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hevn 008 - October 2003 | Ruki Personal Interview | Theme 【Past = Present】

-- Ruki-san, when anda were little, what kind of child were you?

Ruki: I've often been told sejak my parents that I was a child who easily made friends. I've been told sejak them that even when we moved [houses] I was a kid who made new Friends quickly and soon entered all my friends' houses. I was constantly moving from house to house... (laugh). I had a very active preschool live.

-- So anda were a very affectionate child, right. This honest appearance really hasn't changed since then.

Ruki: Is that so?

-- And then, how was...
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sakai: Let's work hard today!

ruki: .........

sakai: Eh why?? Why the gloomy face??? Look at mee, I'm super happy today♪ Suuupperr happpy~ ♪ I'm full of energgy~~♪

ruki: Waaaaaahhh!!! I want to go shoppiinnggg!!!

sakai: Do anda want to stop sejak Donki's convinience store???

ruki: No no no!! Not that kind of shopping!! It's getting colder now so I want go shopping for new clothes.

sakai: But your work schedule is packed today, anda can't go shopping!!
ruki: I want lebih time for myself then!!!
sakai: Good luck with that!!!!!