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"I have been expecting you, Sailor Moon." it had said.""Serena had said, kinda scared."I am sailor crescent moon! otherwise known as Princess Priscilla of the moon kingdom! I will right wrongs,and triumph over evil, and that means, i'm joining the sailor scouts! I have detected a new evil planet called the planet of the dark crystals. It is infected with black crystals that can take over your brain and use your strengths for evil! We MUST stop them!". Priscilla had said. "but, how did anda know we were here?"Serena Asked."by Using this." Sailor Crescent moon held out a silver...
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Chibiusa was walking then saw a tall girl taller then her and herd Her say "Oh! are anda okay? anda must be Lost come to my house that is a camp." "My name is Hotaru." and at The girls' house she set the api, kebakaran and then had a talk with Chibiusa. "What's your name? then i'll Call anda small lady Serenity." The girl said. Then Chibiusa berkata "Do anda Cinta me? the lebih people Cinta me, the lebih they say i'm cute." "Yes anda are royal cuteness." berkata Hotaru. as she gave Chibiusa a Medal Award. Chibiusa said: "What does that say?" Hotaru answered:"it says:THE BEST CUTNESS WINNER."