in contrast to the stoic and melancholic Hiryu, looking up to him and tries her best to assist him. On the other hand, she reminds Hiryu of his late sister. The two lived peacefully together until they spot a strange airship with a Strider mark. Rin watches Hiryu sprint at a speed she has never seen him at as he kept his abilities and past as a Strider from everyone. When she catches up, Hiryu yells at her to stay back. When Hiryu refuses to follow Matic's questionable orders. Matic orders two Striders to attack the villagers. Witnessing Hiryu hack off the Striders' arms, a crying Rin runs away with the other villagers, which was part of Matic's plan to shatter Hiryu's ties with them and make him rejoin the Striders. While the elder tells Hiryu that he will be welcomed back at the village, it's unknown if he'll return, let alone rekindle his bond with Rin.
** ''[[VideoGame/StriderArcade Strider 2]]'': The Merrow is a mermaid-like creature with mysterious psychic powers. She was captured to become the power core of the Battleship Balrog, which uses her powers in order to fly. Encased inside the ship's reactor core against her will, she's siphoned of her energy constantly in a painful process which leaves her exhausted, as the energy obtained from her is so powerful she can't control it by herself and needs assistance from nearby Control Brains to keep it stable. Her species was hunted down specifically to power battle
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