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Rawak Thumbs up if anda consider Prizewell City Slicker from Heavy Object a Dirty Coward. See my komen first.

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 MisterH posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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MisterH picked Yes:
Here's the page: link
I consider him a coward for several things:
1.He was implied to be behind the killing of foreign language band members, and foreign language school bombings, yet there was no evidence.
2.He had Nutley sabotage the 37th Legitimacy Kingdom military division's attack on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which led to the death of the 37th division's Charles and Charlotte Zoom getting injured.
3.He attempted to massacre a group of slave miners who tried to flee to the Legitimacy Kingdom and manipulate the information(both of which failed).
4.He had six a.i.-controlled objects aid him and his main object, the Indigo Plasma(a.k.a. Lily Maria), in the destruction of the Snowquake and Active Sledge Objects(along with the 37th division's base) and dealing heavy damage(no pun intended) to the Baby Magnum, which allowed him to proceed with the attempted massacre of the immigrant city.
5.Finally, when his attempted massacre on the immigrant city was foiled and his main object gets destroyed with him in it, HE DOESN'T FACE DEATH WITH DIGNITY AT ALL!
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.