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 cute Haiwan :')
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Pick the door that looks the most appealing to you. This might reveal a few things about your personality. Let us know what door anda picked and if the answer was accurate for you. Feel free to SHARE!

1 - anda are a fun individual that likes to keep things light and airy. anda are all about nurturing others and appreciating the simple luxuries in life; such as your fine dishware, kegemaran candle atau eating artisan roti from the local bakery. anda most likely have a Cinta for traveling and other cultures. anda truly want the best for everyone and Cinta creating a welcoming atmosphere. It is important...
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Ho ho ho, everybody. Merry Christmas. It’s the final hari of the 25 Days of Krismas and boy, did I save a big stinker for last. Considered one of the worst games of all time on a technical level, Ride to Hell: Retribution was dead on arrival. No game in the modern age had got as much attention for being as much of a broken mess as Ride to Hell… except maybe Fallout 76. Published sejak Deep Silver and developed sejak Eutechnyx (Yeah, try pronouncing that one), Ride to Hell had bigger ambitions than what we got. It was planned to be an open world sandbox game set in the 70s, playing as a bigger...
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Good lord, Midway is at it again with another one of the worst games of all time, god save me. This time, we got ourselves a bike game, Gravity Games Bike: Street, Vert, Dirt… That’s a fucking horrible title. So this is an extreme sports game where anda play on a bike and try to rank up the high score. I like extreme sports games. Tony Hawk’s Underground is one of my kegemaran video games ever. Yet Gravity Games Bike is a runner up for one of the worst video games of all time, so that’s going to be real fun to play. So let’s see if this game can hang with the biggest names of extreme...
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So it should come as no surprise that I like fighting games. Am I a pro that can go to EVO and beat all the greatest? Hell no. I am just a passionate peminat who would no doubt get destroyed in online matches. I even like the bad fighting games like Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and Rise of the Robots. But then we get to today’s game, Fighter Within… for the Kinect. I honestly thought Kinect was over and done with after Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, but nope, it somehow manages to pam out garbage. Leeching off of the 360 in the last stages of its life and then moving on to the Xbox One afterward...
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Well this is probably a sign of things to come. Godai: Elemental Force is a game I could find little information on. What I do know is that it was developed sejak the 3DO Company, known for the Army Men franchise, who would go defunct a tahun after Godai was released. Now I’m not saying Godai was responsible for 3DO’s demise… but…. No one is willing to discuss atau even review this game, it seems. The most critique I saw in video format was the video titled “Worst game ever” and audio in French. That video is ten years old as of this year, good god. Also, for those wondering, Godai: Elemental...
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The tahun is 2013. Fresh off of the threat of the end of the world in 2012, the political climate is getting pretty hot, and Adam Sandler graced the world with Grown Ups 2. Truly a horrible time to be alive. But hey, at least we got Pacific Rim. That was a good movie. But worst of all, Kartun on TV were fucking lame. Nothing of interest was on, and it didn’t help that Adventure Time was on Season 6 and Gumball on Season 3, which were both just… ugh, a mess. Hell man, even Regular tunjuk had it’s issues. But then comes a new challenger, Rebecca Sugar, with her own cartoon. A cartoon that...
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Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. anda can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 17: Fast But Not Furious

It was an average afternoon in The Nut House, but that would soon change.

Parker: *Walks into the restaurant*
Kevin: Well, he seems pretty happy.
Liam: Hello Parker.
Parker: Hi guys. Guess what.
Kevin: You're moving into a different state.
Liam: You...
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Hi, Fanpop friends. These are some Rawak bits of trivia about me.

* I think Anime is the best.

* I'm a nerd when it comes to Batman.

* My kegemaran holiday is Christmas.

* I have nostalgia for what Cartoon Network was like in the 1990s and 2000s.

* My kegemaran actor/singer is Tony Jay.

* My kegemaran actress is Emily Blunt.

* I'm a writer. I've been Penulisan regularly since I was a teenager. I started off as a comedic writer, before becoming obsessed with Penulisan romantic stories.

* I'm not a peminat of horror films and I only like a small amount of documentaries. My kegemaran film genres include animation,...
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So tomorrow is October again. A season of creeps and creatures and all that good shit. And a time of the tahun that I Cinta to celebrate with horror movies. Back in high school, I reviewed a few horror movies, as rushed as they were. And then I did it again last year, but with a new twist. That being Cultober, where I reviewed nothing but cult horror films. And despite there being a few stinkers, it was one of the most fun Halloweens I had, reviewing 31 horror films… but it’s just so fucking draining. I don’t have as much free time as I used to, and what with In-Indie, NikPiks, and other...
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 Razilee and Elijah 2019
Razilee and Elijah 2019
Elijah Jones's long awaited arrival for 2019 was a documentary that released side sejak side with his promoted album K-12 sejak Melanie Martinez on September 5, 2019. It's no surprise that Jones's release was "stereotypical". Elijah's hype for the 2019 tahun started as early as January 2019 and finally died down in May 2019. But with July crossing, Jones's hyped increased and within August 2019 it severely increased. Not only did the film represent something different in response to his sebelumnya albums "Utilize" and "Forgive To Forget" the film had no relation to them and exposed something completely...
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 Elijah Jones, 2019 album? and K-12?
Elijah Jones, 2019 album? and K-12?
Recently, Jones had released an interesting pastel and aesthetic looking foto on his channel with his name entitled on it. The pastel foto was of a bantal and Petikan expressing "I haven't gone anywhere... I've been teasing. I don't know if anda guys are ready for what is about to be in store.."

We think that Jones's seterusnya promotional album will actually be K-12 sejak Melanie Martinez. As subjected from a peminat account. This would make sense because in January 2019 Jones released a Piano song entitled "Teddy Bear" it is a referenced look to the new surprise promotion this year.

Upon the quotes....
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