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 Kurumu tells Moka how it is!
Kurumu tells Moka how it is!
Admit it.
How many of anda think Tsukune is going to pick Moka?
Probably most everyone, right? It is the most logical thing after all, atau so it seems.
My first reason for why I think Kurumu and Tskukune will end up together is this:
Moka thinks of Tsukune as...? Some people say a boyfriend, some say a friend, and some say as a snack(lol!!)
Personally, I think they have a best friend relationship. I mean, Moka always sucks Tsukune`s blood, but beforehand she acts like she is going to Ciuman him. If she did like him, wouldn`t she Ciuman him?! Aside from casual flirting, I don`t think Moka shows any signs...
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I don't know about any of anda who may read this, but I want to know about Moka's family. Judging from Moka-sama(when I say -sama I ALWAYS mean inner Moka) and her sister's that we have been introduced to, Kokoa and Karua, their family life MUST be a little...different. The one I'm dieing to know about is the last sister, the eldest. The sisters seem to grow extremely lebih powerful from the youngest to oldest. I'm practically jumping out of my kerusi, tempat duduk to know the last. I don't know if anyone for sure knows her name atau what she looks like but I'm been Membaca fanfictions about R+V and found one...
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