Renesmee Carlie Cullen Twilight RP (this is after breaking dawn. And, this isn't for renesmee's pov it's for our own twilight story.)

twilightluver4 posted on Jul 13, 2010 at 03:59AM
Basically, your own twilight love story. If you want to be one of the Cullen's or be a werewolf then you can if you want.

Age:(if vampire put two ages. one for the age you were frozen at when turned and for how old you are now ex. looks 14; 158 years old.)
type:(vampire, werewolf. And for your amusement mostly, anything you want to be.)
Coven:(You can make one up if you want.)
Powers:(if any.)

Keep everything at PG-13 level!
nothing inapproiate
don't single anyone out
If your going to be mean to someone then don't bother joining
Keep everything fair
Everyone and anyone can join
If you don't want to be a vampire or werewolf you can change it to shapeshifter, wizard etc...
You can make as many people as you want there is no limit but, two really is enough
And also, have fun!


Name: Malena Jade Kendall
Age: Looks 15; 17 yrs.
Description: 5'3, medium length Auburn Brown
hair, pale, golden brown eyes
type: vampire
gender: female
background: Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1993. She was found brutually beaten by her father for trying to run off and marry a boy who was not accepted by her family and was almost half dead by Carlisle Cullen, she was the only one in her family who wanted to be able to marry who ever she chose. Carlisle was the only person around to find her in horrible condition hoping for to get back onto her feet again, but, she couldn't she was at risk of dying the only thing they could do was to turn her. And, from this day forward she still remains missing and is well kept hidden inside the Cullen family.
Coven: Olympic Coven
Powers: super strength, can sense when your in danger and can put things into your mind that will drive you crazy and play tricks on you.

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No one?
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Name:Edward Cullen
Age: 17;107
type: vampire
background: Edward lost both of his parents to the spanish influena, his mother begged Carlisle to do anything to save his life. Carlisle changed Edward into a vampire. Now Edward thinks of Carlisle of his father/
Coven:Oylmpic Coven
Powers:mind reader
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Name: Annalise Jaylee

Age: 18 (looks), 124 (actual)

Description: Pale white skin, Golden eyes, Long wavy blonde hair that falls to her waist, about 5 ft. 5, overall, drop-dead gorgeous.

Type: Vampire.

Gender: Girl.

Background: Annalise was turned into a vampire on March 7, 1887 by Robert Jaylee. She was 18 years old, and lived a happy life with her mother, father, and two older sisters. She was a competitive dancer and cheerleader, and she was adored by just about everyone. She has a very kind personality, and gorgeous looks.

Coven: The Jaylee coven, made up of: Robert, Caleese, Monica, Jason, Kurt, Kaylie, and Annalise.

Powers: She can levitate objects, and can control them and move them anyway and anywhere she wants.