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posted by cute20k
1. Dial a Rawak number and confuse the person who jawapan sejak saying things like;
"Why did anda call me?", "How's Billy Bob?", "Thank's for last night! (make kissy noises in phone", "I'm sorry to hear about your loss (hang up immediately)", "What happened to your mother is horrible! I'm so sorry she had to leave us on that note!", etc.

2. Look up Rawak statements in foreign languages and recite the statements to those who speak the language.

3. Post a Rawak artikel like this.

4. At walmart atau somewhere similar, go up to an obese woman, atau a man for extra affect, and wish them good luck with their upcoming child while staring at their stomach in a serious tone.

5. Go sit in your front yard and wave to the people walking bye. Greet them with something like, "Hey Sally, how's the kids?"

6. Text everyone anda know something like, "Happy international talk-like-a-viking-day!"

7. Write a comic book including yourself staring as a superhero along with your Friends as your sidekick atau other superheros and make your arch nemisis some one anda deeply despise.

8. Flirt with perverts on the web. (Best times are around 9-11 am in my time, in the south eastern area of the united states, sorry I don't know time zones!)

9. (girls, atau cross-dressers....) Blind fold your Friends and yourself and give each other blind makeovers. (results may vary)

10. (girls atau menyeberang, cross dressers..) First you'll need a half full/half empty atau completely empty perfume atau body mist bottle. Add smelly things and strange liquids while trying to maintain a believeable color and offer the original fragrance to either a friend as a joke atau to an enemy.
1. Change the lyrics to a popular song to hilarious Rawak lyrics.

12. Find a poster of a celeb. anda hate atau a picture of an enemy and use markers/cheap makeup to paint them into your point of view towards them.

13. Drive a riding lawnmower down the jalan casually.

14. Carry a sofa, kerusi panjang down the jalan and see how long it takes until someone calls the police.

15. Try some of the Kandi in the medicine cabinet.

16. Tell everyone how much anda Cinta them, including strangers.

17. (aimed at guys) Undress and meet me in the back with the jack at the juke box ;) (jk)

18. Take your pants off and run around your neighborhood screaming "MY PANTS ARE ON FIRE!"

19. Chat with strangers on the internet! That seems to be what most of us do.

20. Try a stage slide in shorts.

21. Complain to Rawak strangers about a bruise on your buttox.

22. Give your mother a hati, tengah-tengah attack and tell her your pregnant. (especially affective for guys but aimed at girls)

23. Shake up a soda can (while the hobos not looking) and politely offer the cold drink to a hobo seemingly obliviously.

24. Try to make your own soda. (ex. For orange soda add orange Makanan coloring atau orange jus to sprite) Now offer your creation to someone.
25. (girls... atau cross-dressers) Hang upside down from a pokok and give your friend a makeover.

26.Go streaking through town.

27. Go skinny dipping.

28. Write cuss words on the side walk with chalk in a neighborhood with small children.

29. Try playing baseball with tomatoes.

30. Go around town getting Rawak people to sign your t-shirt.

31. Have a free hug day.

32. Have a cake/pie fight.

33. Ask for band name suggestions at a gay bar.(I've done this before. Hilarious outcomes.) *

34. Play midnight subway cart, troli game (run from subway cart, troli to subway cart, troli before the doors close.)

35. Throw a themed party (ex. football bros and cheerleading hoes)

36. Water gun drive by.

37. Have a picnic on a roof!
38. Flour Bombing- it's really cheap and easy...
Buy a load of cheap tissues and flour.
Open a tissue up and put about a handful of flour inside.
Then screw the bahagian, atas of the tissue up so that it is sealed, but not too tight.
Make as many of these as anda like and perpecahan, berpecah them out evenly between your friends.
Find a large field atau garden, put on some old clothes and go crazy throwing them at eachother (it's even better at night!)
Same rules apply as in paintballing!

39. Racing in shopping carts is major fun.

40. Push your friend in a baby stroller (let go) down the steepest bukit in your neighborhood (A 1st aid kit might come in handy.)

41.Take ketchup packets from McDonalds and leave them under car tires in a parking lot.

45. Do the same with eggs and rotten tomatoes.

46. Sit your younger brother/sister/cousin/something (If anda don't have these subsitutions may include a close friend who's good at being annoying) on a najis in anda front yard and try to auction them off.

47. Leave a hamburger on bahagian, atas of someone's car and wait in a car nearby and watch their reaction..

48. Tell some little kids your having an Easter Egg Hunt atau something ( But don't hide anything!!) And watch as they look and look.

49.Jump Trucking (jump on the back of a truck/van and see where it takes you)
50. WalMart atau Super Store Frogging(basically means anda plan to sneak a sleepover, they stay open for 24 hours so hide and wait til everyones gone)

51. T-P someone's house

52. Cow tipping!!

53. Wait until its dark and when a neighbor atau family comes home. Hide in the bushes and as they walk by, spray them with something like silly string atau washable spray paint.

54. Go Makanan Sampling (like trick atau treating, instead of door to door anda go store to store and collect Rawak Makanan samples--the mall Makanan court is a good place to start. At the end of the day, dump all your collectibles on a plate and have lunch/dinner together)

55. Mute Dialogue a Movie atau a TV tunjuk (bring down the sound atau mute it and make up what they're saying lol)

56. Night time Glow PaintBall shooting/Water Balloon Fighting (fill Pistol with glow in the dark paint atau fill water balloons and make a game of it at night...Remember the lebih anda get hit the easier it is to find anda and target anda again. Play til anda run out)

57. Ride Railing of an escalator (run up a down escalator, run down an up escalator...Warning: the inexperienced WILL get hurt---or thrown out lol)

58. seterusnya time anda go eat fast Makanan go thru the drive thru without a car and demand service!

59. Fast Makanan Hopping. Grab Mcdonalds fries, Burger King Whoppers, Wendy's Frosty, Arby's mozzarella, mozarela Sticks, KFC nuggets, Subway drink (or switch it around, then sit down outside a fancy restaurant and have a nice but cheap meal and do some people watching especially as they come out of the restaurant with empty wallets)
60. Do some karaoke with Friends atau better yet go caroling hot hits door to door (if they complain say you're observing a religious holiday, it's even funnier to say after anda finished Singing Baby Got Back. Make sure to ask for any requests and try to beatbox even if you're terrible at it)

61. When the phone rings and its a sells call, say you're not buying but then try to sell them the competitors product.

62. Call a pizza place. Tell them you're new and town and your neighbors asked anda to order pizza for a party but since you're new round here you're not really sure what this pizza thing is and ask them to explain it to you. When they say "Bread with meat and cheese on it." Ask them something like "What kind of bread? Like a sandwich? With meat? Well, what kind of meat? Couldn't I just put some turkey & cheese on a sandwich?" For best outcomes, call a place where it is against the rules for an employee to hang up on a customer who calls. (In my town there's a place called "Hungry Howie's where these rules apply. My brother's friend is expert at this kind of stuff and did this --He made the call last almost an hour!

62. Eat something that is bad for you, then bathe in pepto-bismal.

63. Tie yourself to the back of a car then jump off while its moving and have someone videotape anda getting extremely bad road-rash at the speeds of 50 to 70mph...

64. Run around town and lick every shops window .

65. Bring a wireless microphone into town and sing beside someone playing a gitar etc.

66. Sit on your roof and throw water baloons at pedestrians.

67. Follow Rawak people around and pretend anda know them sejak trying to make conversation.

68. Run around in your underwear with a wand and a harry potter outfit and yell spells at people.
69. Go to Wal-Mart and when the announcer comes on Say this Its those voices again!!! Scream that in an isle!!

70. Go into a Rawak store with a lot of people and screamI WON THE LOTTERY!!!

71.When anda are in class lightly bob your head to a light tune and then think of a really heavy metal tune and just whip out the air gitar and everything! Thrash your head around too!!!

72. Get whipped cream in a bottle and spray randoms!!

73. Have a hugging contest!

74. Try on old people clothes clothes at the mall and muat naik them onto your fanpop/myspace/facebook atau another account!

75. Knock and run on peoples houses(teaches, mates, old people)

76. Put kacang, kacang tanah mentega on the handle of Rawak cars

77. follow a Rawak car utama to mess with them

78. fast Makanan football (have someone run through and grab your bag of Makanan as the people are handing it to you;; anda get another bag of Makanan free)

79. dress up as the oppostie sex and go into public.

80. hide behind things at the mall and throw eggs/water balloons at people walking sejak

81. Get a whole basket of food, wait till its all checked out, and say anda forgot your wallet

82. drive through the mcdonalds drive-thru backwards

83. Get kicked out of wal-mart84. Rent golfcarts and race your Friends on them

85. Honk going through a neighborhood early in the morning atau late at night and wake people up.

86. tunjuk up at the wrong house, pretend its your Friends house (that you've never been to) and just go right in and pretend everythings normal.

87. Rearrange your entire house before your parents come utama

88.get a bald cap, go to school and pretend like anda shaved your head.

89. Walk in public with your pants off casually

90. Climb a pokok and drop eggs on cars.

91. Mess with the scale at a doctor's office so everyone thinks they're really fat.

93. Video yourself doing a silly dance to a song then watch it after and laugh.

94. Text every contact saying your pregnant/getting married/diagnosed with autism/etc.

95. Black mail your teacher.

96.Pile up all your stuffed toys in the middle of a room then jump in them.

97. Open your window and yell out of it, "You'll never take me alive coppers!"

98. Type in 'Things to do when you're bored' on youtube.
99. On the computer, make a fake advertisement for a Gardener and put it out in the porch. Later, find out if your parents think it is real!

100. Put a sign up outside your house saying 'Brother/siter for sale'

101. Draw a banana.

102. Slap yourself until anda get hurt.

103. Pretend to look around your room as if it has just turned into Narnia.

104. try to balance as many spoons on your face as anda can.

105. Pretend anda are running away from yourself.

106. Try to break a CD (one that anda don't use anymore).

107. Make a mixture of all the liquids in your bathroom then put it in a bottle and name it (your name)'s secret bath lotion.

108. Post a video onto YouTube of anda doing the most Rawak things ever.

109. Walk around your room without walking on the floor.

110. Make a sale of the most Rawak things ever outside your house.

111. senarai all the swear words anda know and mail the note to a Rawak adress.

112. Make up a video called,''What to do when you're bored
113.You grab a stuff animal(has to be small) and anda run up and the side walk yelling pussy come back. anda get some crazy looks and its really funny.

114. Go do something that would make the world a little bit better- Protest for chickens who like to menyeberang, cross the road's questioned authorities.

115. Sit on your roof with your friends, and if someone gives anda a weird look from the street, yell "We are waiting to board the mothership!"
116. Play Sweet & masam with some friends. Stand on a jalan corner and wave at every car that passes. If they wave back atau smile, yell "Sweet." If they ignore anda atau give anda a dirty look, yell "SOUR!" and chase them as long as anda would like.

117. Go to Wal-Mart and just sit in the middle of an isle with your friends. See how long it takes for someone to make anda move.

118. Go to a store like target and play phone tag (if anda have a picture cell phone) --- like walk through the store and the game is to try to get pics of your Friends w/o them seeing anda and w/o them taking pictures of you!

119. Go teepeeing go through a drive thru and order Rawak **** and mess with the pe

120. Stay a couple nights in a hotle with about 20 people in the same room (got kicked out.

121. Go to a store and pretend your blind.

123. Dress up like Santa & go to walmart & wish people a merry Christmas! (no matter if it's Krismas atau not!)

124. Run really fast and slide on a carpet then count how many rug burns anda get
125. Find a number anda like (preferably 47) and become obsessed with it.
Don’t worry; I’ve listed some interesting examples of ‘obsessive behaviour’ to start anda off:
Buy all the t-shirts and items of clothing anda can with that number on it, or, if that fails, go to a t-shirt printers and get some made. If anda prefer, there is always the option of buying an age badge of your number from any good card/gift shop. If they have sold out of your number, make your badge out of paper plates and koktel sticks.
Every time anda spot your number (whether on your own atau in public) point to it and scream “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” as loud as anda can.
When anda go out nightclubbing, steal a girl friend’s eyeliner pencil and draw that number on your forehead. (Don’t use your own pencil, if anda have one – such extensive use will shorten the life of anda eye-liner for sure.) People may stare at anda – don’t be alarmed if this happens. They are simply amazed sejak how cool anda look.
Get the DJs of any pubs anda visit (don’t bother with club DJs – they won’t take anda seriously) to announce your preferred number over the PA system as often as anda can. Don’t be disheartened if continuous harassment of the DJ gets anda thrown out of your local – remember the power of your number, and have faith that the pub landlord will come round eventually.
Make an occasion of Halloween. Get a pumpkin, carve out the shape of your sacred number, and take it with anda when anda go out. Remember, anda can’t throw away the carved out labu number! Best keep it in your freezer for all eternity so it’s always there to protect anda from evil.
Sometimes a nonsensical word, for instance ‘Toyspens’, can be used in conjunction with your chosen number for added effect. However, be very careful when deciding on your word atau anda may end up accidentally summoning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse again.
If someone asks anda “Why??” laugh hysterically and then ignore them for a few days. They’ll soon realise their mistake.

126. Get a group of Friends and climb into the window in a store and pretend to be manicans sejak standing as still as possible and posing. See how many people anda can fool.

127. Hang out on someone's roof and talk.

128. CLIFF JUMPING! anda ALWAYS WALK AWAY WITH A CUT atau SOMETHING! ITS A GREAT TIME BRING A VIDEO CAMERA129. Throw on some Mexican wrestling masks and sit in the trees drinking scotch...and scare the hell out of early morning joggers.

130. well, anda know those people who get their deer heads mounted? Anyway, take it & ride around in the car with it. Occasionally stick it's head out the window sometimes.

131. Go around during an election season collecting the signs for one candidate and making note of what house we took it from, then go and switch those signs with people who were promoting the other candidate.

132. Try slamming a revolving door.
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For most of us, the best--and usually our first--source of our dating Nasihat is our family. We rely on the experiences and wise words of Mom, Sister, and in some cases even Grandmother, for the do's and don'ts of boys and relationships. But as years pass by, it might be time to rule out some of Mom's and Grandma's old (and old-fashioned) rules on dating and come up with reasonable guidelines that appeal to lebih modern minds.

The Old Way:
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