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THaSlimJim (born October 31, 1992) is an Japanese American fanpopper and verified cool dude. He is known for having the same L icon all the time, being gay, eating too much pot and smoking too much pizza, being a weirdo, and typing really bad and he tried really really hard to type nice to make this wiki he is trying really hard guys ok. He is looking at wikipedia articles and trying to copy he is really really trying. Also he is the president so I guess that is cool. He died once but that is okay now. He has a boyfriend and a parrot.


He was born in Sapporo, Japan to a mostly ok family. he has a mom dad and a sister. They moved to the USA when THaSlimJim was like 10 but he cant remember exactly if that was when. He was kind of relieved because he can't read Japanese very good and other kids made fun of him. Japanese is hard because there are like 3000000 characters and they all look the same to THaSlimJim. English is hard but at least there are only 26 characters and he can read the words mostly. So that is fun. 
His family moved back to Japan but he still lives in USA because he likes it better here. 

he once said his name was Zakh but that is not true he wants me to tell you that he is sorry he lied about it. he also did not know that Zakh is like never spelled like that so he felt really dumb. no one calls him by his real first name because gaijin think it is weird so he goes by something else. 

he did not mean for the wot if to go as far as it did he is sorry for that too.

THaSlimjim punched me in the face once. It was awesome.

he lost track of what he was doing so he will add more to this another day lol bye