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To start off I want to thank Netflix for putting Rosario Vampire back on. Because they took it off for a while and I got scared and mad. But that's not what this artikel is about. I have just finished watching Rosario Vampire for the saat time and I am still in Cinta with the show. And seeing it a saat time just sparked a bigger passion for the anime. Now watching the Anime a saat time made me notice something that the bus driver berkata at the end of the last episode of the saat season. He berkata " well I guess he has bigger plans for that boy (tsukune). If he wants one hari for humans and...
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A Video i Made ^^
rosario + vampire capu2
rosario + vampire
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 Here goes...
Here goes...
Before I start...this is my opinion...sorry if anda disagree atau whatever.

So, this artikel is about Tsukune and Moka.
This series is kinda centered around them, after all-their relationship, that is.
The majority of the fanbase totally thinks that Tsukune is going to tarikh Moka at the end of the series.
I understand that. I mean, they flirt a bit, they hug, they care about each other. That doesn`t mean that they`re dating. Yes, Tsukune and Moka Cinta each other, but in different ways, I think. Tsukune has a crush on Moka. That`s really obvious. And, it seems that Moka has a bit of a crush on Tsukune,...
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